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Thursday, 17 June 2021

The following are office bearers involved in the TEQIP-III:
S. No. Name Role
01. Prof. Udaykumar Yaragatti Director MNIT Jaipur
02. Prof. Khaleequr Rehman Niazi Registrar MNIT Jaipur
03. Dr. Rohit Bhakar Coordinator
04. Dr. M. L. Meena Nodal officer (Twining)
05. Dr. Rajeev Agarwal Nodal Officer (Industry Engagement)
06. Dr. Dipaloy Datta Nodal Officer (Academics & Students-I)
07. Dr. Kavita Lalwani Nodal Officer (Faculty & Research-I)
08. Dr. Santosh Vipparthi Nodal Officer (Skill Development)
09. Dr. Neeli Satyanarayana Nodal Officer (MIS-I)
10. Dr. Chitrakant Sahu Nodal Officer (Procurement-I)
11. Dr. Shiv Om Meena Nodal Officer (Equity Action)
12. Dr. Satyendra Singh Chauhan Nodal Officer (Procurement-II)
13. Dr. Sarthak Singhal Nodal Officer (MIS-II)
14. Dr. Manviri Rani Nodal Officer (Academics & Students-II)
15. Dr. Tapas Bajpai Nodal Officer (Faculty & Research-II)
16. Sh. Deepak Maheshwari Nodal Officer (Finance)

Contact us at: teqip@mnit.ac.in


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