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Thursday, 01 October 2020

Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Department offers academic programmes (Under-graduate and Post-graduate levels) in Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.), and Master of Technology (M. Tech.), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) degrees.

B. Tech. UG Scheme
III Semester
IV Semester
V Semester
VI Semester
VII Semester
VIII Semester
Open Electives
M. Tech. in Thermal Engineering I Semester
II Semester
III Semester
IV Semester
M. Tech. in Design Engineering Scheme and Syllabus
M. Tech. in Industrial Engineering Scheme and Syllabus
M. Tech. in Production Engineering Scheme and Syllabus
Ph. D. The department offers Ph. D. program in following areas of research:
- Alternative fuels in IC engines
- Dynamics of bodies
- Energy efficient air-conditioning systems
- Energy planning and policy
- Ergonomics
- Nano fluid applications in heat transfer
- Production and operations management
- Project management and scheduling
- Quality management
- Solar energy applications
- Supply chain management
- Advanced Finishing Processes
- Micro-Machining
- Ceramic & Composite Materials Characterization & Machining

Emergency Numbers
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