मालवीय राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान जयपुर (राष्ट्रीय महत्व का संस्थान)
Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur (An Institute of National Importance)


Sr. No. Course Title Duration Course coordinator(s) Brochure
1. AI for Information Retrieval and Extraction May 9-13, 2022 Dr. Namita Mittal
Dr. Basant Agarwal
2. South Asian Literature and Film, 1990 - present May 30th - June 4th, 2022 Dr Preeti Bhatt
Dr Nidhi Bansal
3. Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions for Real-World Problems June 6-11, 2022 Dr. Amit M. Joshi
Prof. Vineet Sahula
Sr. No. Course Title Duration Course coordinator(s) Brochure
1 Land Use/ Land Cover Change Modelling and Prediction 04-07-2016 to 08-07-2016 Dr. Mahesh Kumar Jat
2 Advanced Systems Security: Attacks and defenses 04-07-2016 to 10-07-2016 Dr. Vijay Laxmi
3 Advanced Course in Liquid Interfaces, Drops and Sprays 11-07-2016 to 15-07-2016 Dr. Amit Kumar Singh
4 Recent Advances in VLSI Testing and Design-for-Test  25-07-2016 to 29-07-2016 Prof.M.S.Gaur
5 Managing the Complexity, Security, and Safety of Large Software 12-09-2016 to 16-09-2016 Prof. M.S. Gaur & Dr. Vijay Laxmi
6 Internet Security and Privacy Challenges 24-10-2016 to 28-10-2016 Dr.Vijay Laxmi
7 Mobile Systems Security 21-11-2016 to 25-11-2016 Prof. M.S. Gaur & Dr. Vijay Laxmi
8 The Science of Remulation for Executable biology 12-12-2016 to 16-12-2016 Dr.Lava Bhargava & Dr.Vijay Laxmi
9 Analysis of Non-Linear Problems 19-12-2016 to 29-12-2016 Dr.Dinesh Kumar
10 Programme on Indruction to Sustainable Manufacturing 19-12-2016 to 23-12-2016 Dr. G. S. Dangayach
11 Biometric based Authentication and De-identification for Privacy Protection 19-12-2016 to 25-12-2016 Dr. Neeta Nain
12 Multimodal and Advanced Biometrics Authentication 02-01-2017 to 11-01-2017 Dr. Neeta Nain
13 Physical Chemical Processes for wate and waste wate treamnet 21-8-2017 to 26-8-17 Dr. Subba Ramhya
14 Research Challenges in wireless Technologies for 5G 28/8/17 to 1/9/2017 Dr. Vijay Janyani
15 Analytical Reasoning & Experiential Learning With Applications to Software and Program Analysis 9/10/17 to 13/10/17 Dr. V. Laxmi and Prof. M. S. Gaur
16 Incident Handling and Forensics 11/12/17 to 15/12/17 Dr. M. S. Gaur
17 Principles nd Pactise of Software Protection 12/12/17 to 18/12/17 Dr. V. Laxmi and Prof. M. S. Gaur
18 Adnaces in web and text analytics 16/12/17 to 20/12/17 Dr. Namita Mittal & Dr. E. S. Pilli
19 Climate Responsive Design Development for Energy Efficient Buildings 5-9 Feb 18 Dr. Nand Kumar
20 Sensitive of Urben Design 26 Feb-2 March 18 Dr.Nand Kumar
21 City Energy Management modeling and practice 10-14 March 18 Dr. Nand Kumar and Dr.Ashwini Kumar
22 Disaster Information Management systems 12-16 March 18 Dr.Santosh Vipparthi and Dr.Lava Bhargava
23 Advanced Pattern Recognization Technique 26-30 March 18 Dr.Neeta Nain and Dr.Yogesh Kumar Meena Brochure
24 Advanced Course on Sustainabilityin Meterials & Design May 21 - June 01, 2018 Dr. G. S. Dangayach
Dr. Amit Singh
25 Advances in Pipeline Transportation of Crude Oils June 02-06, 2018 Dr. Kailash singh
26 Sustainable Fuels and Chemical Production using Novel Catalysts January 28-Februry 01, 2019 Dr. Kailash Singh,
Dr. Madhu Agarwal,
Prof. S.P. Chaurasia
27 MULTI-SCALE MODELING OF ADVANCED MATERIALS June 16 - 29, 2019 Dr. Vinay Agrawal
Dr. Mahesh Kumar Jat
28 Principles of Biophotonics June 24 - July 05, 2019 Prof. Vijay Janyani
Prof. Ghanshyam Singh
29 Protective coatings: low friction, wear and corrosion July 01-05, 2019 Dr Kanupriya Sachdev
Dr. M.K. Banerjee
Dr Ragini Gupta
Dr. Amit Singh
30 Reliability-based Robust Product Design July 08-12, 2019 Dr. Gunjan Soni Brochure
31 Degital Microfluidics: Design and Applications December 02-06, 2019 Dr. Amit Kumar Singh Brochure
32 Circular Manufacturing System April 20-24, 2020 Dr. Gunjan Soni
Dr. Amar Patnaik
33 Manufacturing and Processing of Advanced Metallic, Ceramic and Composite Materials August 10-14, 2020 Dr. Amar Patnaik Brochure