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Tuesday, 25 January 2022

Concluded Events

Session by Dr. R. K. Tyagi, delivered for the Third Prof. Awadhesh Bhardwaj Memorial Lecture21/10/2021 To 21/10/2021
Session by Mr Ashok Belani, Group President & MD Valeo, India, MNITJ 1982 Batch Alumni; delivered for the Third Prof. Awadhesh Bhardwaj Memorial Lecture21/10/2021 To 21/10/2021
Report on 75 th Independence Day15/08/2021 To 15/08/2021
UBA activity15/08/2021 To 15/08/2021
Report of the doctor's talk09/07/2021 To 09/07/2021
FDP on 3D Printing and Design for Innovative Medical Devices28/06/2021 To 02/07/2021
International Day of Yoga-202121/06/2021 To 21/06/2021
Fitness Workshop (2nd-year students)07/06/2021 To 11/06/2021
Fitness Workshop (Faculty & Staff Members)04/06/2021 To 05/06/2021
Fitness Workshop (UG 1st-year students )31/05/2021 To 05/06/2021
Invited talk by Dr. Himanshu Tyagi on COVID times- an opportunity to sharpen our skills21/05/2021 To 21/05/2021
Stress management Session by Tripta Dhawan17/05/2021 To 17/05/2021
Workshop on "Introduction to Autodesk Fusion 360®"18/04/2021 To 22/04/2021
Report on Webinar on Tools for Technology Transfer27/02/2021 To 27/02/2021
Webinar on IQ, EQ and SQ for Students13/02/2021 To 13/02/2021
Report on Tanjore Painting Workshop12/02/2021 To 16/02/2021
Report on 72nd Republic Day26/01/2021 To 26/01/2021
Report on Biogas Plant Installation Under UBA28/12/2020 To 28/12/2020
Report on 159th Anniversary of Madan Mohan Malaviya ji25/12/2020 To 25/12/2020
Report on Orientation Programme for Freshers 202030/11/2020 To 02/12/2020
FDP on Design Thinking for Innovative Medical Devices (DT-IMD)21/09/2020 To 25/09/2020
Report on STC on Software Tools & Techniques for Scientific Publications: ROOT, GNU Plot, GeoGebra04/09/2020 To 08/09/2020
e-STC on Advanced Manufacturing Processes & Applications (AMPA-2020)24/08/2020 To 28/08/2020
Report on Bhurthal Village activity under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan13/08/2020 To 13/08/2020
Report on Unnat Bharat Abhiyan Activity27/07/2020 To 27/07/2020
Report on International Day of Yoga 2020 (IDY-2020)21/06/2020 To 21/06/2020
Workshop on PoC by Advanced CAM 14/02/2020 To 15/02/2020
Seminar on How to Make Effective Use of Library Resources held on 11 February 202011/02/2020 To 11/02/2020
Report on Blitzschlag 202006/02/2020 To 08/02/2020
Astroquiz Competition01/02/2020 To 01/02/2020
71st Republic Day26/01/2020 To 26/01/2020
Report on BRIDGE-O-MANIA 2K2018/01/2020 To 25/01/2020
UBA activities conducted by MNIT in the adopted villages12/01/2020 To 28/08/2021
Mechanical Engineering Students Represented MNIT Jaipur at Smart India Hackathon (SIH) 2020 Finals01/01/2020 To 04/08/2020
Report on Felicitation of Golden (1969 Entry) and Silver (1994 Pass out) Jubilee batch25/12/2019 To 25/12/2019
Alumni Day 201925/12/2019 To 25/12/2019
158th birth anniversary of Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya25/12/2019 To 25/12/2019
Workshop to Tinker Design Thinking through Advanced Generative Design17/11/2019 To 17/11/2019
Report on Sphinx-201906/11/2019 To 08/11/2019
Girls' Hostel "Vinodini" and Student Activity Centre Inaugurated at MNIT on 19.9.201919/10/2019 To 19/10/2019
Communication and Outreach team activity on Ban on Single-Use Plastic in MNIT Campus School19/10/2019 To 19/10/2019
Report on Dandiya Night-201919/10/2019 To 19/10/2019
Workshop to Tinker Design Thinking through Generative Design28/09/2019 To 28/09/2019
Report on Ruby Meet of Batch 1975-8023/09/2019 To 23/09/2019
Workshop- E-BAAT in collaboration with the National Clearing Cell, RBI11/09/2019 To 11/09/2019
Report on ALCOM Orientation06/09/2019 To 06/09/2019
MNIT Jaipur Faculty & Students Invited in Autodesk University (AU) India & SAARC 2019 Summit at Bangluru04/09/2019 To 05/09/2019
Fit India Movement29/08/2019 To 29/08/2019
Report on 73rd Independence Day15/08/2019 To 15/08/2019
Report on Orientation Programme01/08/2019 To 03/08/2019
International Day of Yoga21/06/2019 To 21/06/2019
Anti-Terrorism Day21/05/2019 To 21/05/2019
3rd Ring Presentation Ceremony, Farewell Function05/05/2019 To 05/05/2019
Felicitation Ceremony of Deanery of Student Welfare for the year 2018-1905/05/2019 To 05/05/2019
Workshop on Industry 4.022/04/2019 To 26/04/2019
Importance of Voting04/04/2019 To 04/04/2019
Curriculum Development Workshop29/03/2019 To 29/03/2019
FDP on Effective Teaching Strategies For Technical Educators27/03/2019 To 28/03/2019
Doctoral Conclave08/03/2019 To 09/03/2019
Report on Blitzschlag 201931/01/2019 To 02/02/2019
Report on Republic Day, 26th January 201926/01/2019 To 26/01/2019
Swaraag-An Indo Western Fusion Band Youth Fest-201912/01/2019 To 12/01/2019
Reports on BRIDGE-O-MANIA10/01/2019 To 11/01/2019
Report on Felicitation of Golden (1963 and 1968 Entry) and Silver (1993 Pass out) Jubilee batch25/12/2018 To 25/12/2018
FOMT (FUTURE OF MAKING THINGS) DAY 201805/12/2018 To 05/12/2018
Report on Dandiya Night 01/11/2018 To 01/11/2018
Visit to State Load Dispatch Centre & Renewable Energy Management Centre, Heerapura Jaipur 12/10/2018 To 12/10/2018
Report on SPHINX 2.027/09/2018 To 29/09/2018
Workshop cum Competition On FUSION360®27/09/2018 To 29/09/2018
Guest Lecture by Mr. Suresh Roy22/09/2018 To 22/09/2018
Expert lecture on Renewable Energy Forecasting: Industry Practices14/09/2018 To 14/09/2018
Reports on Orientation of ALCOM10/09/2018 To 10/09/2018
Reports on Autodesk University (AU) India & SAARC 2018 Summit at New Delhi10/09/2018 To 11/09/2018
Report on Workshop on Introduction to FUSION360®06/09/2018 To 07/09/2018
Report on 72nd Independence Day15/08/2018 To 15/08/2018
Orientation Program of ED CELL10/08/2018 To 10/08/2018
Summer Training by Training Cell of Alumni Committee01/08/2018 To 31/07/2019
Report on Orientation Programme for Freshers 2018-1828/07/2018 To 29/07/2018
Report on 2nd Ring Presentation Ceremony, Farewell Function04/05/2018 To 04/05/2018
Report on Felicitation Ceremony of Deanery of Student Welfare for the year 2017-1811/04/2018 To 11/04/2018
Visit of personnel of Indian Armed Forces at MIIC27/03/2018 To 27/03/2018
MIIC's Startups at Rashtrapati Bhawan19/03/2018 To 21/03/2018
MIIC's Startups won India biggest EduHack18/03/2018 To 21/03/2018
Training Program on Innovative Strategies For Organizational Growth24/02/2018 To 03/03/2018
Report on Blitzschlag'18: Annual Cultural Fest02/02/2018 To 04/02/2018
Report on Republic Day26/01/2018 To 26/01/2018
Report on Sphinx'1819/01/2018 To 21/01/2018
Session with Ms. Ketna Hirji19/01/2018 To 19/01/2018
Awareness Talk with Ms. Amruta Gore17/01/2018 To 17/01/2018
Report on TEDxMNITJaipur 201813/01/2018 To 13/01/2018
The YOUNG INNOVATOR HUNT12/01/2018 To 12/01/2018
Science Conclave 201805/01/2018 To 07/01/2018
Report on Felicitation of Golden (1967 Entry) and Silver (1992 Pass out) Jubilee batch25/12/2017 To 25/12/2017
Mechanical Engg Depttt Faculty & Two Students Invited in Autodesk University (AU) India & SAARC 2017 Summit at Bangalore for Project Display14/12/2017 To 14/12/2017
All India Inter NIT Athletics & Gym Tournament 2017-1803/11/2017 To 05/11/2017
Report of Unity Day Celebration31/10/2017 To 31/10/2017
Report on Orientation Program Of ALCOM28/09/2017 To 28/09/2017
Dandiya Night16/09/2017 To 16/09/2017
New India Manthan15/09/2017 To 15/09/2017
Guest Lecture on How to Prepare for Civil Services by Er. Rakesh Verma 11/09/2017 To 11/09/2017
Sankalp Se Sidhi- Yeh India ka Time Hai08/09/2017 To 08/09/2017
SENSORBOTIX: A Robotics workshop by Technical Society02/09/2017 To 03/09/2017
Siddhant...The Math Fest18/08/2017 To 19/08/2017
71st Independence Day Report15/08/2017 To 15/08/2017
National Handloom Day Report07/08/2017 To 07/08/2017
Report of Invited Talk on Number Thoery04/08/2017 To 04/08/2017
Project NIKHAAR30/07/2017 To 30/07/2017
Orientation Programme 201727/07/2017 To 29/07/2017
Report of STC on 'Modeling & Simulation Tools'03/07/2017 To 07/07/2017
NSF Project at Advanced Manufacturing & Mechatronics Lab of MED14/05/2017 To 03/08/2017
Report on Technical Society Felicitation Function, 201728/04/2017 To 28/04/2017
1st Ring Presentation Ceremony Report21/04/2017 To 21/04/2017
MNIT Students Begged 2nd Position in Indo Asian Solar Challenge-201707/04/2017 To 09/04/2017
Guest Lecture of Alumni Committee (ALCOM)06/04/2017 To 06/04/2017
Competition for "Design for Audio Technology" in Advanced Manufacturing & Mechatronics Lab and Formal Launch of CAM Society Club02/04/2017 To 12/04/2017
Report on Blitzschlag 201724/02/2017 To 26/02/2017
MSF Report (17th-19th February 2017)17/02/2017 To 19/02/2017
Invited talk27/01/2017 To 27/01/2017
Report on 68th Republic Day Celebration26/01/2017 To 26/01/2017
Report on Bird Peace Rally13/01/2017 To 13/01/2017
Report on Bird safety awareness workshop12/01/2017 To 12/01/2017
Felicitation of Silver Jubilee Batch (1991 Pass out Batch)26/12/2016 To 26/12/2016
Inaugural of Global Alumni Meet and Felicitation of Golden Jubilee Batch(1966 Entry Batch)25/12/2016 To 25/12/2016
Report on Birthday Anniversary Celebration of Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya Ji25/12/2016 To 25/12/2016
Report on IEEE President's visit to MNIT22/12/2016 To 22/12/2016
Brief Report of 2nd International Conference on Soft Materials (ICSM 2016)12/12/2016 To 16/12/2016
Short-Term Course on DC Smart Grids: Renewable Integration, Energy Storage and System Operation10/11/2016 To 14/11/2016
Panel Discussion organized at MNIT Jaipur on "Impact of Corruption in Society04/11/2016 To 04/11/2016
Rashtriya Ekta Saptah31/10/2016 To 06/11/2016
RUBY Meet (Batch-1971-76)17/10/2016 To 17/10/2016
Report of Invited Talk on Hyperbolic Geometry07/10/2016 To 07/10/2016
Jaipur Visit25/09/2016 To 25/09/2016
Report on Dandiya Night24/09/2016 To 24/09/2016
Guest Lecture Report22/09/2016 To 22/09/2016
Report On Swachh Bharat Abhiyan10/09/2016 To 10/09/2016
An awareness cum training session on "Post Accident Care"10/09/2016 To 10/09/2016
Interactive session with Samantha Gash and Jhonty Rhodes02/09/2016 To 02/09/2016
Visit of Dr. Antigone Marino, OSA Ambassador-2016 to OSA Student Chapter of MNIT Jaipur01/09/2016 To 02/09/2016
Report on orientation program of ALCOM22/08/2016 To 22/08/2016
Report - 15th August 2016 15/08/2016 To 15/08/2016
Summer Training by Organized by Training Cell of Alumni Committee01/08/2016 To 31/07/2017
Report on Orientation Programme for Freshers 2016-1727/07/2016 To 29/07/2016
Workshop on "LaTeX for Research"23/07/2016 To 24/07/2016
MNIT Jaipur Students Wins Silver Medal in India Skills 201615/07/2016 To 17/07/2016
Mechanical Engineering Students represented MNIT at Autodesk Boot Camp24/06/2016 To 29/06/2016
Report on Celebration of International Day of Yoga21/06/2016 To 21/06/2016
Self-Financed Short-Term Course on 'LaTeX: A Scientific Writing Tool'23/05/2016 To 27/05/2016
Professors and Students of The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA Visits MNIT Jaipur10/05/2016 To 10/05/2016
Mechanical Engineering Department Student Major Project Exhibition09/05/2016 To 13/05/2016
STTP on "Project based Autodesk® Fusion 360"07/05/2016 To 07/05/2016
Students of the OSU, Columbus and the CSU, Fort Collins completed their Second Year NSF Project at Ad. Mfg. & Mechatronics Lab of MED05/05/2016 To 29/07/2016
MNIT Jaipur Signed MOU with HMT Machine Tools Ltd., Ajmer20/04/2016 To 20/04/2016
Prof. I. K. Bhat, Director MNIT Jaipur conferred "Ambassador" of Telecom Sector Skills Council, India awarded by Dr. S. P. Kochhar20/04/2016 To 20/04/2016
Academy Workshop on Education & Pedagogy, April 13th201613/04/2016 To 13/04/2016
Golden Moment of Blitzschlag'1608/04/2016 To 10/04/2016
Lecture by Brother Ram Prakesh from New York, USA18/03/2016 To 18/03/2016
ASPIRE 2K1608/03/2016 To 08/03/2016
Professors of The Ohio State University, Columbus, and Colorado State University, Fort Collins Visited MED of MNIT Jaipur.23/02/2016 To 23/02/2016
Ideation Workshop by JCI Jaipur Colours19/02/2016 To 19/02/2016
Sitar Workshop03/02/2016 To 03/02/2016
Video Conferencing Session over NKN by IIT Kharagpur on National Digital Library03/02/2016 To 03/02/2016
Eureka Bug20/01/2016 To 20/01/2016
STTP on "Autodesk® Fusion 360:Advanced Simulation"09/01/2016 To 10/01/2016
Youth Festival - 201609/01/2016 To 12/01/2016
Alumni Day 201526/12/2015 To 26/12/2015
A Brief Report of STC on 'MATLAB, A Tool in Research'24/12/2015 To 28/12/2015
Tech Aura20/12/2015 To 20/12/2015
MNIT Jaipur Participates in 6th Global Stone Technology Forum(GSTF-2015)17/12/2015 To 18/12/2015
ISTAM 2015: an International Conference organized by Mechanical Engineering Department16/12/2015 To 19/12/2015
MNIT Jaipur Participated in Rajasthan Government Exhibition at SMS Investment Ground13/12/2015 To 16/12/2015
Advanced Training in Mathematics workshop on Instructional School for Teachers on Algebra07/12/2015 To 19/12/2015
Conference on Advanced Materials and Processing (CAMP-2015)02/12/2015 To 04/12/2015
Mechanical Engineering Student Represented Asia as Student Expert at Autodesk University (AU-2015) in Las Vegas, USA28/11/2015 To 06/12/2015
Constitution Day21/11/2015 To 21/11/2015
Session by Mr. Prem Rawat05/11/2015 To 05/11/2015
T Shirt Designing Competition05/11/2015 To 05/11/2015
Bridge-O-Mania03/11/2015 To 03/11/2015
Santoor Workshop27/10/2015 To 27/10/2015
A Self sponsored STTP on Research Methodology27/10/2015 To 31/10/2015
Short term course on "Trends and Challenges in Emerging Power Systems"19/10/2015 To 23/10/2015
Team Vijayrath of MNIT Jaipur in SAE Efficycle-201515/10/2015 To 18/10/2015
WEBCRAFT30/09/2015 To 01/10/2015
Tabla Workshop29/09/2015 To 29/09/2015
Rangeelo Raas Garba Dandiya27/09/2015 To 27/09/2015
Photobooth on Dandiya Night27/09/2015 To 27/09/2015
Prop Designing Competition26/09/2015 To 26/09/2015
SPIC MACAY event of PURULIYA CHHAU dance TARAPAD RAJJAK & GROUP25/09/2015 To 25/09/2015
SPIC MACAY Event on Hindustani Vocal by Ritesh and Rajneesh Mishra12/09/2015 To 12/09/2015
Solo Singing Competition08/09/2015 To 08/09/2015
Report of Invited Talk on Harmonic Mappings28/08/2015 To 28/08/2015
Report on Sadbhavana Diwas20/08/2015 To 20/08/2015
Report on Swachh Bharat Mission- Cleanliness Drive15/08/2015 To 15/08/2015
Report on International Yoga Day Celebrations21/06/2015 To 21/06/2015
Report on LINC-MNIT20/05/2015 To 31/05/2015
Six Students of The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA Completed Their Year One NSF Project at Ad. Mfg. & Mecha. Lab of MED14/05/2015 To 21/07/2015
Professors and Students of The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA Visits MNIT Jaipur13/05/2015 To 13/05/2015
Festo® Expotainer i.e Exhibition on Wheel Visited MNIT Jaipur on 11th May 201511/05/2015 To 11/05/2015
STTP on "Autodesk® Fusion 360: Design the Future"10/05/2015 To 13/05/2015
Dean Alumni Affairs Report 2015-1601/04/2015 To 31/03/2016
An interactive sesion on Stress Management by Dr. Vandana Gupta (SMO, MNIT Jaipur)31/03/2015 To 31/03/2015
National Workshop on Research Implications of Econometrics and Quantitative Techniques20/03/2015 To 24/03/2015
Achievement by MNIT Students in TATA Motors MindRover Competition27/02/2015 To 27/02/2015
Skill Development under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan23/02/2015 To 27/02/2015
National Conference on Mathematical Analysis and Computation20/02/2015 To 21/02/2015
Mechanical Engineering Students Won 1st Position in 3DStudentDesign National Round23/01/2015 To 23/01/2015
An interactive session on Entrepreneurship21/01/2015 To 21/01/2015
A Report of STC on 'Mathematical Modeling, MATLAB Programming and their Applications in Engineering and Sciences'19/01/2015 To 23/01/2015
MNIT Students Begged Runners up Position and Won Multiple Awards in INDO ASAIN SOLAR CAR CHALLENGE11/01/2015 To 07/04/2015
Credit Course on "Satellite Communication and Networking: Principles and Research Challenges"06/01/2015 To 15/01/2015
MNIT's Achievement in National Level Altair Optimization Contest 2015 (AOC 2015)01/01/2015 To 31/12/2015
FDP on Advancement and Application of Power Electronics in Present Scenario22/12/2014 To 26/12/2014
A two week Faculty Development Program08/12/2014 To 19/12/2014
MNIT Jaipur Students Won 1st & 3rd Rank in 3D Student Design Challenge 201419/11/2014 To 19/11/2014
Workshop on "Mechatronics in Manufacturing"15/11/2014 To 15/11/2014
A Report on 7th National Education Day Celebrations11/11/2014 To 11/11/2014
Brief report of the STC on Analysis and Applications10/11/2014 To 14/11/2014
A Report On Rashtriya Ekta Diwas Celebrations31/10/2014 To 31/10/2014
Team Dhanush of MNIT Jaipur in SAE Efficycle-2014 09/10/2014 To 12/10/2014
Guest lecture on "Study Abroad"09/10/2014 To 09/10/2014
STTP on "Altair Manufacturing Solutions (HyperForm & HyperXtrude)"28/09/2014 To 01/10/2014
Workshop for Student Teams Participating in 3D Student Design Challenge-201427/09/2014 To 27/09/2014
Guest lecture on "Dedicated freight Corridor and Role of Engineers"21/09/2014 To 21/09/2014
Report on Autocad Workshop18/09/2014 To 20/09/2014
Opening of Delhi-NCR Alumni Chapter14/09/2014 To 14/09/2014
National Workshop on Advanced Functional Materials (AFM 2014)05/09/2014 To 05/09/2014
Workshop on "Resume-making and Interview-cracking"23/08/2014 To 23/08/2014
Report of Launch of Student-Student Mentorship Programme28/07/2014 To 30/07/2014
Report on 3-Days Orientation Programme28/07/2014 To 30/07/2014
STTP on "Finite Element Method Through Altair Hyperworks"02/06/2014 To 06/06/2014
Opening of Mumbai Alumni Chapter06/04/2014 To 06/04/2014
MNIT Jaipur Participated as Technology Provider in DSIR PACE Workshop27/03/2014 To 27/03/2014
One day awareness camp on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)26/03/2014 To 26/03/2014
Report on the Felicitation ceremony of ALcom students and MoU signing ceremony22/03/2014 To 22/03/2014
Guest lecture on "Startups & Entrepreneurship"12/03/2014 To 12/03/2014
MNIT Students Presented at Innovation in Manufacturing (IMP- 2014)04/03/2014 To 06/03/2014
Advanced Meshing Techniques in Hyperworks15/02/2014 To 20/02/2014
Guest lecture on "Aspects and Hurdles in Civil Services"06/02/2014 To 06/02/2014
Program summary of "Finishing School for Engineering Students"27/01/2014 To 31/01/2014
MNIT Jaipur Help Community through Improving their systems01/01/2014 To 25/06/2014
STTP on "Computer Aided Design and Analysis of Machine & Structural Elements"23/12/2013 To 27/12/2013
International conference on "Special Functions and Applications (ICSFA)- 2013"13/12/2013 To 15/12/2013
Workshop on "Basic Modelling Techniques in Autodesk® Inventor®"21/10/2013 To 28/10/2013
5th Asia and Pacific Young Researchers and Graduates Symposium on "Current challenges in Structural engineering"15/10/2013 To 16/10/2013
SAE Efficycle09/10/2013 To 13/10/2013
Faculty Development Program (FDP) on "Demystifying Derivatives"07/10/2013 To 11/10/2013
Workshop on "Hyperworks and FEA"21/09/2013 To 28/09/2013
Entrepreneurship Orientation Programme18/09/2013 To 18/09/2013
BOSM'13 Sports Performance Report18/09/2013 To 22/09/2013
Workshop on Personality Development 02/08/2013 To 03/08/2013
National Conference on "Communication Systems and VLSI Design"24/07/2013 To 25/07/2013
Short Term Course on "Recent Trends in Communication and Signal Processing"01/07/2013 To 05/07/2013
A STTP on "Introduction to Finite Element Method (FEM) with Hands on Altair Hyperworks"03/06/2013 To 06/06/2013
28th National Convention of Production Engineers04/05/2013 To 05/05/2013
Opening of Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering - Jaipur chapter at MNIT Jaipur23/03/2013 To 23/03/2013
A STTP on "Optimization Techniques for Engineering Design"20/03/2013 To 24/03/2013
Guest Lecture by Prof. S.K. Saha, Naren Gupta Chair Professor Mechatronics Lab. Dept. of Mech. Eng. and Programme for Autonomous Robotics, IIT Delhi17/03/2013 To 18/03/2013
National Conference on "Manufacturing and Logistics Management"08/03/2013 To 09/03/2013
An All India Seminar (AIS) on Pollution Prevention through Development of Bio Based Materials and Energy22/02/2013 To 23/02/2013
International Conference on Alternative Fuels for I. C. Engines (ICAFICE 2013)06/02/2013 To 08/02/2013
International Conference on Communication and Electronics System Design (ICCESD-2013)28/01/2013 To 30/01/2013
Short Term Training Programme on "Computer Aided Strength of Materials and Analysis & Design of Machine & Structural Elements"24/12/2012 To 28/12/2012
A STTP on "Six Sigma: Basics and Applications"17/12/2012 To 21/12/2012
One Day Workshop on Curriculum Development 17/11/2012 To 17/11/2012
Management Conclave on "Challenges in Managing Human Capital in the 21st Century"09/11/2012 To 09/11/2012
An invited lecture on Piping Engineering, delivered by Prof. A.S. Moharir09/11/2012 To 09/11/2012
3rd National Conference on "Power Electronics and Intelligent Control"01/11/2012 To 02/11/2012
Short term course on 'Mathematical Methods and its Applications in Engineering and Sciences'29/10/2012 To 03/11/2012
A short term training programme on "Natural Disaster Management"29/10/2012 To 31/10/2012
National conference on Recent developments in wireless and optical communication29/10/2012 To 30/10/2012
Curriculum Development Workshop organised by Deptt. of Mechanical Engineering27/10/2012 To 27/10/2012
Expert Lecture on "Engineering Education at Cross-Roads" on 26th Oct 2012 at MNIT Jaipur26/10/2012 To 26/10/2012
Short Term Course on "Recent Advances in Pollution Prevention Technologies in Process Industries"22/10/2012 To 26/10/2012
A CDP (Community Development Programme) on "Working Knowledge of AutoCAD"15/10/2012 To 19/10/2012
Award Ceremony of Swami Sivananda Memorial Scholarship & a discourse on Ethical Living- Swami Padmanabhananda09/10/2012 To 09/10/2012
All India Seminar on "Nanotechnology Applications"06/10/2012 To 07/10/2012
National workshop on "Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures" 05/10/2012 To 06/10/2012
Launch of TiE International Business Plan Competition (TIBPC)30/09/2012 To 30/09/2012
A two-day workshop on "Idea to execution" by Nurture Talent Academy, India's12/09/2012 To 13/09/2012
An invited lecture on Ecofriendly composites, delivered by Prof. Samrat Mukhopadhyay05/09/2012 To 05/09/2012
Short Term Course on "Recent advances in signal processing & Communications"01/09/2012 To 05/09/2012
4th International Conference on Structural Stability and Dynamics (ICSSD-2012)04/01/2012 To 06/01/2012
Short term course on "Power System Restructuring and Electricity Markets"19/12/2011 To 23/12/2011


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