मालवीय राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान जयपुर (राष्ट्रीय महत्व का संस्थान)
Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur (An Institute of National Importance)
Unnat Bharat Abhiyan-RCI


A participating institute can develop a proposal for the respective project, it could be technical or non- technical under any project title i.e.,
1. Developmental technological or non- technological project
2. Customization projects technological or non- technological project for the adopted village
The proposal then will be submitted to NCI, Delhi under the guidance of respective RCI of the PI.

Sr. No. AISHE Code Name of PI Title of the project Year SEG Amount Sanctioned Status
1. C-25226 Vivekananda Institute of Technology (East), Jaipur Solar Operated Disinfection Tunnel Machine (SODTM) 2020 COVID-19 50,000.00 Completed
2. C-25237 Vivekanand Institute of Technology, Jaipur Design and development of Personal hygiene equipment for public gathering places in rural, sub-urban and urban areas 2020 COVID-19 50,000.00 Completed
3. C-25078 Yagyavalakya Institute of Technology, Jaipur Multidisciplinary work 2020 Others 50,000.00 Completed
4. U-0405 The LNM institute of Information technology, Jaipur Establishing disinfectant Hut/Tunnel 2020 COVID-19 50,000.00 Completed
5. T-0008 Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT), Jaipur Biogas Plant Installation Under UBA 2021 Rural Energy 50,000.00 Completed
6. U-0749 Manipal University Jaipur UBA/26/0046/U-0749 Infrastructure Hybrid Irrigation System for Smart Agriculture using IoT 2022 Infrastructure 100,000.00 Ongoing
7. U-0392 Central University of Rajsthan UBA/26/0004/U-0392 Development of Vermicomposting Technology for Solid Waste Management in the Bandarsindri and Mundoti village of Ajmer, Rajasthan 2022 Others 100,000.00 Ongoing
8. U-0398 Jagannath University Jaipur UBA/26/0031/U-0398 A study on organic farming for increasing and sustaining productivity of cluster bean (Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba (l.)(taub) in rainfed areas of semi-arid eastern plain zone of Rajasthan 2022 Agriculture 100,000.00 Ongoing

The main aim of the subject expert groups is to

  1. Develop resource material including the vision
  2. Ascertain methodology of Intervention
  3. Preparation of prospective technologies
  4. Success stories in the specific subject areas of Interventions

Initially, ten broad subject areas were designated tentatively, and specific institutions were nominated to coordinate the activity of formation of SEGs drawing experts from academia, industry as well as from field organizations who have had long experience of applied R&D and successful field intervention in these areas.

After thorough brainstorming on these subject themes with the prospective coordinators, twelve subject expert group themes, with coordinators and coordinating institutes were finalized in the workshop held in November 2015 at IIT Delhi. The SEGs will have the responsibility of developing the necessary resource material for the benefit of all the UBA cluster teams. These experts will also conduct training workshops and indicate innovative projects to be taken up for R&D in professional institutions in the context of UBA.

Subject Expert Groups & its details: https://unnatbharatabhiyan.gov.in:8443/subject_expert