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Monday, 21 May 2018

Concluded Events

MNIT Students Begged Runners up Position and Won Multiple Awards in INDO ASAIN SOLAR CAR CHALLENGE 11/01/2015 To 07/04/2015

TEAM XLERATE representing MNIT Jaipur participated in Indo Asian Solar Challenge organized by Robotics and Intelligent System Community- Lovely Professional University. The team comprising of 14 students from B Tech Mechanical and Electrical Department registered for the competition. The team consisted of Mritunjaya, Himanshu , Ankit, Samkit, Anubhav, Hemant, Saurabh, Chetan, Nidhi, Vaibhav, Ashutosh, Shubham, Mitesh from the then second year B.Tech of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. The team worked under the guidance of Dr. Harlal Singh Mali from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Dr. Rakesh Kumar from the Department of the Electrical Engineering. The event was focused on designing and fabricating a solar vehicle which could deliver optimum performance under city conditions. The aim of the competition was to find an alternative to the monopoly of existing transportation system based on diesel and petrol and further develop it to supply the same at market level. The competition was divided into two major parts, Virtual Round and Dynamic Round.
The event focused on choosing the deserving teams for the dynamic round hence a virtual(initial) round was held in the month of January 2015. For the virtual round the team had to present reports showing the various design consideration, cost effectiveness, innovation and basis for opting on several technical aspects of the vehicle which was supposed to be fabricated. The virtual round was held in Lovely Professional University -Jalandhar in which a core member team of 5 members from each vehicle department like steering, electrical, design and analysis, brakes and suspension went. The team bagged the 2nd rank amongst 87 teams from all over India.
The profound success produced by the combined efforts of the team and the faculty advisers helped the team to remain enthusiastic and determined for the second and the most crucial round. The team worked to fabricate a Tripod(two wheels in front, one in back) which had the capability to run on both Solar and direct electric power. The knowledge and experienced gained from earlier participation in SAE BAJA allowed the team to maintain a smooth work plan flow. The immeasurable support of the seniors and help from the acquaintance of team Sunsharks participating in ESVC never allowed the team to feel out of order. It just took 15 days for the team to get the Electric/solar car to hit the road. The single sitter that used 800kW Motor, four 12V 55Ah batteries to run on direct charging of batteries through normal power supply completed 24 laps in the competition, covering a distance of around 40 km. The power to weight ratio of 800kW/205 Kg allowed them to score well in the event of running on solar power directly. The events at dynamic round included, Technical Inspection, Brake Test, Maneuverability, Design Report Presentation, Sales Idea Presentation and Endurance.
The team was awarded the award for 'BEST DESIGN' for its efficient use of material, wise selection of the components, providing a better ride comfort and safety in design. The team also bagged the runners up position in the 'SALES IDEA PRESENTATION' which required a business plan to be set in order to sell the team's version of the car in the market. The 5 days event became a success when the team bagged the runners up position in the overall event combining the scores of Virtual and Dynamic Round. The team was presented with a cheque of 1,10,000 INR. The members believed that all of this became possible because of the bonding and understanding in the team. It would not have been possible without the guidance of the faculty advisers, inputs from seniors, financial support from TEQIP Phase-II project and over and above the motivation from the Institute Management.

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