मालवीय राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान जयपुर (राष्ट्रीय महत्व का संस्थान)
Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur (An Institute of National Importance)
Cultural Society



The ultimate showdown of musical prowess! A battle where raw talent collides with dazzling vitality. Witness local bands duke it out over the coveted title of "Best Band on Campus," as they unleash their original compositions and captivate the audience with their musical mastery.


The fashion competition of BLITZSCHLAG is a platform for fashionistas to push boundaries, challenge perceptions, and redefine the very essence of beauty. Expect innovative designs, breathtaking performances, and a celebration of creativity like no other.


Fasten your seatbelts to witness a spectacle of talent and passion as BLITZSCHLAG is all geared up to entice souls with its dance competition RAMBA SAMBA. A captivating journey through diverse dance styles, groups harmonize in perfect unison, filling the air with rich melodies and sending shivers down spines. Breathtaking choreographies, electrifying energy and heart throbbing performances are all set to make you experience the raw emotions through movement!


Nukkad Nataks erupt across campus, transforming corners into impromptu stages. Watch quirky characters, fueled by dhol beats and catchy jingles, tackle relatable themes from exam woes to hostel life in hilarious, improvised skits. Laughter and social commentary collide in these bite-sized dramas, leaving you wanting more and reminding you – the real show sometimes happens off the main stage!

Classical Music & Dance Club

A Standalone instrument playing competition. where participants must choose a song to play on their instrument and they will be judged on the basis of their technicalities and resemblance. Melodic and percussion instruments will be judged separately.

Voice Choice
Classical Music and Dance Club

Music is the shorthand of emotion. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours. Classical Music & Dance Club is delighted to announce Voice Choice, a Solo Singing Competition. It is a perennial event which enjoys immense participation from all across the country. So put your best foot forward, and immerse yourself in the phantom sphere of Blitzschlag.

Classical Music and Dance Club

Dance is poetry with arms and legs, its an art form that communicates through gestures set to musical notes. Blitzschlag 2024 presents Nrityanjali, an opportunity to showcase your classical dance skills. So, put your best foot forward and dance like its your last performance.

Creative Arts Club

Twist, turn and fold the papers and you can have a beautiful world around you with origami. Creative arts club is holding an origami competition where you can show your creativity in this unique Japanese paper folding art. Join us in this fun war of folds. Participants will be given a base and origami papers and will be asked to create a scene or a story with them.

Clay Pottery
Creative Arts Club

Witnessing the journey of shapeless clay to a refined, useful, or even artistic object is inherently satisfying. It embodies creativity and human ingenuity, transforming a humble material into something beautiful and meaningful.

Wall Painting
Creative Arts Club

Participants will form a team of 4 and will have to paint on wall on the theme of Blitzschlag.

Art Exhibition
Creative Arts Club

Creative Arts will display artworks of MNIT Students and work from various past events.

Creative Arts Club

Fashionista is here- the most fashionable show of BLITZSCHLAG where you can explode the box of creativity to put together the craziest fun outfits and captivate all EYES on YOU!✨A Fashion Competition will be held where you will participate in the fashion walk in costumes designed by you. The walk will be of minimum 4 Minutes and maximum 6 Minutes with a background music produced by the teams.

Creative Arts Club

The Creative Arts Club is hosting an entertaining contest for you all. Rang de Mukhra, sounds fun right? trust me, it's more than that. You'll know it once you're there, so pick up your brushes and be there and join us. The participation will be done in a team of 2 members. Theme will be given by picking up the chits.

Glass Art Osyssey
Creative Arts Club

An event where people will paint on glass bricks using different mediums of colors.

Pebbles Painting
Creative Arts Club

The beauty of pebble art painting lies in its unique blend of simplicity and creativity. It takes humble, often overlooked stones and transforms them into vibrant canvases for storytelling, whimsical characters, and stunning natural scenes. Paint your thoughts on the pebbles offering a natural starting point for artistic expression.

Tote Bag Painting
Creative Arts Club

Participants will paint on tote bags on a selected theme.

Creative Arts Club

"Visuality"; See the world through the eyes of an Artist.... Have you ever come across a scene or view that appealed to your eyes so much that you thought of capturing it. Then The Creative Arts Club of MNIT is here to give you the opportunity to show your creativity in an event of live sketching and showcase it in a way you see and perceive through art. Come and unlock the Pandora box of your creativity and talent and join us in this live sketching event. A Live Sketching event will be held at an open place in the campus.

Catch the Hookstep
Dance Club

A duet dancing competition where participating duos can showcase their talent, co-ordination and teamwork. There is no restriction over the choice of dance forms, choreographies, props or styles of artistic expression.

Dance Club

A freestyle dancing competition where participants can perform in any dance form and any use any sort of choreography, props, art form fusions, etc

The Rhumba Call
Dance Club

A duet dancing competition where participating duos can showcase their talent, co-ordination and teamwork. There is no restriction over the choice of dance forms, choreographies, props or styles of artistic expression.

Model United Nations
Debate Club

The gavel has dropped, but the fight for a better world continues. Students work as the representative of a country, organization, or person, and must solve a problem with other delegates from different countries.

Tark Yudh
Debate Club

A gamified debating battle, where the one who speaks the best, argues the best, wins!

New Charades
Drama Club

A game where silence explodes into a symphony of giggles and groans. It's a dance of shadows and whispers, where words morph into limbs and expressions become a secret language. In its playful absurdity, it unveils a hidden poetry of communication.

Drama Club

Life is a theater set in which there are but few practicable entrances. We all have been dramatic in our life, acting in each emotion; be it love, hate, anger, or joy. Now it's time for you to put some life on stage - Life that is created by a writer, managed by a director, and lived by an actor. It's not only about acting, script, dialogues, and lights; rather, it's about you living that character on stage that brings life to the audience. It is organized by the Dramatics club.

Youth parliament
Electoral Literacy Club

Replica of parliament as done by the government. It is a debating contest organized by the Electoral Literacy Club.

Koffee with ELAC

English Language Activities Club Strangers will be paired up in groups and they will have a conversation for 10 minutes, then on basis of the interaction they will have to judge the person and answer questions about their personality like what state they must be from, are they an introvert extrovert or an ambivert, etc.

English Language Activities Club

Run, Toggle, Speak!
Students will be given a topic on the spot, the student will start speaking for the motion, if a person from our team says toggle the student on the stage will run towards the other side of the stage and start speaking against the motion now again if toggle is said he'll run and speak for the motion and so on.

Seek the Truth
English Press Club

The club shall report the news as reporters and try to convince the audience into believing a fake news piece and an eccentric real news piece, and then try to get the audience to guess which one of the two is true. This will be a buzzer round conducted in groups where each team has to differentiate between the presented fake and real news and uncover the truth. Each team will compete against another for points to finally become the winner.

Lexion Quest
English Press Club

An engaging crossword challenge accompanied by clues or hints.

Film Festival
Film Making Club

International short film-making competition is a three day long event organized by the Film Making Club.

Reel Making Competition
Film Making Club

Lights, Camera, Shoot!
The participants will have to make reels during various Blitzschlag events showcasing the beauty of this fest, organized by the filmmaking club.

Film making club

Online event organised by film making club.

Blitz arena
Music club

The Music Club organized the beatboxing competition.

Gungunate chalo
Music club

You listen to songs all day on repeat and wonder whether you will ever get to use all this music knowledge in your life. If that’s your story, then fikar not! Music Society brings GUNGUNATE CHALO, a fun and exciting competition in which the background music of a song will be played for 15-20 seconds and the participants will have to guess the song and continue it. So what are you waiting for? Bring along your friends, have fun while guessing songs, and have a chance to win exciting prizes!

Music workshop
Music club

A workshop which may include basic musical training or music production workshop where participants may be asked to bring their own instruments or use the extra instruments to take part in the workshop.

Pic saga
Photography Club

It is a competition in which participants will depict a story from the set of images clicked, which will be arranged in chronological order and organized by the photography club.

Photography Club

They say Photography is the pause moment of life. Photography Club organising an exciting event for you, 'Moments'. It is an International level Photography Contest cum Exhibition. So bring your inner photographer to the surface. Capture the moments and stand a chance to win prizes worth upto Rs. 35,000/-.

Maya jaal
Quiz club

It will be a puzzle-oriented quiz where participants have to find the solution using the clues provided.

Phata poster nikla kaun?
Quiz club

It will be quiz on Personalities from different fields

Umpire call
Quiz club

This competition comprises 2 rounds, Round 1 is a quiz based on IPL. Teams clearing this round will proceed to round 2, Round 2 is an auction round that mimics the actual IPL Auction that is held on the next day.

Quiz quiz hota hai
Quiz club

The quiz event will cover the topics like movies, Songs, Web series and Pop music

At wits end
Quiz club

Quiz on General Topics from General knowledge.

Acta diurna
The Mavericks

ACTA DIURNA is back to take you amidst all suspense and thrill. In this event, you are served with a mind-tossing murder mystery with all its characters and hints. You, being a journalist/detective, are trying to solve the mystery by asking your queries from the characters of the plot enacted by us.

Escape room
The Mavericks

You have to escape the room at a given time by solving puzzles and quizzes. It is organized by the Cultural Society.

Family feud
The Mavericks

Join us for an evening overloaded with fun and excitement with our very own version of the popular game show 'Family Feud'! Just like on the show, two families take turns trying to guess the most popular answers to survey questions. The host presents a survey question, such as 'Name something you put on your pancakes,' The first family has a set amount of time to come up with as many answers as possible. Each answer is worth a certain number of points. The family with the most points at the end of the game wins. But wait, there’s more! In addition to the main event, we will also have exciting prizes for the audience. Whether you're competing or just spectating, there's something for everyone to enjoy. So gather your friends, team up, and get ready to feud! This event will be a memorable evening filled with laughter and friendly competition. Don't miss out - we hope to see you there.

Udta teer
The Mavericks

An out-of-the-box event where participants will be engaged in a Hindi / Urdu literature-based activity. This will be a 2 tier segment. The 1st segment will include a phrase from some literary works [Sher (s)/ Dohas/Couplets] from renowned writers and poets. The participants have to complete them in creative and ingenious ways. The second segment will include some of the commonly used Hindi / Urdu terms and the participants will have to define them and use them in a couplet of their own.

The Indian Javelin
Travel and heritage club

Combine the thrill of dart games with the rich tapestry of India's heritage. Navigate through a series of dart challenges, engaging experience that blends skill, strategy, and cultural exploration, as we dart our way through the heart and soul of this incredible nation

Charade city
Travel and heritage club

Engage in a thrilling team activity where participants provide clues for their teammates to guess the answer. It's a test of communication and wit!

Jigsaw jollies
Travel and heritage club

Test your puzzle-solving prowess, and let the spirit of adventure guide you through this captivating fusion of travel and heritage.

Multi costume parade

To publicize and announce beginning of blitzschlag inside the campus, a multi costume parade will be held.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt is a game in which each team attempts to be the first in finding something that has been hidden all across the campus using clues. Guessing, the first clue leads to the next spot as the game continues, and the final clue leads to the ultimate hidden treasure. The winning team will be awarded with alluring rewards. The game for the Sherlocks amongst the crowd, Treasure Hunt is for all the Mystery solvers out there.


Indulge in our Golgappa Eating Challenge – showcase speed and precision with this beloved South Asian street food. Join the fun, devouring these small, flavourful puris within a set me.

Blind Maze

Ever get lost in some new neighbourhood or while exploring some new areas in campus, what helps in that situation? THAT’S RIGHT! GOOGLE MAPS!! Lets explore this feeling of lost and found in this fun competition of BLIND MAZE!!

Movie Eve

Are you a movie freak?? Then this Blitzschlag 2024 join us for movie screenings which would make you laugh, confused, elated and sad but will surely add a new meaning to your life.

Blitz Got Talent

Showcase your hidden talents, be it solving a cube blindfolded or making things disappear, we give you a stage and a crowd to woo!!

Bolti Band

A fun and engaging event to participate in duos where one will be whispering some funny phrases and the receiver has to decode it, while listening to their favourite music!

Silly Voices

Ever tried to prank call someone but failed as your voice gets recognized or you laugh, ever tried to manipulate your voice but your voice cracks? Introducing the fun event SILLY VOICES where a small dose of helium intake will alter your voice and you will be given funny tasks!

MNIT Radio

"TV gives everyone an image, but Radio gives million images in zillion brains" If you are a visionary, self-assured, passionate, energetic, and a captivating performer then this is your time to shine. MNIT brings up a platform for you to exhibit your talent, to showcase your stage presence, to awaken the artist within you, to make your talent come out with flying colours and to open up new horizons for your creativity. The "MNIT Radio" undoubtedly is going to open up opportunities and an arena for you to showcase your out your talent. Register to "Bring Up the Artist Within You."

Meme War

Calling all memers! Showcase your BLITZ and MNIT-themed memes during the fest for a chance to be featured on our Instagram Page.