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Saturday, 16 February 2019

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Report on Orientation Programme for Freshers 2016-17 27/07/2016 To 29/07/2016

The Orientation Programme for the First Year Students 2016-17 was conducted from (27-29)th , July-2016 in Prabha Bhawan to mark the beginning of the new session. All the special dignitaries of the institute were present during the Orientation Programme. The main objective of the programme was to make the students familiar with the activities of the institute and the faculty members before starting their journey to become engineers.
Many parents attended the session and were provided with information & satisfactory answers regarding their apprehensions about the institute.
The Director, all the Deans and senior faculty members attended this programme and gave their valuable recommendations and ideas for the future of the students.
The orientation programme comprised of sessions on Plantation-Drive, Campus-Visit, Club-Orientation, Cleanliness-Drive, Yoga etc. in which students actively participated. There were invited lectures by DR. AMBIKA PRATAP SINGH and Mr. ARVIND KAUL to motivate students as they begin their new journey and they were enlightened towards the working of their specific branches like Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Computer Science etc. and the challenges they will face during the course.
MS. ROOPLATA SAHU, consulting psychologists from Vishakha Group for Woman Education & Research, briefed students about their transition from school to institute and about future challenges imbibing the values of collaboration and cooperation.
Students were also taught the technological advancements made by DRM Indian Railways, Jaipur and the concessions being provided to students. The orientation programme concluded with a cultural-program performed for fresher's of MNIT by existing students.

Prepared by
Simi Choudhary

Junior Assistant

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