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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Concluded Events

Expert Lecture on "Engineering Education at Cross-Roads" on 26th Oct 2012 at MNIT Jaipur 26/10/2012 To 26/10/2012

As an ongoing activity in Golden Jublee celebrations, an expert lecture on "Engineering Education at Cross Roads" was organised by Community Development Cell of the MNIT Jaipur on 26th Oct 2012 at 4-6 pm in Mini Auditaurium of Design Centre.
Dr. JS Rao, Chief Science Office Altair Engineering, Bangalore delivered the key lecture on the subject. Head, Mechanical Engineering Department, Prof. Rakesh Jain in his welcome address emphasied the needs of such delebration for the overall benefit of the engineering education fertinity. The lecture was well attended and very well received by faculty members from MNIT and neighbouring engineering institutes.
Dr. Rao a blend of industry and academia emphasised that todays faculty members need not to rediscover the zero but use the tools available to them especially for designing, design validation and simulation. Since the industry uses these tools, students can become industry ready by practicing these tools at early stage and both learners and educators can see their theoritical concepts being implemented in industry. Dr. Rao also told the audience that in industry the stress is no more a P/A exercise but a six dimensional entity which can only be tackelled through a matrix and problems of the stresses could be broken in such matrices, which could be very effectivelly solved by commercial codes of Finite Element Methods (FEM). So an early introduction of these tools will empower the student to be more industry ready.
Co-ordinator and Co-cordinator Community Development Cell Dr. SK Tiwari and Dr. Harlal S. Mali thanked the speakers and presented a token of appreciation for their care for technical education in the region.

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