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Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Department of Electrical Engineering
Research Projects:
S. No. Project Title Total Outlay (Lacs) Duration
Investigators Funding Agency Status
01. Investigations on Various Unidirectional/Bi-directional Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging/Discharging Configurations for Green Electric Transportation (PI) 50.92 3 years Arun Kumar Verma SERB-DST India Completed
02. Design and development of an E-Bike with an efficient charger (PI) 4 1 year Arun Kumar Verma TEQIP Completed
03. Design Analysis, Fabrication and Control of attraction type electromagnetic levitation Prototypes (Co-PI) 14.46 3 years Nitin Gupta TEQIP Completed
04. Development of steady state and Short-circuit model of Unbalanced Distribution system with optimal Solar PV generation- 1.5 1 years Akhilesh Mathur TEQIP-III Completed
05. Optimal Output Sample based Control of Multiport DC-DC Converters 15.35 3 years Neeli Satyanarayana DST-SERB Completed
06. Derivation of time moments and Markov parameters and their applications in model reduction of discrete interval systems 15.246 3 years Vinay Pratap Singh SERB, DST, GoI Completed
07. Distribution Network Expansion Planning Mechanisms for State Utilities under large Integration of EVs and Distributed Energy Resources in Smart Grid Framework 8.96 Lacs 3 years Prerna Jain DST, Rajasthan Ongoing
08. Design and Implementation of Novel Grid-Tied Transformer-Less Boosting Inverter Topologies for Solar PV(PI) 78.84 3 years Arun Kumar Verma DST India Ongoing
09. An efficient Solar PV based Hybrid Multi output converter for standalone application 13.72 3 years D. Saxena, Raj Kumar Yadav (Govt Engg. College, Ajmer) TEQIP-III Ongoing
10. Cooperative Isolated Renewable Energy Systems for Enhancing Reliability of Power in Rural Areas(PI) 281.24 3 years Arun Kumar Verma MI Off Grid, DST, India Ongoing
11. Cooperative Micro Grids Integrated Smart Electric Transportation Systems (CMGISETS): Coordinated Technologies for Seamless Energy Management (PI) 97 2 Years Arun Kumar Verma SPARC, IIT Khargpur, India Ongoing
* Prize Fellow

Sponsored Students Projects:
Projects under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), India; Mentor: Dr. Rajesh Kumar
S. No. Title Total Outlay
(Rs. in Lacs)
1. Robotic Technology in Transmission/Distribution Line Maintenance Under Live Condition 8.0
2. Smart Copter: Autonomous Quadcopter with Braincomputer Interfacing 8.0
3. Robotic /Prosthetic Arm Exoskeleton 8.0
4. Multi-Actuator Switch-Mode Hydraulic System 8.0
5. Smart home system 8.0
6. Wheelchair control with BCI 8.0

S. No. Title Name(s) of the group member(s) Agency Country Patent no. Year Status
01. Full-Bridge DC-DC Converter with Voltage Spikes Suppression for EV Battery Charging. Application Arun Kumar Verma, Manaswi Srivastava, Pavan Singh Tomar, Sandeep N, Udaykumar RY, Sangeeta, and Kirti Mathuria MNIT,
India Reg/Ref No.202011009519 2020 filed
02. Single-Phase Transformer-less Boosting Inverter with Leakage Current Elimination for Photovoltaic Application Arun Kumar Verma, Sandeep N, Sangeeta Kumari, Manaswi Srivastava, Udaykumar RY, and Hemanshu Roy Pota MNIT,
India Reg/Ref No.202011050918 2020 filed


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