मालवीय राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान जयपुर (राष्ट्रीय महत्व का संस्थान)
Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur (An Institute of National Importance)
Department of Physics


   Research Projects

# Project InvestigatorTitle of the projectFunding AgencyAmount (Lacs)Duration
1 Prof. Kanupriya Sachdev Performance exploration of LTMO and vertically aligned MWCNT on graphene material for efficient and sustainable Na-Ion batteries ISRO 25.00 2023-2025
2 Dr. Manoj Kumar Tuning of electrical properties through magnetic doping in 3D topological insulators (As Mentor) INSPIRE (Ph.D. Student) DST New Delhi 20.00 2023-2028
3 Dr. Rahul Singhal Impact of electronic and nuclear energy loss with moderate energy on metal-fullerene nanocomposite (WOS-A project of Ms. Jyotsna Bhardwaj) DST New Delhi 18.40 2023-2026
4 Dr. Rahul Singhal Study of Au-Fullerene nanocomposite under low energy ion irradiation Inter University Accelerator Centre New Delhi 11.50 2022-2025
5 Dr. DEBASISH SARKAR In-situ and Operando X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy of the MoS2 Electrode to Reveal Its Charge Storage Mechanism in a Supercapacitor Cell UGC-DAE CSR Indore 7.30 2022-2025
6 Dr. Manoj Kumar Intercalation of Rare-Earths in MXenes and their Impact on Magnetism and Electrical Transport for Spintronic Applications (As Mentor) WOS-A (Postdoctoral Project) DST, New Delhi 30.00 2022-2026
7 Dr. Kamlendra Awasthi X-ray absorption spectroscopy of single atom (Pt and Pt-group) based electrocatalysts UGC-DAE CSR, Indore 1.35 2022-2025
8 Dr. DEBASISH SARKAR Nanostructured Carbon Electrodes for High-Voltage Hybrid Ion Supercapacitors ISRO RAC-S 30.00 2021-2023
9 Dr. Rahul Singhal DST FIST Project DST New Delhi 115.00 2021-2025
10 Dr. Kamlendra Awasthi Track etched membrane based bimetallic nanowires for hydrogen sensing IUAC-UGC, New Delhi 10.00 2021-2024
11 Dr. Rahul Singhal Development of Novel CCTO/Polymer composites for EMI Attenuation ISRO 22.24 2021-2024
12 Dr. Manoj Kumar Kinetic enhancement of MgH2 by the use of ternary oxides and its implementation as for Li ion battery (As Mentor) INSPIRE (Ph.D. Student) DST, New Delhi 20.00 2020-2025
13 Dr. Rahul Singhal Investigation of local structure in Cu/Ag-ZnO nanocomposite through X-ray absorption UGC-DAE-CSR (Indore Centre) 11.50 2020-2023
14 Dr. DEBASISH SARKAR Development of Nanostructured Nickel Electrodes for Nickel-Iron Supercapacitors TEQIP-III, MNIT Jaipur 4.00 2019-2020
15 Dr. Anirban Dutta Fabrication and Characterization of Mechanically/Chemically exfoliated MoS2 layers for Microelectronics Devices. TEQIP-III 4.00 2019-2020
16 Dr. Rajnish Dhiman Development and surface studies of catalyst support materials for PEM fuel cells TEQIP-III 4.00 2019-2020
17 Dr. Rajnish Dhiman Development of Carbon based materials for applications in high energy density Metal- Air battery cathode SERB (DST) 29.25 2019-2021
18 Dr. Kamlendra Awasthi Optical and structural properties of defects in rare earth implanted ZnO nanostructures IUAC-UGC, New Delhi 7.00 2019-2022
19 Dr. Rahul Singhal Synthesis and modifications of metal-fullerene nanocomposite for application in optical devices using ion beams CSIR 11.50 2019-2022
20 Dr. Rahul Singhal Fullerene based nanostructures by low energy ion bombardment IUAC-UFP 11.50 2019-2022
21 Dr. Kavita Lalwani Design, development and performance optimization of junctionless ZnO Bio-FE for pH sensing (CO-PI) NPIU Delhi 9.43 2019-2021
22 Dr. Kavita Lalwani Study the Radiation Damage Effects in Silicon Detectors (CO-PI) NPIU Delhi 15.03 2019-2021
23 Dr. Kavita Lalwani Study the Cosmic ray interactions with shielding materials for Space and High Energy Physics Applications TEQIP-III Faculty Research Grant 4.00 2019-2020
24 Dr. Kavita Lalwani Radiation Transport Calculation for Radiation Dose in Space Environment DRDO Jodhpur 9.96 2019-2021
25 Dr. Manoj Kumar High Pressure and Magnetotransport studies on magnetically doped 3D Topological Insulators for spintronics device applications (As Mentor) WOS-A (Ph.D. Student) DST, New Delhi 20.00 2019-2022
26 Dr. DEBASISH SARKAR Development of High-performance Energy Storage Devices with Earth Abundant Materials Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB) 25.00 2019-2022
27 Dr. Rahul Singhal Large Area and high yield scalable synthesis of graphene by electrochemical exfoliation for dye sensitized solar cell RTU Kota 2.00 2019-2021
28 Dr. Manoj Kumar Tuning the Properties of Topological Insulators by Ion Implantation IUAC, New Delhi 12.50 2018-2022
29 Dr. Rahul Singhal Investigation of ion track diameter in fullerene and fullerene derivatives for solar cell applications using SANS measurements UGC-DAE-CSR(Mumbai Centre) 11.50 2018-2021
30 Dr. Rajnish Dhiman Development of novel catalyst support materials for PEM fuel cells CSIR, New Delhi 0.00 2018-2019
31 Dr. Manoj Kumar Development of High Pressure cells for magneto-transport studies at UGC-DAE CSR, Indore UGC-DAE CSR, Indore 12.60 2018-2023
32 Dr. Manoj Kumar Nanostructured Bismuth Chalcogenides for Energy Storage Devices UGC-DAE CSR, Indore 1.50 2018-2021
33 Dr. Srinivasa Rao Nelamarri Effect of low energy ion implantation on the structural and optical properties of KxNa1-xNbO3 thin films IUAC, New Delhi 10.00 2018-2022
34 Prof. Kanupriya Sachdev Irradiation studies on Mg Silicide based films for thermoelectric applications. IUAC, New Delhi 10.00 2018-2020
35 Dr. Akhilesh Nautiyal Testing particle physics models from cosmic microwave background and large scale structure observations ISRO. Department of Space (RESPOND) 23.56 2018-2021
36 Dr. K Venkataratnam Kamma Development of lanthanide (Gd) doped Li (Ni2/3-x Zn1/3) O2 Ln(x) Nano Metal Oxide Composite as New Cathode Material in High-Capacity Li-Ion Batteries for Naval Applications DST-Rajasthan 3.20 2017-2020
37 Dr. Rahul Singhal Low Energy Ion Beam Studies of Metal-Fullerene Nanocomposites IUAC New Delhi 6.50 2017-2020
38 Dr. Rahul Singhal Development of new small molecules and device architectures for highly efficient and reliable organic solar cells DST New Delhi 125.00 2017-2020
39 Dr. Kamlendra Awasthi Self-assembled nanoporous block copolymer membranes for gas separation Science and Engineering Research Board 28.60 2017-2020
40 Dr. Manoj Kumar High-pressure studies on magnetically doped topological insulators and topological superconductors Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), New Delhi, India 42.00 2017-2020
41 Dr. Anirban Dutta Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy (STM/S) studies of electronic inhomogeneity across the metal-insulator transition Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) 19.20 2017-2019
42 Dr. Kamlendra Awasthi Encapsulate Nanostructured Metal Oxides for Gas Sensing Applications, DST New Delhi 29.48 2017-2021
43 Dr. Kavita Lalwani Understanding of the Quantum Chromo Dynamics (QCD) at low momentum transfer through a rare decay of light meson with experimental facility WASA-at-COSY SERB-DST 21.05 2017-2020
44 Dr. Ashok Kumar Laser Driven Particle Acceleration SERB, DST 29.67 2016-2019
45 Prof. Kanupriya Sachdev Thermoelectric Properties of Mg2(SiSn) and SiSn alloy with Trivalent and Pentavalent Doping India-Taiwan S&T cooperative programme (CFP) 25.00 2016-2020
46 Dr. DEBASISH SARKAR Nano-architectures of Metal Oxides as Electrode Material for High Performance Ultracapacitors Department of Science and Technology, Government of INDIA 35.00 2015-2021
47 Dr. Kamlendra Awasthi Self-Assembled Block copolymer Nanotemplates for Optoelectronics DST New Delhi under DST Women Scientist to Ms. Yogita Kumari (Ph.D. Student) 17.00 2015-2018
48 Dr. Kamlendra Awasthi Functionalization of nanochannels in track etched membranes for gas separation/sensing IUAC-UGC, New Delhi 7.00 2014-2017
49 Dr. Manoj Kumar X-ray absorption spectroscopy and high pressure magneto-transport studies of Bismuth chalcogenide based topological insulators UGC DAE Consortium for Scientific Research, Indore 12.70 2014-2019
50 Dr. Manoj Kumar High pressure magnetotransport studies on topological insulator nano-devices DST, New Delhi 86.00 2014-2019
51 Dr. Srinivasa Rao Nelamarri Tuning the structural, optical and electrical properties of Au nanocrystals embedded in dielectric oxide layers for nonvolatile memory applications SERB, New Delhi 23.20 2014-2017
52 Dr. Rahul Singhal Tailoring the structural, electrical and mechanical properties of Ni-Ti shape memory alloy thin film by energetic ion irradiation for applications in MEMS Department of Science and Technology (DST) New Delhi 12.84 2013-2016
53 Dr. Rahul Singhal Tailoring the structural, electrical and optical properties of Ag-ZnO and Ag-TiO2 nanocomposite thin films for various applications using energetic ions Inter University Accelerator Centre (IUAC) New Delhi/ UGC New Delhi 6.51 2013-2016
54 Dr. Ritu Vishnoi Enhancement in efficiency of organic solar cell using plasmonics DST New Delhi 19.00 2013-2016
55 Dr. Rahul Singhal Development of efficient polymer-fullerene based bulk heterojunction organic solar cells using noble metal nanoparticles Department of Science and Technology (DST) New Delhi 80.00 2012-2017
56 Dr. Kamlendra Awasthi Block Copolymer Based Nanoporous Polymer Membranes: Engineering and Applications DST, New Delhi 35.00 2012-2017
57 Dr. Kamlendra Awasthi Nanostructured Block Copolymer Templates for Gas Separation Alexander von Humboldt Foundation 40.00 2010-2012
58 Dr. Ashok Kumar High Power Laser Absorption and Penetration in Metal Targets DRDO 9.33 2010-2012
59 Dr. Kamlendra Awasthi Track etched polymeric membranes for energy and biological applications DST, NEW Delhi 20.04 2008-2013
60 Dr. Kamlendra Awasthi Ion transport through track etched polymeric membranes Nuclear Science Centre, New Delhi 0.00 2004-2007

   Testing & Consultancy Projects

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