मालवीय राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान जयपुर (राष्ट्रीय महत्व का संस्थान)
Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur (An Institute of National Importance)
Digital Infrastructure and Services


  Programming Lab

Programming Lab

The Programming Labs are equipped with following Software :-

Lab No. Total PC Deployment
1 64 Matlab 2014a & Simulink, Mathematica 12.0, Code Blocks C++, Apache OpenOffice 4.1.0, Java 1.8, Netbeans, ESET Endpoint Antivirus 8.0 etc.
2 45 Matlab 2014a & Simulink, Minitab 18 | Minitab Express, aspenONE v10, ANSYS Academic Research CFD, COMSOL 5.6 Multiphysics, Code Blocks C++, Apache OpenOffice 4.1.0, ESET Endpoint Antivirus 8.0 etc.
3 88 Matlab 2014a & Simulink, GCC for C/C++ Programming, Netbeans 7.0, LibreOffice, ESET Endpoint Antivirus 8.0 etc.
8 40 Dev C++, Building Design Suite Ultimate 2019 (AutoCAD, Inventor Professional, Revit), Apache OpenOffice 4.1.0, GCC for programming, Python, ESET Endpoint Antivirus 8.0 etc.
9 64 Matlab 2014a & Simulink, Building Design Suite Ultimate 2019 (AutoCAD, Inventor Professional, Revit), Code Blocks C++, NetBeans 7.0, ESET Endpoint Antivirus 8.0 etc.
11 60 Dev C++, Code Blocks C++, Java, ESET Endpoint Antivirus 8.0 etc.
Total 361  

  Designing Lab

Designing Lab

The Design Labs are equipped with following Software :-

Lab No. Total PC Deployment
4 48 Building Design Suite Ultimate 2019 (AutoCAD, Inventor Professional, Revit), Matlab 2014a & Simulink, Python, Abacus, ESET Endpoint Antivirus 8.0 etc.
5 40 Building Design Suite Ultimate 2019 (AutoCAD, Inventor Professional, Revit), Hyperworks 13.0, JMat Pro v8, Matlab 2014a & Simulink, ESET Endpoint Antivirus 8.0 etc.
6 40 Building Design Suite Ultimate 2019 (AutoCAD, Inventor Professional, Revit), Hyperworks 13.0, ESET Endpoint Antivirus 8.0 etc.
7 56 Building Design Suite Ultimate 2019 (AutoCAD, Inventor Professional, Revit, Fusion 360), ArcGIS, ERDAS IMAGINE 2015, Hyperworks 13.0, JMat Pro v8, ESET Endpoint Antivirus 8.0 etc.
Total 184  

These 184 PCs includes 120 High end work station Configuration: Intel Xeon Processor Six core @3.33GHz, 8 GB RAM &1 TB, SATA Hard disk.

  Language Lab

Language Lab

Lab No: 10
No. of PCs: 20

The Language Laboratory is equipped with the following latest softwares:

  1. Tense Buster
  2. Study Skills Success
  3. Clear Pronunciation 1
  4. Clear Pronunciation 2
  5. Clarity English Success
  6. Busines Writing
  7. It's Your Job
  8. Active Reading
  9. Author Plus
  10. Result Manager


Laboratory Resources

The Computer Centre Labs are equipped with following Softwares

Educational access to software and services may be used only for purposes directly related to learning, teaching, training, research, and development. They may not be used for commercial, professional, or any other for-profit purposes. However, access to software and services may be used to design, create and mentor entries in Autodesk-sponsored design competitions.
The following software is available to use within the campus network:
AutoCAD – 2023: Software for 2D and 3D CAD. Includes access to AutoCAD Architecture, Electrical, Mechanical, Map3D, MEP, Plant 3D and AutoCAD Raster Design
Revit – 2023: Plan, design, construct, and manage buildings with powerful tools for Building Information Modeling.
Inventor Professional – 2023: Professional-grade product design and engineering tools for 3D mechanical design, simulation, visualization and documentation.
Navisworks Manage 2023: Integration, analysis, and communication tools help teams coordinate disciplines, resolve confloftware or Browser Access
3ds Max – 2023: 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software for games and design visualization.
Fusion 360: Cloud-based CAD, CAM, CAE, and PCB software. Continue for access, then install Fusion 360 (multiple languages available) or run Fusion 360 from fusion.online.autodesk.comicts, and plan projects before construction or renovation begins.

Product Module/ component License Department
Autodesk software for educational institutions AutoCAD – 2023
Revit – 2023
Inventor Professional – 2023
Navisworks Manage 2023
3ds Max – 2023
Fusion 360
3000 For Faculty & All UG and PG Students

* License Type: Network
* License Subscription Expiry date: 25-01-2024

System Requirements

S. no Criteria Recommended Minimum
1. Operating System 64-bit Microsoft® Windows® 11 and Windows 10
2. CPU 3.0 GHz or greater, 4 or more cores 2.5 GHz or greater
3. Memory 32 GB RAM or more 16 GB RAM for less than 500-part assemblies
4. Disk Space Installer plus full installation: 40 GB
5. Graphics 4 GB GPU with 106 GB/S Bandwidth and DirectX 11 compliant 1 GB GPU with 29 GB/S Bandwidth and DirectX 11 compliant
6. Display Resolution 3840 x 2160 (4K); Preferred scaling: 100%, 125%, 150% or 200% 1280 x 1024

HyperWorks 13.0 provides the most comprehensive, open-architecture, Multiphysics CAE platform to enhance product performance, design lightweight components, and get products to the market faster and access to new technologies.

Product Module/ component License Department
HyperWorks 13.0 Optistruct 120 For All UG and PG Students
Radioss 120
Acu solve 120
hypermesh 120
Hyper view 120
Hyper graph 120
Inspire 120
Evolve 120
VIrtual Mind Dunner 120
Hyper Study 120
Motion View 120
Motion Slov 120
Sim lab 120
Hyper Crash 120
Hyper Math 120
Hyper Form 120
Hyper Xtrude 120

* License Type: Network

ERDAS IMAGINE is a remote sensing application with raster graphics editor abilities designed by ERDAS for geospatial applications. The latest version is 2015. ERDAS IMAGINE is aimed primarily at geospatial raster data processing and allows the user to prepare, display and enhance digital images for mapping use in geographic information system (GIS) or in computer-aided design (CAD) software.

Product Module/ component License Department
ERDAS IMAGINE 2015 ERDAS Foundation 15 For All UG and PG Students
ERDAS IMAGINE 2015 v15.1 15
Intergraph Licensing 2015 15
ERDAS IMAGINE 2015 Geodatabase Support 15
Condor for Intergraph 2015 15
ERDAS IMAGINE Remote Sensing Example Data 15

* License Type: Network

Students can quickly become job-ready by using the same software industry professionals use. The Academic SELECT Subscription provides universities with access to comprehensive portfolio of more than 50 applications across the architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO) disciplines.

Product Module/ component License Department
Bentley Academic SELECT Bridge Analysis
OpenBridge Designer, LEAP Bridge Concrete, LEAP Bridge Steel, RM Bridge Advanced, RM Bridge Enterprise
Unlimited Subscription Expiration Date: 29/06/2024 Department of Civil Engineering,
Department of Architecture and Planning
Building Design
OpenBuildings Designer (enabled with Energy Simulator and GenerativeComponents capabilities), OpenBuildings Station Designer (includes LEGION Simulator and LEGION Model Builder)
Civil Design
OpenRail ConceptStation, OpenRail Designer, OpenRoads ConceptStation, OpenRoads Designer, OpenSite Designer
Electrical and Instrumentational Software
Bentley Substation, Promis.e
Geotechnical Engineering
SoilVision 2D/3D Suite, gINT Professional
Hydraulics and Hydrology
OpenFlows WaterGEMS, OpenFlows WaterCAD, OpenFlows SewerGEMS, OpenFlows SewerCAD, OpenFlows HAMMER, OpenFlows CivilStorm, OpenFlows StormCAD, OpenFlows PondPack, OpenFlows FlowMaster
Mapping and Surveying
Bentley OpenCities Map, Bentley OpenCities Map Enterprise
Modeling and Visualization
MicroStation, MicroStation PowerDraft, Bentley View, LumenRT
Offshore Structural Analysis
MAXSURF Enterprise, On-campus use only: SACS Marine Enterprise, SACS Offshore Structure Enterprise, MOSES Advanced, MOSES Enterprise
Pipe Stress and Vessel Analysis
Plant Design
OpenPlant PID, OpenPlant Modeler, OpenPlant Isometrics Manager, AutoPLANT Modeler
Project Delivery
Reality Modeling
ContextCapture, Descartes, On-campus use only: Bentley Pointools
Structural Analysis and Detailing
STAAD.Pro, STAAD Advanced Concrete Design, STAAD Foundation Advanced, RAM Structural System, RAM Connection, RAM Elements, RAM Concept, MicroStran, ProStructures

* License Type: Stand Alone

Adobe® Creative Suite® 6 Master Collection software. Adobe Creative Suite (CS) was a series of software suites of graphic design, video editing, and web development applications made or acquired by Adobe Systems. The collections consisted of various groupings of Adobe's applications (e.g., Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects) based on various technologies (e.g., PostScript, PDF, Flash) and organized by industry. The last version, Adobe Creative Suite 6 (CS6).

Product Module/ component License Department
Adobe Master Collection CS 6 What's inside Master Collection 10* For All UG and PG Students
Photoshop Extended CS6 Photoshop CS6 Extended
Illustrator CS6 Illustrator CS6
InDesign CS6 InDesign® CS6
Acrobat Pro DC Acrobat® X Pro
Flash Professional CS6 Flash® Professional CS6
Flash Builder Flash Builder® 4.6 Premium Edition
Dreamweaver CS6 Dreamweaver® CS6
Fireworks CS6 Fireworks® CS6
Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Adobe Premiere® Pro CS6
After Effects CS6 After Effects® CS6
Adobe Audition CS6 Adobe Audition® CS6
SpeedGrade CS6 SpeedGrade™ CS6
Adobe Prelude CS6 Prelude™ CS6
Encore CS6 Encore® CS6
Bridge CS6 Bridge CS6
Media Encoder CS6 Media Encoder CS6

* License Type: Stand Alone

System Requirements
  1. 2GB of RAM (4GB recommended) for 32 bit
  2. 4GB of RAM (8GB recommended) for 64 bit
  3. 14.5GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on removable flash-based storage devices)
  4. Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor with 64-bit support; Intel Core™2 Duo or AMD Phenom® II processor required for Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Encore; Intel Core i7 processor required for Speed Grade
Operating Systems
  1. Microsoft® Windows® XP with Service Pack 3 or
  2. Windows 7 with Service Pack 1;
  3. Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (64 bit) required for Premiere Pro

JMatPro® is a simulation software which calculates a wide range of materials properties for alloys and is particularly aimed at multi-components alloys used in industrial practice. JMatPro is a powerful tool for modeling materials properties and behaviors for complex commercial alloys. Using JMatPro you can make calculations for: Stable and metastable phase equilibria, Solidification behavior and properties, Mechanical properties, Thermo-physical and physical properties, Phase transformations, and Chemical properties. Also provides the thermodynamic databases (Al-DATA, Ni-DATA, Ti-DATA, TiAl-DATA, Fe-DATA, Mg-DATA) for the calculation of phase diagram and pourbaix diagram calculations.Using JMatPro you can make calculations for:

  1. Stable and metastable phase equilibrium
  2. Solidification behaviour and properties
  3. Mechanical properties
  4. Thermo-physical and physical properties
  5. Phase transformations
  6. Chemical properties

JMatPro includes a Java based user interface, with calculation modules using C/C++, and will run under any Windows OS (at least Windows 98). It will also run on multi-core machines with 32/64 bits OS.JMatPro has been designed so that it can be used by any engineer or scientist that requires materials properties as part of their everyday work. To this end, we take great care in the following points:

  1. extensive validation of the models to ensure sound predictions of the properties.
  2. fast and robust calculations.
  3. ease of use due to an intuitive user interface.
  4. extensive on-line help facility.
  5. powerful data management interface in order to browse through calculated properties.
  6. high level of user preferences settings.

Work on JMatPro never stops, we are constantly :

  1. Improving the models we are using.
  2. Extending the existing properties to other materials.
  3. Introducing new properties.

The various material types currently available in JMatPro are :

  1. Aluminium alloys
  2. Magnesium alloys
  3. Fe alloys

There are sub-modules in JMatPro for :

  1. General steels
  2. Stainless steels
  3. Cast iron
  4. Titanium alloys
  5. Nickel alloys
  6. Cobalt alloys
  7. Zirconium alloys
  8. Solder alloys
Product License Department
JMat Pro-v8 10 (Ten) Metrology and Material Engineering

* License Type: Network

System Requirements
  1. 256Mb RAM (1 GB recommended) for 32 bit
  2. 500 MB space on the hard-disk space for installation
  3. Intel® Pentium® 4 or equivalent.
Operating Systems
  1. Microsoft® Windows 98,2000,NT, Windows® XP or Linux
  2. A minimum size of 17 inches for the screen is recommended to work comfortably with multiple windows. JMatPro has been tested under Linux for x86, Windows 98, Windows NT4 Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
  3. Although JMatPro runs under Windows ME, this operating system is not recommended because of some glitches in the graphics. JMatPro will not run under anymore under Windows NT 3.x.

SimaPro provides us a professional tool to collect, analyze and monitor the sustainability performance of products and services.

SimaPro comes fully integrated with various databases and impact assessments, and is used for a variety of Life Cycle Assessment Applications like:

  1. Monitoring corporate and product sustainability performance
  2. Carbon footprint assessment
  3. Water footprint assessment
  4. Product design and eco-design (DfE)
  5. Environmental reporting (GRI)
  6. Determination of key performance indicators (KPI)

This is single user and multiuser software.
SimaPro Database Server on network server The default configuration is :

  1. SimaPro Database Server : on Windows 2003/2008/2012 server (32 or 64 bit)
  2. SimaPro client : on Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1
  3. Protocol : TCP/IP

SimaPro Database Server on a workstation SimaPro Database Server can be installed on any workstation with a Windows operating system. When a SimaPro user wants to run SimaPro 8 multi-user, both the workstation and SimaPro Database Server must be running so SimaPro can connect to the multi-user database. The SimaPro Database Server and SimaPro client can be installed on the same computer.

SimaPro 8 Database Server 2.1 Operating system The SimaPro 8 Database Server is a 32-bit Windows application, which also runs on 64 bits Windows. It runs on

  1. Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1
  2. Server: Windows Server 2003/2003 R2/2008/2008 R2/2012/2012R2
  3. RAM: 4 GB (32 bit) or 8 GB (64 bit) internal memory.
  4. Hard disk: SimaPro Database (10 MB), at least 2 GB space is needed for each installed database.
Product License Department
SimaPro 8.0 20 Department of Environment and Energy Studies

* License Type: Network

MATLAB® (MATrix LABoratory) is a high-level language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming. Using MATLAB, you can analyze data, develop algorithms, and create models and applications. The language, tools, and built-in math functions enable you to explore multiple approaches and reach a solution faster than with spreadsheets or traditional programming languages, such as C/C++ or Java®. You can use MATLAB for a range of applications, including signal processing and communications, image and video processing, control systems, test and measurement, computational finance, and computational biology. More than a million engineers and scientists in industry and academia use MATLAB, the language of technical computing.

This is a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and fourth-generation programming language. Developed by MathWorks, MATLAB allows matrix manipulations, plotting of functions and data, implementation of algorithms, creation of user interfaces, and interfacing with programs written in other languages, including C, C++,Java, Fortran and Python.

Although MATLAB is intended primarily for numerical computing, an optional toolbox uses the MuPAD symbolic engine, allowing access to symbolic computing capabilities. An additional package, Simulink, adds graphical multi-domain simulation and model-based design for dynamic and embedded systems.

MATLAB is widely used in academic and research institutions as well as industrial enterprises.

MNIT has purchased following toolboxes of Matlab R2014a.

Sr. No. Name of Toolbox No of Licenses
01. MATLAB 100
02. Simulink 50
03. Aerospace Blockset 1
04. Aerospace Toolbox 1
05. Bioinformatics Toolbox 1
06. Communications System Toolbox 10
07. Computer Vision System Toolbox 1
08. Control System Toolbox 1
09. Curve Fitting Toolbox 1
10. Data Acquisition Toolbox 1
11. Database Toolbox 1
12. Datafeed Toolbox 1
13. DSP System Toolbox 10
14. Econometrics Toolbox 1
15. Embedded Coder 5
16. Filter Design HDL Coder 1
17. Financial Instruments Toolbox 1
18. Financial Toolbox 1
19. Fixed-Point Designer 5
20. Fuzzy Logic Toolbox 1
21. Gauges Blockset 1
22. Global Optimization Toolbox 1
23. HDL Coder 5
24. HDL Verifier 5
25. Image Acquisition Toolbox 1
26. Image Processing Toolbox 10
27. Instrument Control Toolbox 1
28. LTE System Toolbox 1
29. Mapping Toolbox 1
30. MATLAB Coder 5
31. MATLAB Compiler 1
32. MATLAB Report Generator 1
33. Model Predictive Control Toolbox 1
34. Model-Based Calibration Toolbox 1
35. Neural Network Toolbox 5
36. OPC Toolbox Optimization Toolbox 1
37. Parallel Computing Toolbox 1
38. Partial Differential Equation Toolbox 1
39. Phased Array System Toolbox 1
40. RF Toolbox 1
41. Robust Control Toolbox 1
42. Signal Processing Toolbox 10
43. SimBiology 1
44. SimDriveline 1
45. SimElectronics 1
46. SimEvents 1
47. SimHydraulics 1
48. SimMechanics 1
49. SimPowerSystems 1
50. SimRF 1
51. Simscape 1
52. Simulink 3D Animation 1
53. Simulink Code Inspector 1
54. Simulink Coder 5
55. Simulink Control Design 1
56. Simulink Design Optimization 1
57. Simulink Design Verifier 1
58. Simulink PLC Coder 1
59. Simulink Real-Time 5
60. Simulink Report Generator 1
61. Simulink Verification and Validation 1
62. Spreadsheet Link EX 1
63. Stateflow 5
64. Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox 1
65. Symbolic Math Toolbox 1
66. System Identification Toolbox 1
67. SystemTest 1
68. Trading Toolbox 1
69. Vehicle Network Toolbox 1
70. Wavelet Toolbox 1

This is used for conceptual model of the groundwater system, prior to the simulation. The geological formations, property model, and boundary conditions are all designed outside the model grid or mesh. This allows the flexibility to adjust your interpretation of the groundwater system before applying a discretization method and converting to a numerical model.

Build the model with minimal data pre-processing required -Working with grid-independent data allows you to maximize the use of your existing GIS data and incorporate physical geology and geographic conditions before designing a grid or mesh.

The conceptual model environment provides simultaneous 2D and 3D views which are updated whenever changes to the data are made. This is Hydrogeology software.

Installation and Licensing Hardware Requirements :

  1. Processor: 1 GHz and Higher
  2. RAM: 4GB
  3. HDD: 250 MB of free hard drive space
  4. DVD ROM drive
  5. Operating System: Windows XP Pro (SP3) 32-Bit; Windows Vista/Ultimate/Enterprise (32/64 Bit), Windows 7/8 (32/64 Bit)

VMOD Flex 64-bit version is supported on Vista 64-bit and Windows 7/8 64-bit. Note: Windows XP Home, Windows Vista Home Premium, Home Basic or Starter Versions, are not supported. Microsoft .NET Framework v.4.0 installed (provided with installation) Microsoft Office (or Microsoft Access Database Engine)
NOTE: Microsoft Office 64-bit version is currently not supported for XLS and MDB import.

Product License Department
Visual MOD Flow 5 Department of Civil Engineering

* License Type: Network

ArcGIS provides contextual tools for mapping and spatial reasoning so you can explore data and share location-based insights. ArcGIS creates deeper understanding, allowing you to quickly see where things are happening and how information is connected

Product License Department
ArcGIS 09 Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture

* License Type: Network

Analyze data and find meaningful solutions to your toughest challenges. Minitab 18 helps you analyze larger data sets - better, faster and easier - no matter where you are on your analytics journey. Comprehensive set of statistics for exploring your data, and visualizations that illustrate insights.

Product License Department
Minitab 18 | Minitab Express 10 Department of Chemical Engineering

* License Type: Network

Mathematica provides a single integrated, continually expanding system that covers the breadth and depth of technical computing -and seamlessly available in the cloud through any web browser, as well as natively on all modern desktop systems.

Product License Department
Mathematica 12.0 10 Department of Mathematics

* License Type: Network

AspenONE Engineering software enables asset design optimization across capital, energy, controllability, environmental impact, safety and yield, empowering collaborative workflows that drive sustained profitability.

Product Module/Component License Department/Users
aspenONE_V10_ENG Aspen ACM Model Export 150 Chemical Engineering Department.
UG Students, PG Students, Research Schoolers & Academic Staff
Aspen Adsorption 150
Aspen Air Cooled Exchanger 150
Aspen Basic Engineering 150
Aspen Basic Engineering Activated Datasheet 150
Aspen Batch Distillation 150
Aspen Batch Process Developer 150
Aspen Capital Cost Estimator 150
Aspen Chromatography 150
Aspen Coil Wound Heat Exchanger 150
Aspen Custom Modeler 150
Aspen Distillation Synthesis 150
Aspen DMC3 150
Aspen DMC3 Builder 150
Aspen DMCplus Controller 150
Aspen Energy Analyzer 150
Aspen EO Modeling Option 150
Aspen Fidelis Reliability 150
Aspen Fired Heater 150
Aspen Flare System Analyzer 150
Aspen HYSYS 150
Aspen HYSYS Amines 150
Aspen HYSYS CatCracker 150
Aspen HYSYS Crude 150
Aspen HYSYS Dynamics 150
Aspen HYSYS Dynamics Run-Time 150
Aspen HYSYS Hydrocracker 150
Aspen HYSYS Offline Optimizer 150
Aspen HYSYS Petroleum Refining 150
Aspen HYSYS Reformer 150
Aspen HYSYS Thermodynamics COM Interface 150
Aspen HYSYS Upstream 150
Aspen HYSYS Upstream Dynamics 150
Aspen HYSYS Upstream r3 150
Aspen HYSYS Upstream r4 150
Aspen Inferential Qualities 150
Aspen Inferential Qualities T 150
Aspen InfoPlus.21 150
Aspen InfoPlus.21 (x64) 150
Aspen In-Plant Cost Estimator 150
Aspen Inventory Management & Operations Scheduling 150
Aspen Model Runner 150
Aspen Nonlinear Controller 150
Aspen OnLine 150
Aspen Online Deployment 150
Aspen PID Watch Performance Monitor T 150
Aspen PIMS 150
Aspen PIMS Advanced Optimization 150
Aspen PIMS Platinum 150
Aspen PIMS Regional Optimizer 150
Aspen PIMS Submodel Calculator 150
Aspen PIMS User 150
Aspen Plate Exchanger 150
Aspen Plate Fin Exchanger 150
Aspen Plus 150
Aspen Plus Batch 150
Aspen Plus CatCracker 150
Aspen Plus Dynamics 150
Aspen Plus Hydrocracker 150
Aspen Plus Hydrotreater 150
Aspen Plus Optimizer 150
Aspen Plus Reformer 150
Aspen Polymers 150
Aspen Process Controller Builder 150
Aspen Process Economic Analyzer 150
Aspen Process Explorer 150
Aspen Process Explorer T 150
Aspen Process Manual Applied Rheology 150
Aspen Process Manual Bulk Solids Handling 150
Aspen Process Manual Crystallization 150
Aspen Process Manual Drying 150
Aspen Process Manual Gas Cleaning 150
Aspen Process Manual Mini-Manuals 150
Aspen Process Manual Slurry Handling 150
Aspen Process Manual Solid Liquid Separation 150
Aspen Process Manual Solvent Extraction 150
Aspen Process Manual Waste Water Treatment 150
Aspen Process Tools 150
Aspen ProMV 150
Aspen ProMV Batch 150
Aspen Properties 150
Aspen Rate-based Distillation 150
Aspen RTO Watch Performance Monitor 150
Aspen Shell & Tube Exchanger 150
Aspen Shell & Tube Mechanical 150
Aspen Simulation Workbook 150
Aspen Utilities On-Line Optimizer 150
Aspen Watch Centralized Monitoring 150
Aspen Watch Performance Analyzer 150
Aspen Watch Performance Monitor 150
aspenONE 150
aspenONE Integration Foundation 150
aspenONE Online Training 150
aspenONE PIMS Platinum 150
aspenONE Plant Data 150
aspenONE Process Explorer 150
aspenONE Process Explorer Analytics 150
aspenONE r2 150
SLM_APC_Builder+ 150
SLM_LicenseProfile 32766
SLM_Pool 150
SLM_Process_Explorer+ 150
SLM_RN_MNA_Reliability+ 150
SLM_Suite 150

* License Type: Network

IBM® SPSS® Statistics is the world's leading statistical software used to solve business and research problems by means of ad-hoc analysis, hypothesis testing, and predictive analytics.

Product Module/Component License Department/Users
IBM SPSS Statistics 25.0 IBM SPSS Statistics Base 25.0 10 Department of Humanities and Social Science & Department of Management Studies.
UG Students, PG Students, Research Schoolers & Academic Staff.
IBM SPSS Advanced Statsitics 10
IBM SPSS Decision Trees 10
IBM SPSS Forecasting 10
IBM SPSS Missing Values 10
IBM SPSS Neural Networks 10
IBM SPSS Regression 10

* License Type: Network

VMware vCloud Suite is an enterprise-ready private cloud software used for build and operate software-defined data centers based on vSphere. vCloud Suite contains components that can be integrated to deliver IT as a service. VMware vCenter server is a centralized management application that lets you manage virtual machines and ESXi hosts centrally.

Product & Version License Quantity Department/Users
vCenter Server 6 Standard 01 1 INSTANCE(s) DC Team
vCloud Suite 6 Advanced 01 12 CPU(s) For all Departments/Sections/Centres of the Institute.
Students of UG, PG, Research Schoolers, Academic Staff & Staff of Institute.

* License Type: Per CPU, Standalone

Microsoft Office 2013 contain Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook and OneNote.

Product & Version License Department/Users
Office Standard 2013 with SP1 250 All departments/Sections/Centres

* License Type: Standalone

Windows 7 is a personal computer operating system, the low-level software that supports a computer's basic functions, such as scheduling tasks and controlling peripherals.

Product & Version License Department/Users
Windows 7 Professional 63 For all department/section/centres VM Users

* License Type: Standalone

Microsoft Windows Server OS (operating system) is a series of enterprise-class server operating systems designed to share services with multiple users and provide extensive administrative control of data storage, applications and corporate networks.

Product & Version License Department/Users
Windows Server Standard 2008 R2/ Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard 45 For all department/section/centres

* License Type: Standalone

Two-way firewall. Prevents unauthorized access to the company network. It provides anti-hacker protection, data exposure prevention, and enables defining trusted networks, making all other connections, such as to public Wi-Fi, restricted by default.

Product & Version License Department/Users
ESET Endpoint Security 500 For all department/section/centres

* License Type: Network

Consistently the most flexible, powerful, proven process simulation technology in the world, Lanner's desktop modeling studio, WITNESS Horizon, enables professional modelers to rapidly develop feature-rich models and simulation apps that provide unparalleled insight through dynamic data visualization and freedom to test choices in a risk-free virtual environment.

Product License Department/Users
WITNESS 23.1 Simulation Software 10 Department of Mechanical Engineering

* License Type: Network

The FRacture ANalysis Code 3D (FRANC3D) program is designed to simulate 3D crack growth in engineering structures where the component geometry, local loading conditions, and the evolutionary crack geometry can be arbitrarily complex. It is designed to be used as a companion to general purpose Finite Element (FE) solvers.

FRANC3D development started at Cornell University in the late 1980's, evolving into a program that has been used worldwide in academia and industry for analyzing crack growth in complex 3D structures.

Product License Department/Users
FRANC3D 7.5 – 3D CRACK GROWTH/Fracture Mechanics Simulation Software 01 Department of Mechanical Engineering

* License Type: Network

Product simulation is often performed today by engineering groups using niche simulation tools from different vendors to simulate various design attributes. The use of multiple vendor software products creates inefficiencies and increases costs. SIMULIA delivers a scalable suite of unified analysis products that allow all users, regardless of their simulation expertise or domain focus, to collaborate and seamlessly share simulation data and approved methods without loss of information fidelity.

The Abaqus Unified FEA product suite offers powerful and complete solutions for both routine and sophisticated engineering problems covering a vast spectrum of industrial applications. For example, in the automotive industry engineering work groups can consider full vehicle loads, dynamic vibration, multibody systems, impact/crash, nonlinear static, thermal coupling, and acoustic-structural coupling using a common model data structure and integrated solver technology. Best-in-class companies are taking advantage of Abaqus Unified FEA to consolidate their processes and tools, reduce costs and inefficiencies, and gain a competitive advantage.

Product License Department/Users
SIMULIA Abaqus Software license Research Edition for Unlimited Nodes:
SIMULIA Academic Research Suite - QRX
SIMULIA Academic Research Execute Tokens - QXT-1EDU
32 QXT: + One QXT, 1 QRX.
At a time 5 No. of users can access this software.
Department of Mechanical Engineering

* License Type: Network

Ansys computational fluid dynamics (CFD) products are for engineers who need to make better, faster decisions. Our CFD simulation products have been validated and are highly regarded for their superior computing power and accurate results. Reduce development time and efforts while improving your product's performance and safety.

Product License Department/Users
ANSYS Academic Research LS-DYNA# 25 tasks For ALL Departments
ANSYS Academic Research CFD 25 tasks
ANSYS Academic Research HPC Workgroup Max. 128 Core 1 task(s)
ANSYS Academic Multiphysics Campus Solution (10/100) - Research
ANSYS Academic Multiphysics Campus Solution (10/100) - Teaching
ANSYS Academic Research SCADE 5 task
ANSYS GRANTA EduPack (10) 1 task(s)
ANSYS GRANTA Research Selector 1 task(s)

* License Type: Network
#ANSYS Academic Research LS-DYNA License Expiry Date is 22-Aug-2022 and all other Licenses are permanent.

Engineers and scientists use the COMSOL Multiphysics® software to simulate designs, devices, and processes in all fields of engineering, manufacturing, and scientific research.

COMSOL Multiphysics® is a simulation platform that encompasses all of the steps in the modeling workflow — from defining geometries, material properties, and the physics that describe specific phenomena to solving and postprocessing models for producing accurate and trustworthy results.

To create models for use in specialized application areas or engineering fields, you can augment COMSOL Multiphysics® with any combination of add-on modules from the product suite. The interfacing products make it possible to also integrate simulation with other engineering and mathematical software used in product and process design. When you have developed a model, you can even convert it into a simulation application with a dedicated user interface, which can be designed for a very specific use by people beyond the R&D department.

Product License Department/Users
COMSOL 5.6 Multiphysics 30 Department of Chemical Engineering

* License Type: Network

LabVIEW is commonly used for data acquisition, instrument control, and industrial automation on a variety of operating systems (OSs), including macOS and other versions of Unix and Linux, as well as Microsoft Windows.

Product License Department/Users
LabVIEW 2023 Software 50 Faculty+250 SIO All Departments

* License Type: Network

MATLAB is a proprietary multi-paradigm programming language and numeric computing environment developed by MathWorks. MATLAB allows matrix manipulations, plotting of functions and data, implementation of algorithms, creation of user interfaces, and interfacing with programs written in other languages.

Product License Department/Users
MATLAB R2023a Unlimited Cloud License All Departments

Google Workspace for Education Plus—Includes all the features in Education Standard and Teaching and Learning Upgrade with additional features for certain services, such as attendance tracking in Google Meet.

Product License Department/Users
Google Workspace Education Plus 6000 Students + 1500 Staff License All Departments