मालवीय राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान जयपुर (राष्ट्रीय महत्व का संस्थान)
Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur (An Institute of National Importance)
Science & Technology Society


MNIT Science & Technology Society lays out a comprehensive student-friendly platform for the exploration of talent, enhancement of leadership skills, and teamwork. It encourages the students to exhibit their technical abilities through participation in various events that are organized throughout the semesters. These clubs also help students to increase their technical knowledge so that they can implement them to build new projects with innovative ideas. The best entries of each event are showcased in the annual technical fest (SPHINX).
The various active clubs that meet regularly throughout the year and working under Technical Society are as follows:

Data Science (TENSOR)

The major goal would be to increase campus awareness of data science. Students that are generally interested in various facets of data mining, predictive modelling, big data, and data visualisation should join this group. can have a variety of verticals, including as blockchain, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Lectures, workshops, conversations, practising through skill-building exercises, and competition preparation are all examples of activities.

Computer Science (MATRIX)

The emphasis would be on instilling an applied computer science culture in students. Combine coding for out-of-the-box solutions, resulting in a comprehensive environment for learning and practising the concept formulation, design, development, and operation of APPS and GAMES. Learning through workshops, lectures, and team participation in hackathons, Capture-The-Flag Competitions (CTFs), and other competitions. Also, if necessary, to assist various deaneries with various tasks.

Robotics Club

Attempts to pique the interest of the institute's students in robotics. The club would serve as an active platform for students to demonstrate and improve their practical machine building skills and knowledge.
However, the club offers much more to its members than just technical advancement; from teamwork to cooperation, from perseverance to sincerity, the club teaches you a wide range of interpersonal skills that are essential in everyday life. Create robots for educational purposes. Workshops for learning about machine building, competing in national and international events, or simply for fun.

Aeromodelling Club

Aeromodelling is a group for aviation enthusiasts who have a natural desire to fly. Aeromodelling is a work of art in which engineering and creativity combine to create sophisticated flying systems. Because of the enormous scope of creativity and interdisciplinary nature, it allows a person to develop a complete system with people from various departments and specialisations. Activities would include learning through lectures, workshops, and discussions, practising through skill development tasks, and preparing for competitions.

Astronomy Club

Desire to spark interest and raise awareness in the fields of astronomy and space research. Great place for those interested in the fundamental questions of the universe, as they are answered through theories of quantum physics and relativity, or for those who simply enjoy looking at the beautiful night sky and heavenly bodies that have captured human imagination for centuries. Club members organise lecture sessions, discussions, and observation sessions (using telescopes), build their own telescopes and rockets, live stream observable astronomical events, and participate in a few competitive events throughout the year.

Economics and Finances Club

By giving keynote sessions, seminars, offering information, and planning various competitions for the students, the club hopes to increase economic and financial understanding and promote finance as a rewarding career option. To take advantage of the opportunities brought about by the rapid growth in this era of digitalization, one needs to possess the necessary domain knowledge and skills. These include the ability to understand basic financial statements as well as capital markets, corporate finance, econometrics, the art of investing, and developing trading ideas. The club would stay active by disseminating educational material via the stock of the month series, a weekly knowledge poster, and the performance report, organising keynote sessions and talk shows for people who are interested in finance and economics but lack prior knowledge, and organising a variety of educational and entertaining competitions.

Technical Communication House

The goals of this club are to increase interest in technical communication and to encourage students' professional development in technical communication. The club would organise informational meetings, training sessions, and speakers, as well as Job Site Excursion trips to visit companies and compete in various competitions. The club would publish a science and technology journal for the MNIT student body.


Tinkering Lab would be a place where innovative ideas could be transformed into engineering genius. A perfect solution would be provided for a relevant problem statement. With the goal of encouraging innovation, an environment for learning, developing, and intellectualising various scientific ideas can be created through the use of experimentation. Ideas in broad domains, primarily for the benefit of society/environment/institute initiatives, such as Clean Energy, Water Conservation and Management, Smart Mobility, and Sustainable Development Goals, could be submitted. MNIT Facility/Faculty Lab could provide a platform for developing the best idea.

Consultancy Club

A student-run consulting firm wants to benefit local businesses while also giving students access to practical consulting experience that will help them land consulting jobs. To facilitate the conduct of case studies during the many fests conducted on campus. To offer workshops to raise knowledge about a profession in consulting and potential avenues to enter into consulting.


If you enjoy discovering and exploiting security flaws, InfoSec is the field for you. It is a group of security enthusiasts, newbies, script-kiddies, and ethical hackers. The learning process is being continued through lectures, workshops, and practical learning through some tasks. Can perform well in events such as Microsoft Build the Shield (BTS) and the Deloitte Collegiate Cyber Threat Competition (CCTC).


The purpose of the entrepreneurship club is to foster among the students the spirit of entrepreneurship. The club would host a variety of events to foster entrepreneurship among the student body, including workshops, informal sessions (sessions that will be interactive, such as case study sessions, stock market analysis, etc.), site visits where students can spend time with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and founders of large corporations for a day, events like "Startup Bootcamp" and "The First Pitch," online quizzes, and mock interviews.