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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Concluded Events

Siddhant...The Math Fest 18/08/2017 To 19/08/2017

Department of Mathematics, MNIT Jaipur organized the intra-college Mathematics fest "Siddhant" during August 18-19, 2017. Siddhant derives its name from the very qualities it hopes to exemplify discipline, Excellence, intelligence and talent among its participants and organizers alike.
The event was diligently organized. There was a soul to it. A soul that was vibrant, contagious and exuberant. At the entrance of the building of VLTC, there were huge posters denoting the "Siddhant -The Math fest 2017". Students made Mathematical Rangoli and decorated the interior with posters and 3-D models.
A lot of hard work, a spoonful of wisdom, a pinch of enthusiasm and there you have it - Siddhant'17!
There were five main events: Bhaskaracharya Quiz on Mathematics, Ramanujan Poster Competition, Aryabhatta Seminar and Varahmihir Math Art and Shakuntla Devi Lecture series. The activities quiz competition, poster competition and math art were organized on August 18. Seminar, followed by Shakuntla Devi Lecture Series and the Valedictory Function were held on August 19, 2017.
Bhaskaracharya Quiz on mathematics was special in its own way, with four different rounds which were, passing round, visual round, rapid fire and Buzzer round. Every round was a mixed bag with questions. The Rapid-fire round gave the teams a chance to catch up with leaders and put-up a tough fight. The quiz was conducted in a very interactive way and the teams participated with great enthusiasm. They skillfully answered the questions asked. Though some of the questions were very tricky, the teams tried to answer them with confidence. The questions put forth to the teams were intriguing, exciting and made the audience go 'Aah!' and clap when the teams answered correctly. The audience also got a chance to participate every time the teams answered incorrectly. The winners of the quiz competition were Aniruddha Deshmukh, Rahul Kumble and Sarthak Gupta of SVNIT, Surat. They had come all the way from Surat to participate; they were such an inspiration to all the students, their love for math finally paid off. However there was a tie for the second spot between Bablu, Naseeb, Anurag and Natwar, Arunanshu D.Barnwal and Swapnil R.Dhoot both the teams belonging to MNIT Jaipur.
Then Poster Competition and Math Art were held in VLTC and were inaugurated by Prof. Dilip Singh Chauhan, Retired Professor, University of Rajasthan and is well known for his art work. The judges for the activities were Dr. D. S. Chauhan and Dr. Vatsala Mathur. The winner of the Poster competition was Kirti and 1st runner up was Jyoti Swami, both from Banasthali University. The winners of Math Art were Akanksha Tripathi and Preeti from Banasthali while 1st runner up were Nisha Yadav and Shreshtha Soni of MNIT Jaipur. The day concluded on a high note with smiles everywhere.
The next day August 19, seminar competition on the topic "Mathematics in everyday life" was conducted. Prof. Kailash Singh and Dr. Varun Jindal, MNIT Jaipur were the honourable judges for this activity. The winner of seminar was Prince of MNIT and 1st runner up was Aniruddha Deshmukh of SVNIT, Surat.
Seminar was followed by Shakuntla Devi Lecture Series. The first lecture of the series was delivered by Prof. I. K. Rana, an emeritus fellow at IIT, Bombay. Prof. Rana enlightened the students with his knowledge on the subject. He made it even more fun and interactive by making everyone play Mathombola and gave away prizes to students who won in Mathombola.
Lecture Series was followed by the Valedictory function in which a trophy and book vouchers were given to all the winners.
Siddhant, The Math Fest has been a success only because of the hard work and dedication of the students. We cannot end this summary without mentioning the commendable effort and meticulous planning of Dr. Rashmi Jain and Dr. Ritu Agarwal, Department of Mathematics, MNIT Jaipur.

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