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Friday, 14 August 2020

Department of Electrical Engineering
Research Projects:
S. No. Project Title Total Outlay (Lacs) Duration
Investigators Funding Agency Status
01. Analytical and Experimental Investigation on AC Drive System 6.0 3 years R.A. Gupta AICTE Completed
02. Sensorless Control of Induction Motor Drive with Intelligent Controllers 10.0 3 years R.A. Gupta MHRD Completed
03. Integrated Operation of Solar Photo Voltaic, Wind Energy and Diesel Generator for the Generation of Electrical Energy 5.0 3 years Mool Singh AICTE Completed
04. Modernisation of Power System Laboratory 6.0 3 years Mool Singh AICTE Completed
05. Modernisation of High Voltage & Power System Laboratory 6.0 3 years C.M. Arora AICTE Completed
06. On-line transient Security Evaluation of Power Systems using Pattern Recognition Techniques 4.0 3 years C.M. Arora AICTE Completed
07. Modernization of Control Laboratory 10.0 2 years V.K. Jain MHRD Completed
08. Modernization of Electrical Measurement Laboratory 10.0 2 years Nikita Jhajharia MHRD Completed
09. On Line Security Evaluation & Preventive Control of Modern Power System 7.5 l 3.5 years K.R. Niazi MHRD Completed
10. Exploration of FACTS in Power Systems 3.0 3 years Manoj Fozdar AICTE Completed
11. Investigation on Intelligent Controller for PMSM Drive 3.0 3 Years Rajesh Kumar AICTE Completed
12. Computer Controlled Cycloconverter Fed Induction Motor Drive 13.0 3.5 Years H.P. Tiwari MHRD Completed
13. Development of National Transmission Charging Framework
Sanction Ref. No. 39-894/2010 (SR)
5.238 3 Years Rohit Bhakar UGC In-Progress
14. Development of Network Charging Framework for Indian Power Distribution Utilities
Sanction Ref. No. SERB/F/ 3486/ 2012-2013
12.65 3 Years Rohit Bhakar DST In-Progress
15. High Energy And Power Density (HEAPD) Solutions to Large Energy Deficits
Sanction Ref. No. DST/RCUK/SGES/2012/09
115.50 3 Years Rohit Bhakar* DST In-Progress
16. Power Quality Improvement using Active Power Filter 14.00 4 years Nitin Gupta MNIT In-Progress
17. A Robotic Assistive Bio-mechanical study on Posture Deviational on Elderly and Remedies 19.0 2 years Rajesh Kumar DST In-Progress
* Prize Fellow

Sponsored Students Projects:
Projects under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), India; Mentor: Dr. Rajesh Kumar
S. No. Title Total Outlay
(Rs. in Lacs)
1. Robotic Technology in Transmission/Distribution Line Maintenance Under Live Condition 8.0
2. Smart Copter: Autonomous Quadcopter with Braincomputer Interfacing 8.0
3. Robotic /Prosthetic Arm Exoskeleton 8.0
4. Multi-Actuator Switch-Mode Hydraulic System 8.0
5. Smart home system 8.0
6. Wheelchair control with BCI 8.0

S. No. Title Name(s) of the group member(s) Agency Country Patent no. Year Status
01. Railway Maintenance Monitoring System Rajesh Kumar, Om Prakash Verma, Anupam Kumar, Saatvik Shah, Sanjay Thakur, Vaibhav Jain MNIT,
India 1098/DEL/2014 A 2014 Published
02. Black Pearl-Mouse and Keyboard for SID Children Rajesh Kumar, Anupam Kumar MNIT,
India SW-4868/
2009 2011
03. Solar operated Tricycle for Handicap people Rajesh Kumar, J. Mathur, N. Jain MNIT,
India   2009 Filed
04. Biofeedback through electronic Goniometer Rajesh Kumar, Alok Agrawal, Anoop Honnekeri Nagraj, Rohit Saxena. MNIT,
India   2011 Filed
05. Smart Card based Real Time Emission Measurement and Pollution Control Enforcement Rajesh Kumar,
Alok Agrawal,
Jai Dhariwal, Nirmala Kunwar, Ritika Dhyawala
India   2011 Filed

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