मालवीय राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान जयपुर (राष्ट्रीय महत्व का संस्थान)
Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur (An Institute of National Importance)
Department of Electrical Engineering


   Research Projects

# Project InvestigatorTitle of the projectFunding AgencyAmount (Lacs)Duration
1 Dr. Hemant Kumar Meena Development of Silicon Proven IP Cores, Transceiver IC and System Prototype for mmWave Radar Sensing in Healthcare and Security Applications MeitY 288.00 2023-2028
2 Dr. Man Mohan Garg Modelling, Simulation and Hands-on Practice on Control of Power Electronics Converters for Green Energy Applications Science and Engineering Research Board, New Delhi, India 5.00 2023-2023
3 Dr. Man Mohan Garg Internship on Modelling, Simulation & Hardware Development of DC-DC Converter Circuits Science and Engineering Research Board, New Delhi, India 1.50 2023-2023
4 Dr. Saravana Prakash P Design and Development of Highly Reliable SiC/GaN Based Power Supply Unit for Space Mission ISRO-RACS 1.00 2023-2023
5 Prof. Rohit Bhakar Low carbon pathways for energy system planning and operation under the aspects of flexibility from transport sector DST 10.41 2023-2025
6 Prof. Rohit Bhakar Blockchain based Multi-Layer Energy Management System for Smart Buildings DST 42.00 2023-2025
7 Dr. Prerna Jain Multi Agent and Microgrid Concepts GIAN, MOE 6.08 2022-2022
8 Dr. Saravana Prakash P Design and Development of High-Power Density Transformer-Rectifier-Unit for More Electric Aircraft Application Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) 32.26 2022-2024
9 Dr. Arun Kumar Verma Design and Development of an Efficient On-Board Chargers for EVs CRG-SERB 75.87 2022-2025
10 Prof. Rohit Bhakar Multi Agent and Microgrid Concepts GIAN 6.08 2022-2022
11 Dr. Sandeep N Design and Development of Multi-Input Microinverters for Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Applications SERB DST India 32.00 2021-2023
12 Dr. Arun Kumar Verma Design and Implementation of Novel Grid-Tied Transformer-Less Boosting Inverter Topologies for Solar PV Applications DST India 78.85 2021-2024
13 Prof. Rajesh Kumar Artificial Intelligence for Optimal Integration of Renewable Energy Resources in Microgrids UoS-Skoltech award 27.41 2021-2022
14 Dr. Satish Sharma Distributed optimal power flow in smart grid TEQIP 4.00 2019-2020
15 Dr. Vinay Pratap Singh Interval modelling and controller design of Doha reverse osmosis system TEQIP-III 4.00 2019-2020
16 Prof. Rohit Bhakar Market Models for Local Energy Transactions SPARC 89.00 2019-2023
17 Prof. Rohit Bhakar Development Of Renewable Integrated Smart Micro Grid Console With Intelligent Controller CRS scheme 1.73 2019-2020
18 Dr. Akhilesh Mathur Development of steady state and Short-circuit model of Unbalanced Distribution system with optimal Solar PV generation TEQIP 1.50 2019-2020
19 Dr. Man Mohan Garg Design and Development of a Solar PV based DC Power System with Battery Storage NIT Rourkela 2.00 2019-2020
20 Dr. Vinay Pratap Singh Controller design for interval-modeled Riverol-Pilipovik water treatment plant NPIU, MHRD, Govt. of India 2.65 2019-2020
21 Dr. Arun Kumar Verma Design Analysis, Fabrication and Control of attraction type electromagnetic levitation Prototypes NPIU 14.46 2019-2020
22 Dr. Arun Kumar Verma Design and Development of an Electric Bike with efficient charger TEQIP 4.00 2019-2020
23 Dr. Arun Kumar Verma Cooperative Micro Grids Integrated Smart Electric Transportation Systems (CMGISETS) Coordinated Technologies for Seamless Energy Management SPARC -DST-MHRD India 97.00 2019-2021
24 Dr. Prerna Jain Distribution Network Expansion Planning Mechanisms for State Utilities under large Integration of EV and Distributed Energy Resources in Smart Grid Framework DST Rajasthan 8.43 2018-2021
25 Dr. Arun Kumar Verma Cooperative Isolated Renewable Energy Systems for Enhancing Reliability of Power in Rural Areas MI Off Grid, DST, India 281.24 2018-2022
26 Dr. Vijayakumar K Development of Technologies in the Area of Renewable Energy Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute 2.00 2018-2018
27 Dr. Arun Kumar Verma Investigations on Various Unidirectional Bidirectional Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Discharging Configurations for Green Electric Transportation SERB-DST India 50.92 2017-2020
28 Dr. Vijayakumar K Design and Prototype Development of Efficient Wind-Driven Doubly Fed Induction Generator-PV Hybrid System with Smart Controller for Reliable Supply to Isolated Loads Ministry of New Renewable Energy (MNRE), Govt. of India 30.53 2017-2020
29 Dr. Nitin Gupta Design and Implementation of Selective Harmonic Elimination Scheme using TMS320F28335 DSP for Single-phase Inverter Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of Rajasthan 0.15 2017-2018
30 Prof. Vikas Gupta Consultancy regarding Applicability of Scope of BS7671 for design and construction of signaling work Kalindee Rail Nirman Engineers Ltd. 0.90 2017-2017
31 Dr. Satyanarayana Neeli Optimal Output Sample based Control of Multiport DC-DC converters SERB- DST New Delhi 15.00 2017-2020
32 Dr. Nitin Gupta Design and Development of Advanced Control Techniques for Multifunctional Inverter Based Grid-tied Solar Energy System Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of Rajasthan 6.50 2017-2020
33 Dr. Vinay Pratap Singh Derivation of time moments and Markov parameters and their applications in model reduction of discrete interval systems SERB, DST, Govt. of India 15.25 2017-2021
34 Dr. Kusum Verma Condition Monitoring and Efficient Usage of Wind Farms using Advanced Prediction Models Department of Science and Technology, Government of Rajasthan, Jaipur 4.54 2016-2018
35 Dr. Vijayakumar K Design and Development of Power Electronic Converter Controllers for Renewable Powered Telecommunication System Ministry of Communications & Information Technology (Govt. of India) 37.00 2016-2021
36 Dr. Vijayakumar K Performance Enhancement and Reliable Operation of Wind-PV Distribution System Supplying AC/DC Loads with Remote Condition Monitoring (Sanction No: YSS/2015/001473) SERB - DST (Govt. of India) 19.89 2016-2019
37 Dr. Man Mohan Garg Cyber-Physical Control of Grid Connected Photovoltaic Distributed Generation System SERB, India 19.20 2016-2018
38 Prof. Rohit Bhakar High Energy And Power Density (HEAPD) Solutions to Large Energy Deficits DST 43.70 2015-2017
39 Prof. Rajesh Kumar A Robotic Assistive Bio-mechanical Study on Posture Deviations on Elderly and Remedies Department of Science and Technology 23.35 2014-2016
40 Prof. Rohit Bhakar Economically and Socially Efficient Network Pricing for Smarter Distribution Grids DST 6.00 2013-2018
41 Prof. Rohit Bhakar Development of Network Charging Framework for Indian Power Distribution Utilities Department of Science & Technology 12.65 2012-2015
42 Prof. Rohit Bhakar Development of a National Transmission Network Tariff Framework University Grants Commission 5.24 2011-2014
43 Mrs. Nikita Jhajharia Development and Modernization of Microprocessor and Micro controller based instrumentation and control lab Government of India, MHRD, Department of Secondary and Higher Education 7.00 2002-2007
44 Prof. Khaleequr Rehman Niazi On-line security evaluation and preventive control of modern power systems MHRD 7.50 2001-2004
45 Mr. Vipin Kumar Jain Developed the control system lab. MHRD 10.00 2000-2001
46 Prof. Rajesh Kumar Intelligent Controllers for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drives AICTE 10.00 2000-2004

   Testing & Consultancy Projects

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