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Friday, 14 August 2020

Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
The department offers B. Tech and M. Tech, and Ph. D. programs with a wide choice of specializations, electives and research areas. The M. Tech Programme provides advance learning of the specialized area. The department also offers a fulltime/part-time advanced programme in thermal, production, design, energy and Industrial engineering areas leading to the Ph. D degree. Selected full time Ph. D. students receive institute assistantship. Presently there are 30 research scholars pursuing Ph. D. programme.

B. Tech.
Curriculum Structure
III Semester
IV Semester
V Semester
VI Semester
VII Semester
VIII Semester
M. Tech. in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Curriculum Structure
I Semester
II Semester
M. Tech. in Steel Technology
Curriculum Structure
I Semester
II Semester
Ph. D. The department offers Ph. D. program in following areas of research:
-Alloy Design and Development
-Thermomechanical Processing of Steels and Magnesium alloys
-Nano-Structured materials
-Welding Engineering
-Plasma Nitriding
-Rapid Solidification
-Advanced Al based alloys
-Electronic Materials
-Polymers and Composites
-Mineral Processing
-Extractive Metallurgy

Emergency Numbers
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