मालवीय राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान जयपुर (राष्ट्रीय महत्व का संस्थान)
Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur (An Institute of National Importance)
Materials Research Centre



Head of Department
Dr. Bhagwati Sharma
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.(Chemistry),M.Sc.(Inorganic Chemistry),B.Sc.(Chemistry)
Research Interests : # Nanomaterials Chemistry for New Materials, Smart Materials and Nanoscale Composites, Bio and Nature inspired systems, Carbon nanostructures, Functional nanomaterials, Nanochemistry; Green Chemistry: Green synthesis of nanomaterials and their application, , Soft Matter.
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Prof. Kanupriya Sachdev
Ph.D.(Physics),M. Phil.(Physics),M.Sc.(Physics),B.Sc.(Physics, Maths, Chemistry)
Research Interests : Material Science and technology, Condensed Matter Physics, Transparent Conducting thin film oxides , Metal oxide doped with metal & rare earth metal , Surface modification by ion beam irradiation/ Glow Discharge Plasma, Thermo-chemical behavior of amorphous alloys, Gas Sensing, Thermoelectric materials for Energy conversion, Graphene and its composites for various applications.
ksachdev.phy@mnit.ac.in 01412713382
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Prof. Ragini Gupta
Ph.D.(Organic Chemistry),M.Sc.(Organic Chemistry),B.Sc.
Research Interests : Synthetic Organo-Fluorine Compounds, Some aspects of the Chemistry of Biologically Active Heterocyclic Compounds, Click Chemistry, Nano-chemistry, Green Chemistry, Biocatalysis, Phase Transfer Catalysis, Microwave Chemistry.
rgupta.chy@mnit.ac.in 01412713252
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Assistant Professor
Dr. Kamakshi Pandey
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.(Physics),M.Sc.(Physics),B.Sc.(Physics Chemistry Mathematics)
Research Interests : Self Assembly in Polymers, Functional nanomaterials and Membranes, Bio-Electronic Interfaces.
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Dr. Nisha Verma
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.(Materials Engineering),M.Sc.(Physics),B.Sc.(Physics)
Research Interests : Finite Element Method, Thermoelectric materials for Energy conversion, Tribology, Microscopy, Nanostructured Ceramic Coatings, Non-Equilibrium Processing of Nano Composites by Ball Milling and High Pressure Torsion.
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Inspire Programme Faculty
Dr. Himmat Singh Kushwaha
Inspire Programme Faculty
Ph.D.(Material Science),M.Tech.(Nanotechnology),B.Tech.(Nanotechnology)
Research Interests : Advanced Oxidation Technique, # Heterogeneous Catalysis for Environmental Applications and Green Technology, # Engineered Nanomaterials/Composites for Electrocatalysis, # Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Systems, Redox Flow Batteries, Glass ceramics.
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Mr. Chetanya Prakash
Scientific Officer
M. Sc. (Physics), Advanced P. G. Diploma (Nanotechnology)
Expertise :NMR, HRMS, UPLC, Managing of AAS, GDS, DMA, TGA, Raman Spectrometer, Zeta Potential & Particle size analyzer
Mr. Mohtashim Reza
Scientific Officer
M.Tech ( Materials Science & Engg), B.Tech. (Instrumentation & Control Engg.)
Expertise :XPS, HRTEM, FESEM , XRD, Managing Sample Preparation for Electron Microscopy lab, Optical microscope, Micro Hardness tester, UTM and AFM.
Mr. Shubham Gautam
Technical Assistant (SG-II)
M. Tech (Materials Science & Engineering), B. Tech (AMIE in ECE), Diploma in ECE
Expertise :SDA with Probe Station, DMA, DTA-TGA, AAS, HALL Effect Measurement, Impedance Analyzer.
Mr. Atul Kumar Sharma
Senior Technical Assistant
B.E. (Electronics & Communication Engg.), M.Tech. (Optoelectronics)
Expertise :RF/DC Sputtering, Thermal CVD, PVD (E-Beam & Thermal Evaporator), Microwave Reactor and Spin Coater
Mr. Hitesh Kumar Sharma
Senior Technical Assistant
M.Tech (VLSI), B.E. (Electronics & Communication Engg.), Diploma in ECE.
Expertise :BET, AFM , XRD, XPS
Dr. Bhagwan Sahai Yadav
Technical Assistant
M.Sc. (Chemistry), Ph.D.
Expertise :NMR Spectroscopy, HR-MASS Spectroscopy
Mr. Bhupesh Kumar Sharma
Technical Assistant
B.Tech. (Mechanical Enginering)
Expertise :FESEM, HRTEM, Liquid Nitrogen Plant, UTM, Micro Hardness Tester, Optical Microscope, TenuPol 5.
Mr. Deepak Kumawat
ITI (Mechanic Motor Vehicle)
Expertise :HRTEM/FESEM Sample Preparation Lab,UTM, Optical Microscope, Micro Hardness Tester
Mr. Manish Kumar Gupta
M.Sc. (Physics)
Expertise :Zeta Potential & Particle Size Analyzer, FTIR, UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometer, FL Spectrometer
Ms. Pooja Agrawal
B. Tech (ECE), Diploma in (ECE)
Expertise :Electrical Lab
Mr. Sourabh Sharma
M.Sc. (Physics) PGDCA, CPLT
Expertise :Fluorescence Spectrophotometer, UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer, FTIR Spectrophotometer.
Mr. Surendra Kumar Kumawat
Diploma in (Electrical Engineering.), ITI (Mechanic Diesel)
Expertise :Fluorescence Spectrophotometer, UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer, FTIR Spectrophotometer & MRC office

   Research Scholars

Ms. Aditi Sharma
2019RMR9543 (Full Time)
B.Tech- M.Tech (Nanotechnology)
Research Interests :Piezoelectric Materials.
Supervisor/Co-supervisor :Dr Himmat Singh Khushwaha
Mr. Atul Kumar Sharma
2017RMR9007 (Part Time)
M.Tech.(Optoelectronics Engineering)/ B.Tech.(Electronics and Communication)
Research Interests :Inorganic-organic thin-film development for electronics Devices, III-Nitride Device fabrication, Micro and Nanodevice fabrications.
Supervisor/Co-supervisor :Prof. Kanupriya Sachdev/Dr. Amit Singh
Mr. Hitesh Kumar Sharma
2019RMR9121 (Part Time)
M.Tech, B.E., Diploma in Engineering
Research Interests :Design and fabrication of MEMS sensors, Design and Fabrication of Energy harvesters (piezoelectric and triboelectric)
Publications :Journals (International-05), Conference (International- 01), Conference (National -1)
Supervisor/Co-supervisor :Prof. Vijay Janyani/Prof. D. Boolchandani
Mr. Jayendra
2020RMR9614 (Full Time)
M. Sc.
Research Interests :Thermoelectric properties investigation of two dimensional MXene Phase
Supervisor/Co-supervisor :Dr. Nisha Verma / Dr. Krishna Kumar
Mr. Manish Sharma
2020RMR9611 (Full Time)
M. Tech (Nanotechnology)
Research Interests :Nano Hybrid Materials, Radionuclides, Sensing, Adsorption
Supervisor/Co-supervisor :Prof. Ragini Gupta/ Dr. Vikash Chandra Janu
Ms. Manisha Gautam
2021RMR9091 (Full Time)
M.Tech. ( Nano Electronics), B.Tech. ( Electronics and Communication )
Research Interests :Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices
Supervisor/Co-supervisor :Dr. Himmat Singh Kushwaha/ Prof. Kanupriya Sachdev
Mr. Md Zainul Abedeen
2021RMR9092 (Full Time)
M.Tech (Nanotechnology), B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)
Research Interests :Electrochemical Sensing
Supervisor/Co-supervisor :Prof. Ragini Gupta
Mr. Mohd Saquib Khan
2018RMR9078 (Full Time)
B.Tech (Nanotechnology), M.Tech (Nanotechnology)
Research Interests :Nanomaterials, Graphene and other 2D materials, Band Gap Engineering, Energy Storage Devices.
Publications :Journals (International-00), Conference (International- 02)
Supervisor/Co-supervisor :Prof. Kanupriya Sachdev & Prof. M.K. Banerjee
Ms. Preeti
2020RMR9612 (Full Time)
B.Tech (ECE), M.Tech (Nanotechnology)
Research Interests :Gas sensors, Nanomaterials, 2D Composite materials for gas sensing
Supervisor/Co-supervisor :Prof. Kanupriya Sachdev/ Dr. Nisha Verma
Mr. Rahul
2021RMR9089 (Full Time)
M.Sc. (Physics)
Research Interests :Microstructure Engineering of 2D Materials for thermoelectric application
Supervisor/Co-supervisor :Dr. Nisha Verma/ Dr. Bhagwati Sharma
Ms. Smita Howlader
2017RMR9085 (Full Time)
B.Tech + M.Tech (Nanotechnology)
Research Interests :Thermoelectric materials, Powder Metallurgy, Thin Films.
Publications :1. S. Howlader, R. Vasudevan, B. Jarwal, S. Gupta, K.H. Chen, K. Sachdev, M.K.Banerjee, J. Alloys Compd. 818 (2020) 152888 2. S. Howlader, S. Gupta, R. Vasudevan, M.K. Banerjee, K. Sachdev,
Supervisor/Co-supervisor :Prof. Kanupriya Sachdev
Ms. Surbhi Singh
2019RMR9132 (Full Time)
B.Tech(ECE)/M.Tech(Material Science and Engg.)
Research Interests :Fluorescent Nanomaterials, Metallogels, Sensing.
Supervisor/Co-supervisor :Dr Bhagwati Sharma/Dr Nisha Verma
Ms. Upasana Bhardwaj
2019RMR9129 (Full Time)
M.Tech, B.Tech
Research Interests :Energy storage materials and devices
Supervisor/Co-supervisor :Dr Himmat Singh Kushwaha

   PhD Awarded

Dr. Divija Pandel
2017RMR9001 (Full Time)
M.Tech (Renewable energy Engineering and Management)
Thesis Title :Design of Mg2(Si-Sn) based thermoelectric generator by modeling and simulation
Supervisor/Co-supervisor :Dr Amit Kumar Singh/ Prof. MK Banerjee