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Saturday, 16 February 2019

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Report of Launch of Student-Student Mentorship Programme 28/07/2014 To 30/07/2014

As anoffset of visit of Prof. Rohit Goyal to University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, USA during December 2013, Prof. Rohit Goyal gave a presentation to Board of Governors in whichhe also talked about starting a Student-Student Mentorship Programme, as he had learned during his visit, with proper modifications to suit MNITJaipur.A process was initiated, which led to multiple discussions with Director, MNIT Jaipur and students.
As a result, ateam of dedicated students,led by Dr. Rohit Goyal (Dean, Planning and Development) opened a new and one of a kind Chapter in the history of Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur, under the esteemed guidance of Director, Prof. I.K.Bhat. Saarthi,asit will be called, is a Student-Student Mentorship Program in which a network of senior students would be guiding the new entrants as they take their first step into the Institute.Saarthi aims at increasing the interation of a mentee with seniors as well as the teachersand to make the transition in their life from the comfort of home to reality of competitive life as a college student, as smooth as possible. It aims to inculclate in them the importance of technical skills right from the beginning. It aims to serve as a platform for the freshmen to groom their talents under the guidance of their mentors and chief mentors and showcasethem at various events. Saarthi aims at increased involvement of students in all the activites of the college.It aims to provide a platform where students can put forward their problems without any hesitation and the mentors will play their part in resolving them.Saarthi will help to students to explore their hidden talent and make use of it to the fullest.Various activties will be organized for the freshmen around the year including library visits, social works, exhibitions, Jaipur visits, cultural and sports eventsand many more. One or two chief mentors would be selected from each UG branchevery year. Under each chief mentor would be fiveto sixmentors and under each mentor, there would be one or two submentors. Each branch would be divided into fiveor six teams, each consisting of around twenty mentees (freshers), two submentors and one mentor.
As a preparation of launch of SSMP program, chief mentors were selected for the year 2014-15 under the guidance of Prof. Rohit Goyal. Chief mentors then became active and in turn selectedthe mentors and sub-mentors. This was carried out before the admissionsof fresh students. An orientation program of Director, Prof. I.K. Bhat and Prof. Rohit Goyal was madein March 2014to appraise the students about the SSMP and toappeal to them to come forward for the same.
The SSMP got off to a flying start with its launch at the 3 day orientation programfor the institute freshmen. The program started on 28th July evening at 6 pm. Multiple activities like orientation programmeby various officials like Deans, Associated Deans, Chief Warden were made to appraise students of rules and regulations, campus visit, campus clean drive, plantation, poster competition,motivational talks and cultural programmes were organized.A separate report on the successful orientation programme is available on Institute website.Other activities have also been organized, like a visit to library to appraisethe students of library facilities.
Presently efforts are going on to develop aneffective website to maintain, promote and disseminate information about SSMP. A process has been developed to make this programme continuousfrom this year, i.e. 2014-15 onwards.


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