मालवीय राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान जयपुर (राष्ट्रीय महत्व का संस्थान)
Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur (An Institute of National Importance)
Department of Mechanical Engineering


   Research Projects

# Project InvestigatorTitle of the projectFunding AgencyAmount (Lacs)Duration
1 Dr. Anup Malik Manufacturing of Nature Inspired Micro Heat Dissipation Devices using Fabricated Novel Universal Die DST-SERB Core Research Grant 30.59 2024-2027
2 Dr. Rajeev Agrawal Development of Artificial intelligence enabled sustainable health care waste management system in India Indian Council of Social Science Research 12.00 2023-2025
3 Prof. Amar Patnaik Development and characterization of high-temperature wear and corrosion resistance high entropy alloy (HEA) for airborne parts and turbine engine blade SPARC-MHRD Govt. of India 48.00 2023-2025
4 Dr. M. L. Meena A Study of Ground Water Level and Increasing Borewell Water Level of UBA Villages in Jaipur District WSSO, Govt. of Rajasthan 3.67 2023-2024
5 Dr. Manjinder Singh Design and development of loop heat pipe to enhance energy efficiency via waste heat recovery LAM Research 41.00 2023-2026
6 Dr. Manjinder Singh Diode heat Pipe ISRO 1.00 2023-2023
7 Dr. Amit Arora Thermo-mechanical characterization of lac blends and development of equipment for partial mechanization of bangle making process District Industries and Commerce Centre - Jaipur, Government of Rajasthan 5.00 2023-2024
8 Prof. Harlal Singh Mali Optimization study for Vacuum Assisted Compression Molding and Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding Process for Contoured Composites. DMSRDE, DRDO 72.66 2023-2025
9 Dr. M. L. Meena Measurement of Musculoskeletal Disorders among Carpet Weavers and Ergonomic Intervention of Carpet Weaving Hand Tools SERB, DST New Delhi 46.69 2023-2026
10 Prof. Amar Patnaik Development of ultra high sub micron Ievel measurement facility for coefficient of thermal expansion lbr dimensionalty stable composite structures ISRO Regional Academic Center for Space 20.00 2023-2025
11 Prof. Amar Patnaik Design and Demonstration of Empty and Foam Filled Honeycomb Structures for Energy Absorption During Crash/Impact ISRO Regional Academic Center for Space 17.90 2023-2025
12 Dr. M. L. Meena Ergonomic Assessment and Intervention Design for the Improvement of Occupational Health of Rural Handicraft Workers The Institute of Engineer(s) India, Kolkata 0.92 2023-2024
13 Dr. Gunjan Soni Collaborative Research Based Education for Optimized Performance of Wind Farms The Research Counsel of Norway 40.00 2023-2028
14 Prof. Harlal Singh Mali Feasibility Study on Internal Finishing of Turbochargers through One Way Abrasive Flow Machine Spark Minda Group 2.40 2023-2024
15 Dr. Gunjan Soni A Risk Assessment Index for Prediction and Prevention of Silicosis among Stone Workers in Rajasthan Directorate of Specially Abled Person, Government of Rajasthan 7.13 2022-2024
16 Prof. Amar Patnaik Hybrid Jute Composite Modification and subsequent Development of Porta Cabin National Jute Board, Govt. of India 37.76 2022-2023
17 Prof. Amar Patnaik Development of Ceramic and UHMWPE Textile Based Hybrid Polymer Composite Armor Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India 363.36 2022-2025
18 Prof. Amar Patnaik Development of E-glass/Carbon textile reinforced hybrid polymer composites for wind turbine Blade application Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India 41.40 2022-2025
19 Dr. Gunjan Soni Role of Socioeconomic and Technological Factors in Adoption of Industry 4.0 Technologies in Indian Agri-fresh Supply Chains (AFSC) ICSSR 8.00 2022-2024
20 Dr. Ram Dayal Development of 3D Computational Evaporator (Chiller) & Condenser UFI Innovation Center India Pvt. Ltd. 22.65 2022-2024
21 Dr. Gunjan Soni Global Collaborative Research Based Education for Enhancing Performance of Wind Farms (EduWind), UTF-2021/10169 The Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills (HK-dir) 35.00 2022-2026
22 Dr. Rajeev Agrawal Design Expertise Manufacturing MSME Sector (MSME- Innovative- Design ) MSME ,New Delhi 11.40 2022-2023
23 Prof. Himanshu Chaudhary Fatigue Testing Facilitiy development FIST, DST, New Delhi 94.00 2022-2027
24 Prof. Harlal Singh Mali Remedial Orthosis for CTEV Clubfoot (BIRAC/SIIC0107/ BIG-14/19) BIRAC, DBT, GoI 48.50 2020-2022
25 Prof. Jyotirmay Mathur State Energy Efficiency Research and Outreach Programme RRECL 25.00 2020-2022
26 Prof. Jyotirmay Mathur Applied Research for Sustainable Energy in Buildings UGC, New Delhi 157.63 2020-2020
27 Prof. Jyotirmay Mathur Award of Renewable Energy Chair under HRD scheme of the Ministry Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (GoI) 150.00 2020-2018
28 Dr. Amit Kumar Singh Upcycled Plastic Prosthetics (UPP) Frontiers Follow On Grant Royal Academy of Engineering, UK 49.00 2020-2022
29 Prof. Amar Patnaik Optimization of power consumed by Airlift Pump TAR/2020/000217 SERB-TARE, New delhi 18.30 2020-2023
30 Dr. Dinesh Kumar Rathore Evaluation of interleaving and matrix modification techniques on interlaminar fracture toughness and fatigue behaviour of carbon fiber/epoxy composites SERB 18.30 2020-2023
31 Dr. Anoj Meena Tribological Performance characteristics of dental composite materials MHRD 12.35 2019-2020
32 Dr. Pankaj Kumar Gupta Development and Parametric Investigations on Ultra-Sonic assisted Electro Chemical Discharge Machining (US-ECDM) NPIU-TEQIP-III 3.00 2019-2019
33 Dr. Naresh Kumar Raghuwanshi Analysis and control of noise pollution in hospitals National Project Implementation Unit, MHRD Govt. of India 21.83 2019-2020
34 Dr. Anup Malik Fabrication of micro-features using modular micro-ECSM in fibre reinforced polymer composite TEQIP-III 3.98 2019-2020
35 Prof. Harlal Singh Mali Development of Vacuumized Abrasive Finishing Setup for finishing complicated surfaces using novel abrasive media NPIU 11.38 2019-2020
36 Prof. Harlal Singh Mali Development and Characterization of differently woven Carbon-Kevlar hybrid composite with their modeling and analysis DRDO New Delhi 37.33 2019-2022
37 Dr. Rajeev Agrawal Exploration of sustainable manufacturing in Indian manufacturing industries TEQIP-3 3.95 2019-2020
38 Prof. Harlal Singh Mali Design Tinkering and PoC for AU-2019 Innovative Student Projects PMG Integrated Communications Private Limited for Autodesk Inc. 2.00 2019-2021
39 Prof. Amar Patnaik Development of Ceramic Armour Panels To Stanag 4569 Level-4 For Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicle (FICV) Ordnance Development Centre , Ordnance Factory Medak, Yeddumalaram 18.80 2019-2023
40 Prof. Amar Patnaik Modeling a combinatorial approach for design of steel with ultra-high strength and toughness Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration SPARC MHRD New Delhi. 70.20 2019-2023
41 Prof. Harlal Singh Mali Fabrication and Finishing of Micro-Channels for Micro-Heat Exchangers and Micro-Reactors DST (SERB) 42.28 2018-2022
42 Dr. Amit Kumar Singh Accessible Recycle Material (ARM) Prosthetics GCRF 25.00 2018-2019
43 Prof. Harlal Singh Mali All Terrain Vehicle for SAE BAJA 2019 Honda Cars India Ltd. 2.00 2018-2019
45 Prof. Jyotirmay Mathur IEQ Standard Implementation Methodology Indian Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) 14.25 2018-2019
46 Dr. Dinesh Kumar Nanostructures (Carbon-Nano Tube (CNT)) Reinforced Nanocomposite based Heat Shield System for Spacecraft Applications ISRO 20.20 2017-2019
47 Prof. Jyotirmay Mathur Residential Building Energy Demand Reduction in India (RESIDE) Department of Science and Technology (DST) 119.68 2017-2020
48 Prof. Jyotirmay Mathur UK India Clean Energy Research Institute (UKICERI) Department of Science and Technology, DST 102.02 2017-2020
49 Prof. Harlal Singh Mali 3D Printing of Jaipur Foot. Autodesk India Pvt. Ltd 1.29 2017-2018
50 Prof. Amar Patnaik Development of Ti-Al-N based coating on Al-alloy for application in hydroturbine blades CSIR 19.00 2016-2019
51 Dr. Amit Kumar Singh Effective Product Development Through Integration of Reverse Engineering and Additive Manufacturing DST 25.00 2016-2016
52 Prof. Jyotirmay Mathur Development of Fully Automatic Double- Axis Tracking of Scheffler Dish System for Enhanced Performance Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (GoI) 37.07 2016-2017
53 Prof. Amar Patnaik Technology Business Incubator TBI DST New Delhi 497.00 2016-2022
54 Prof. Amar Patnaik Development of Marble dust Filled Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite for Wind Turbine Blade State S&T Councils Department of Science and Technology 55.73 2016-2019
55 Prof. Amar Patnaik Economic production of iron through direct reduction of Mill Scale by low grade coal of Rajasthan (PI) Ministry of Steel, New Delhi 166.00 2015-2021
56 Prof. Jyotirmay Mathur Reclassification of Climatic Zones for Indian Cities and Updating Weather Data Book with E-publishing Indian Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) 5.82 2015-2016
57 Prof. Dilip Sharma Design and Development of Solar Assisted Rapid Milk Cooler State S T Council (SSTD) Programme DST Delhi 31.82 2015-2018
58 Prof. Harlal Singh Mali IRES US India Collaborative Research in Mechanical Biomedical and Materials Science Engineering for Undergraduates NSF USA Award Number 1358157 and 1358004 with the OSU and CSU PIs 151.77 2014-2017
59 Prof. Harlal Singh Mali Gainful utilization of stone waste in the state of Rajasthan- CDOS-Stone Chair Centre for Development of Stones, Jaipur 100.00 2014-2021
60 Prof. Harlal Singh Mali Design and Development of low cost one way Abrasive Flow Machine (AFM) utilizing pulp and fullers earth based media DST(SERB) 13.14 2013-2016
61 Prof. Amar Patnaik Utilization of marble dust and slurry in Rajasthan Centre for Development of Stone, Jaipur 100.00 2013-2021
62 Prof. S. L. Soni (On Deputation) Studies of Thumba (CitrullusColocynthis) Seed Oil on Engine Performance, Combustion and Exhaust Emission Characteristics Department of Science and Technology Delhi 34.70 2012-2015
63 Prof. G. D. Agarwal Experimental Study of Flat Plate Solar Collector Using Nano-Fluids DST 12.00 2012-2015
64 Prof. G. D. Agarwal Development of a Solar Energy based Membrane Distillation System for Rural Drinking Water applications in Rajasthan PHED 11.00 2012-2015
65 Prof. Jyotirmay Mathur Indo-US Indian Joint Centre for Building Energy Research and Development US India Science and Technology Forum and US Department of Energy 593.77 2012-2017
66 Prof. Jyotirmay Mathur Setting up Energy Resource Centre Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited (GoR) 20.00 2012-2017
67 Prof. Amar Patnaik Thermo-mechanical and Fracture Analysis of Hybrid Polymer Matrix Composites UKIERI – UK 4.00 2012-2013
68 Prof. Jyotirmay Mathur Capacity Building in Renewable Energy Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (GoI) 50.00 2012-2016
69 Prof. Dilip Sharma Development of SVO operated micro Trigeneration system for rural applications Department of Science and Technology, Rajasthan 3.70 2011-2014
70 Prof. Jyotirmay Mathur Review and Supervision of Installation of cool roof experiment at Pantnagar and Naninital IIIT, Hyderabad 1.44 2011-2013
71 Prof. Rakesh Jain Development of Multi-agent System for dynamic Multiproject scheduling DST 6.00 2010-2012
72 Prof. Murari Lal Mittal Development of a Multi- Agent based System for Dynamic Multi-project Scheduling DST Government of India 6.00 2010-2012
73 Prof. Dilip Sharma Design, Development and fabrication of a stove operated on Jatropa oil Social Policy Research Institute, Jaipur 0.50 2009-2009
74 Dr. Dinesh Kumar Experimental Investigation of Failure and Stability of Laminated Composite Plates (Carried out BITS Pilani as the Co-PI CSIR New Dehli 6.00 2008-2011
75 Prof. Amar Patnaik Development of Short fiber Reinforced Hybrid Composites and Study of their Erosion Characteristics DST, India 1.80 2008-2011
76 Dr. Dinesh Kumar Failure and Stability Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates with Cutouts (Carried out at BITS Pilani as Co-PI) K K Birla Academy New Dehli 4.50 2007-2010
77 Prof. Dilip Sharma Design and Development of Low Built Wider width Handloom Ideal for weaving 90’’ wide fabric Ministry of Textiles 3.90 2005-2009
78 Prof. G. D. Agarwal Development of a hybrid waste disposal system through recycling and sanitary landfilling for solid waste of the institute campus MHRD 9.00 2003-2005
79 Prof. G. S. Dangayach Indentification of critical success factor & Implementation methodology for advance manufacturing technologies DST (Govt. of India) 5.11 2001-2004
80 Prof. Dilip Sharma Creation of Facilities for Evaluation of Alternate Fuels for Engines and Ambient/exhaust Pollution Ministry of Human Resource Development under MODROB 10.00 2000-2001
81 Prof. Dilip Sharma Design and development of safe feeding mechanism for Fodder machines Department of Science and Technology Rajasthan 0.70 2000-2001

   Testing & Consultancy Projects

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