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Monday, 21 May 2018

Concluded Events

An interactive session on Entrepreneurship 21/01/2015 To 21/01/2015

An interactive session on Entrepreneurship by SANDEEP JAIN, 1995 batch alumnus from mechanical engineering department, co-founder and managing director of INTIMETEC software pvt. ltd. was held on 21 January 2015.He was welcomed by Mr. Dinesh Kumar, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engg. Department.
Session was started with a introduction of alumnus, which was itself an encouragement for students. It helped students whose aim is to become a successful entrepreneur in clearing their myths and doubts regarding how to start up an idea and the things on which the focus should be most. During session he talked about his journey which was really motivating, how many times he failed and how he overcame against all. He also told us the principles he learned during his 19 years of business experience like everything is right in business whatever you think from heart, keep patience, tough focus and learn from your own mistakes. He also told a quote that "life is too long to learn but life is too short if you don't realise your dreams". Beautifully he said that have courage to believe in your idea and in yourself. "Practice is the mother of perfection, don't lose hope and have faith", he explained and how these lessons help in bring us back when we are going through tough paths. At the end many curious minds asked direct questions regarding their problems and queries. The session ended with a memento presented by Mr. Dinesh Kumar.

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