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Monday, 17 December 2018

Concluded Events

The YOUNG INNOVATOR HUNT 12/01/2018 To 12/01/2018

The YOUNG INNOVATOR HUNT, a program for school children was organized by MNIT Innovation and Incubation Centre (MIIC) and St. Edmund' school on 12th January 2018 at MNIT Jaipur. Thirty four teams from various schools participated in the event. The event was divided into three sessions; initially a screening round was conducted where all the teams presented their ideas in brief to the judges after which 11 teams were shortlisted. In the second session the shortlisted teams were mentored by successful entrepreneurs who encouraged and guided the participants for refining their ideas. In the final session the teams pitched their innovative ideas in detail to the jury members. Team of Akshat Kothari and Abhimanyu gupta for Plankton (Organic plastic which is special in a way because it decomposes in 3-4 months in natural condition and it is made up of edible products only, it also solves problem of choking in marine animals) won first prize, team of Saumya Holani, Akshat Jain and Dharmanshu Garg for Advance Helmet design (A helmet activated while riding providing safety to rider on road it is developed because usually two-wheeler rider do not prefer helmet while riding bikes and scooty) won second prize. Team of Kanish and Yash for Frospo (Frospo is an application in which people will record and upload a video of them performing the required tasks of a sport Their will be 8-9 sports in initially. Each sport will have 30 challenges. After completing a challenge it will be shared in the apps news feed. The users will be motivated to complete all the challenges of a sport to achieve mastery trophies which will be shipped at their houses. People can place a bet on someone's sports video. This application merges the benefits of both social media and the real life sports) won the third prize. The jury members were highly impressed by such innovative ideas from young and bright school students.

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