मालवीय राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान जयपुर (राष्ट्रीय महत्व का संस्थान)
Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur (An Institute of National Importance)
Department of Chemical Engineering


   Research Projects

# Project InvestigatorTitle of the projectFunding AgencyAmount (Lacs)Duration
1 Dr. Rohidas Gangaram Bhoi Study on safety practices followed in hexane industry Bureau of Indian Standards 5.15 2024-2024
2 Dr. Virendra Kumar Saharan To provide inputs for development of test method for determination of wide-range FAME (C8 & above) as total FAME content in Aviation Turbine Fuels containing synthesized hydrocarbons using High Perfor BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, Govt. of India 6.69 2024-2025
3 Dr. Subbaramaiah V Novel Catalytic Up-conversion of Biomass Molecules to Value-added Products SERB, Govt. of India 16.91 2023-2024
4 Dr. Pooja Jangir Inertial Migration of Particles in Microchannels DST 35.00 2023-2028
5 Dr. U. K. ARUN KUMAR Design and Development of Energy Efficient Microchannel Based Solvent Recovery Unit for Fermentation and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Production Core Research Grant-Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)-DST 43.95 2022-2025
6 Prof. Madhu Agarwal Prefeasibility study for extraction of value adding metals from jarosite Hindustan zinc limited 8.50 2022-2024
7 Prof. Manish Vashishtha Utilization of Polymeric and biomass waste for production of value added products Radox Overseas 10.00 2022-2023
8 Dr. Subbaramaiah V Industrial hygiene of silica dust exposure in Rajasthan- Spatial distribution, diagnosis, risk assessment, and its management Directorate Specially Abled Person, Govt of Rajasthan, India 44.47 2022-2024
9 Dr. Vikas Kumar Sangal Study for performance enhancement of ETP Mayur Uniquoters Limited 3.54 2022-2023
10 Dr. Vikas Kumar Sangal Study of Hydrodynamics & Efficiency of Effluent Treatment Process” of STP situated in Jaisinghpura Khor Jaipur Municipal Corporation, Jaipur Heritage, Jaipur, Govt. of Rajasthan 3.60 2022-2023
11 Dr. Neetu Kumari Development of Novel Electrocatalyst for the Efficient Conversion of Biomass Derived Syngas to Electrical Power Using Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Technique Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), DST, Gov. of India 57.00 2022-2025
12 Dr. Vikas Kumar Sangal Fabrication of Hydrophobic Membrane for Seawater Desalination Redox Engg. Pvt. Ltd 5.02 2022-2024
13 Dr. Rohidas Gangaram Bhoi Design and development of high flow, high purity oxygen concentrator using indigenous components MNIT 1.85 2021-2021
14 Dr. Md Oayes Midda Effective treatment of wastewater effluents by a fluidized bed membrane bioreactor with low membrane fouling Department of Science and Technology (WTI call 2019) 39.64 2020-2024
15 Prof. Manish Vashishtha Study on Improving the Energy Extraction and Production of Value Added Product from Mustard crop Residue Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited (Govt. of Rajasthan) 6.00 2020-2022
16 Dr. Sonal Converting CO2 to methanol A step towards greenhouse gases utilization using novel multifunctional catalysts Science and Engineering Research Board, DST India 32.50 2020-2022
17 Dr. Neetu Kumari Utilization of Biogas as a Fuel in Solid Oxide Cell for Electrical Power Generation TEQIP-III 4.00 2019-2020
18 Dr. Subbaramaiah V Development of Mesoporous Material for Desulfurization of Liquid Fuels TEQIP-III 4.00 2019-2020
19 Dr. Dipaloy Datta Removal of Fluoride and Nitrate from Industrial and Domestic Wastewaters Using Functionalized Resin TEQIP-III, MNIT Jaipur 2.50 2019-2020
20 Dr. Vikas Kumar Sangal Treatment of Dye Wastewater by Electrochemical Methods TEQIP III 4.00 2019-2020
21 Dr. Virendra Kumar Saharan Valorisation of waste cooking oil (WCO) Process development and intensification using hydrodynamic and acoustic cavitation techniques SERB, DST Govt. of India 49.70 2019-2022
22 Dr. Neetu Kumari Electrochemical Conversion of Flue Gas into Hydrocarbon Fuel in Solid Oxide Cells SRG SERB-DST New Delhi 32.00 2019-2022
23 Dr. Vijayalakshmi Gosu Development of visible light active catalysts induced oxidation for treatment of textile wastewater AICTE 16.17 2019-2020
24 Prof. Madhu Agarwal Evaluation of coagulants performance preceding RO treatment and Characterization of Scaling on RO membranes used for Drinking water Grasim Industries 12.10 2019-2021
25 Dr. Md Oayes Midda Integrated fluidized bed membrane bioreactor for wastewater treatment Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme Phase - III (TEQIP-III) 4.00 2019-2020
26 Dr. Sushant Upadhyaya Computational Techniques and Hand on Practice on Membrane Fabrication Self Financed 1.35 2018-2018
27 Dr. Rajeev Kumar Dohare Development of Intelligent Control of Heat Integrated Reactive Dividing Wall Column for synthesis of Methyl Acetate SERB Delhi 42.00 2018-2022
28 Prof. Madhu Agarwal Development of Defluoridation kit for domestic drinking water DST, New Delhi 28.70 2017-2021
29 Dr. Dipaloy Datta Synthesis and Characterization of Solvent Impregnated Resins for the Treatment of Simulated Textile Dye using Ultrasonic Technology Science & Engineering Research Board, DST, GoI 35.30 2017-2020
30 Dr. Subbaramaiah V Rural Empowerment- Development of Household Green Filter for Contaminants Removal from Water DST Rajasthan 7.84 2017-2020
31 Prof. SUSANTA KUMAR JANA Utilization of marble slurry waste for desulfurization of flue and vent gases leading to production of Plaster of Paris (PoP) or by direct injection and for manufacture of cement DST, New Delhi 9.20 2017-2018
32 Prof. Satyendra Prasad Chaurasia Removal of heavy metals from ground water and industrial effluents by activated carbon prepared from waste agricultural biomass Shastri Indo Canadian Institute 10.00 2017-2019
33 Dr. Subbaramaiah V Green Process- Development of Green Catalyst for the Synthesis of Glycerol Carbonate from Waste Glycerol DST New Delhi 15.00 2016-2019
34 Dr. Vikas Kumar Sangal Study of Hydrodynamics and Residence Time Distribution of Effluent Treatment Process (Biological) Using Radiotracer Technique BRNS, Mumbai 24.53 2015-2018
35 Dr. Sushant Upadhyaya Manufacturing of Bricks by using waste plastic material along with marble slurry and additives kolor kraft 16.74 2015-2020
36 Prof. Suja George Utilisation of Marble Slurry powder for production of Hydroxyapatite suitable for defluoridation of drinking water Rajasthan State pollution Control Board 45.00 2015-2018
37 Prof. Manish Vashishtha Experimental and Modeling studies for Process Parameters optimization of Nutrient Mist Reactor for sustained production of Hairy Roots Department of Science and Technology (Govt. of Rajasthan) 9.62 2014-2020
38 Dr. Virendra Kumar Saharan Hydrodynamic cavitation as an intensifying tool for the treatment of petroleum crude and wastewater DST, India 35.00 2014-2020
39 Prof. Satyendra Prasad Chaurasia Membrane Integrated Modified Nalgonda Deflouridation Technique for Drinking Water WSSO, PHED, Govt. of Rajasthan 15.90 2014-2017
40 Prof. Madhu Agarwal Membrane Integrated Nalgonda Defluoridation Techniue for Drinking Water CCDU, WSO Raj. 15.90 2013-2017
41 Prof. Suja George Membrane Integrated Modified Nalgonda Defluoridation Technique for drinking Water CCDU, Rajasthan 15.90 2013-2016
42 Prof. Suja George Defluoridation of Drinking water using Combination of Magnesium and Calcium amended activated alumina Department of Science & Technology, Rajasthan 11.54 2013-2016
43 Prof. Satyendra Prasad Chaurasia Development of Solar Energy Based Membrane Distillation system for Rural Drinking Water Applications in Rajasthan CCDU, PHED Rajasthan 10.22 2012-2015
44 Prof. Satyendra Prasad Chaurasia Feasibility Study on Increasing Combustion Air Temperature from Recuperator using given Options GRASIM Industries Ltd. 0.65 2003-2004
45 Prof. Suja George Distillation Column Control Using Artificial Neural Networks Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi 3.50 2003-2004
46 Prof. Satyendra Prasad Chaurasia Computer Aided Process Simulation & Design Lab MHRD 8.00 1999-2001
47 Prof. Satyendra Prasad Chaurasia Modernization of Mass Transfer Laboratory AICTE 5.00 1997-1999

   Testing & Consultancy Projects

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