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Monday, 25 January 2021

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Sponsored Projects

S. No.Project DirectorTitle of the projectFunding AgencyAmount (Lacs)Duration
1 Dr. Jyotirmay Mathur State Energy Efficiency Research & Outreach Programme RRECL 2500000.00 2020-2022
2 Dr. Jyotirmay Mathur Applied Research for Sustainable Energy in Buildings UGC, New Delhi 31600000.00 2020-2020
3 Dr. Rajeev Agrawal Exploration of sustainable manufacturing in Indian manufacturing industries TEQIP-3 3.95 2020-2020
4 Dr. Harlal Singh Mali Remedial Orthosis for CTEV Clubfoot (BIRAC/SIIC0107/ BIG-14/19) BIRAC, DBT, GoI 48.50 2020-2022
5 Dr. Amit Kumar Singh Upcycled Plastic Prosthetics (UPP) Frontiers Follow On Grant Royal Academy of Engineering, UK 49.00 2020-2022
6 Dr. Jyotirmay Mathur Award of Renewable Energy Chair under HRD scheme of the Ministry Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (GoI) 15000000.00 2020-2018
7 Dr. Amar Patnaik Modeling a combinatorial approach for design of steel with ultra-high strength and toughness Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration MHRD, New Delhi. 70.20 2019-2021
8 Dr. Anoj Meena Tribological Performance characteristics of dental composite materials MHRD 1235000.00 2019-2020
9 Dr. Harlal Singh Mali Development of Vacuumized Abrasive Finishing Setup for finishing complicated surfaces using novel abrasive media NPIU 11.38 2019-2020
10 Dr. Harlal Singh Mali Design Tinkering and PoC for AU-2019 Innovative Student Projects PMG Integrated Communications Private Limited 2.00 2019-2020
11 Dr. Harlal Singh Mali Development and Characterization of differently woven Carbon-Kevlar hybrid composite with their modeling and analysis DRDO New Delhi 35.76 2019-2022
12 Dr. Amar Patnaik Development of Ceramic Armour Panels To Stanag 4569 Level-4 For Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicle (FICV) Ordnance Development Centre , Ordnance Factory Medak, Yeddumalaram 18.80 2019-2020
13 Dr. Jyotirmay Mathur IEQ Standard Implementation Methodology Indian Society of Heating Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) 1425000.00 2018-2019
14 Dr. Murari Lal Mittal Impact Study of OJAS Department of Health GOR Department of Health Govt of Rajasthan 25.00 2018-2019
15 Dr. Harlal Singh Mali Fabrication and Finishing of Micro-Channels for Micro- Heat Exchangers & Micro-Reactors DST (SERB) 45.00 2018-2000
17 Dr. Harlal Singh Mali All Terrain Vehicle for SAE BAJA 2019 Honda Cars India Ltd. 2.00 2018-2019
18 Dr. Amit Kumar Singh Accessible Recycle Material (ARM) Prosthetics GCRF 25.00 2018-2019
19 Dr. Dinesh Kumar Nanostructures (Carbon-Nano Tube (CNT)) Reinforced Nanocomposite based Heat Shield System for Spacecraft Applications ISRO 20.20 2017-2019
20 Dr. Jyotirmay Mathur Residential Building Energy Demand Reduction in India (RESIDE) Department of Science and Technology (DST) 11968000.00 2017-2020
21 Dr. Jyotirmay Mathur UK India Clean Energy Research Institute (UKICERI) Department of Science and Technology, DST 10202000.00 2017-2020
22 Dr. Harlal Singh Mali 3D Printing of Jaipur Foot. Autodesk India Pvt. Ltd 1.29 2017-2018
23 Dr. Jyotirmay Mathur Development of Fully Automatic Double- Axis Tracking of Scheffler Dish System for Enhanced Performance Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (GoI) 3707200.00 2016-2017
24 Dr. Amar Patnaik Development of Marble dust Filled Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite for Wind Turbine Blade State S&T Councils Department of Science and Technology 55.73 2016-2019
25 Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Bhardwaj An Empirical Investigation of Ergonomic Interventions in Handicraft industry in Rajasthan with a special reference to Gems and Jewellery industry Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi 16.93 2016-2019
26 Dr. Amar Patnaik Development of Ti-Al-N based coating on Al-alloy for application in hydroturbine blades CSIR 19.00 2016-2019
27 Dr. Amit Kumar Singh Effective Product Development Through Integration of Reverse Engineering and Additive Manufacturing DST 25.00 2016-2016
28 Dr. Jyotirmay Mathur Reclassification of Climatic Zones for Indian Cities and Updating Weather Data Book with E-publishing Indian Society of Heating Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) 582000.00 2015-2016
29 Dr. Amar Patnaik Economic production of iron through direct reduction of Mill Scale by low grade coal of Rajasthan (PI) Ministry of Steel, New Delhi 166.00 2015-2021
30 Prof. Dilip Sharma Design and Development of Solar Assisted Rapid Milk Cooler State S T Council (SSTD) Programme DST Delhi 31.82 2015-2018
31 Dr. Harlal Singh Mali Gainful utilization of stone waste in the state of Rajasthan- CDOS-Stone Chair Centre for Development of Stones, Jaipur 100.00 2014-2019
32 Dr. Harlal Singh Mali IRES:US-India Collaborative Research in Mechanical, Biomedical, and Materials Science Engineering for Undergraduates NSF USA (Award Number: 1358157 & 1358004) with the OSU & CSU PIs 151.77 2014-2017
33 Dr. Harlal Singh Mali Design and Development of low cost one way Abrasive Flow Machine (AFM) utilizing pulp and fullers earth based media DST(SERB) 13.14 2013-2016
34 Dr. Jyotirmay Mathur Indo-US Indian Joint Centre for Building Energy Research and Development US India Science and Technology Forum and US Department of Energy 59377000.00 2012-2017
35 Dr. Jyotirmay Mathur Setting up Energy Resource Centre Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited (GoR) 2000000.00 2012-2017
36 Dr. Jyotirmay Mathur Capacity Building in Renewable Energy Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (GoI) 5000000.00 2012-2016
37 Prof. S. L. Soni (On Deputation) Studies of Thumba (CitrullusColocynthis) Seed Oil on Engine Performance, Combustion and Exhaust Emission Characteristics Department of Science and Technology Delhi 34.70 2012-2015
38 Prof. Dilip Sharma Studies of Thumba (Citrullus Colocynthis) Seed Oil on Engine Performance, Combustion and Exhaust Emission Characteristics Department of Science and Technology Delhi 37.50 2012-2015
39 Dr. G. D. Agarwal Experimental Study of Flat Plate Solar Collector Using Nano-Fluids DST 12.00 2012-2015
40 Dr. G. D. Agarwal Development of a Solar Energy based Membrane Distillation System for Rural Drinking Water applications in Rajasthan PHED 11.00 2012-2015
41 Dr. Jyotirmay Mathur Review and Supervision of Installation of cool roof experiment at Pantnagar and Naninital IIIT, Hyderabad 144000.00 2011-2013
42 Prof. Dilip Sharma Development of SVO operated micro Trigeneration system for rural applications Department of Science and Technology, Rajasthan 3.70 2011-2014
43 Dr. Murari Lal Mittal Development of a Multi- Agent based System for Dynamic Multi-project Scheduling DST Government of India 6.00 2010-2012
44 Dr. Rakesh Jain Development of Multi-agent System for dynamic Multiproject scheduling DST 6.00 2010-2012
45 Prof. Dilip Sharma Design, Development and fabrication of a stove operated on Jatropa oil Social Policy Research Institute, Jaipur 0.50 2009-2009
46 Dr. Amar Patnaik Development of Short fiber Reinforced Hybrid Composites and Study of their Erosion Characteristics DST, India 1.80 2008-2011
47 Prof. Dilip Sharma Design and Development of Low Built Wider width Handloom Ideal for weaving 90’’ wide fabric Ministry of Textiles 3.90 2005-2009
48 Dr. G. D. Agarwal Development of a hybrid waste disposal system through recycling and sanitary landfilling for solid waste of the institute campus MHRD 9.00 2003-2005
49 Dr. G. S. Dangayach Indentification of critical success factor & Implementation methodology for advance manufacturing technologies DST (Govt. of India) 5.11 2001-2004
50 Prof. Dilip Sharma Design and development of safe feeding mechanism for Fodder machines Department of Science and Technology Rajasthan 0.70 2000-2001
51 Prof. Dilip Sharma Creation of Facilities for Evaluation of Alternate Fuels for Engines and Ambient/exhaust Pollution Ministry of Human Resource Development under MODROB 10.00 2000-2001

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