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Wednesday, 08 December 2021

Concluded Events

Report on Republic Day 26/01/2018 To 26/01/2018

This Republic Day, with the rising sun upsurged our flag adorning the tricolor. Every levitating inch rekindled the ashen hearts with chauvinism. On the 69th Republic Day ,the Director Prof. Uday Kumar R. Yaragatti ,Dean SW Prof. Dilip Sharma,faculty members, staffand students assembled near the Prabha Bhawan to celebrate the Day. The national flag was hoisted. The security forces at MNIT gave the salute. Themoment had filled the air with patriotismand feeling of unity and integrity among Indians. The program commenced with the enlightening words of our director Prof. Udaykumar R. Yaragatti Sir who highlighted the achievements of our college and inspired us with his deeply motivating and moving words.
The spell-binding singing performances and Assamese Dance created an aura of cultural integration and patriotism spreading across an expanse of 312 acres of MNIT Jaipur campus. This Republic Day celebration was even more special because of the events conducted under Ek Bharat Shresthta Bharat.The event concluded with sweet distribution ceremony, and everyone vowing to abide to the principles of constitution, living in peace and unity where brotherhood shall prevail.

Prepared by:
Simi Choudhary
Junior Assistant


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