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Monday, 21 May 2018

Concluded Events

Lecture by Brother Ram Prakesh from New York, USA 18/03/2016 To 18/03/2016

The programme started with the chanting of Om Shanti Om, Prof.S.L Soni Registrar welcomed the chief guest with a flower bouquet. M.S. Kiran Rathore briefly introduced the chief guest that he is a Professional Civil Engineer who works as a Director of Engineering with a consulting firm in New York. He was born in India but moved to United States in 1977.
He was then requested to come to the stage to address the topic of the lecture '7 billion acts of goodness' to the audience.
7 billion acts of goodness is a movement based on the spiritual truth that goodness is natural and that by cultivating a spiritual awareness of self, we can tap into inherent goodness in a way that makes us capable of generating unlimited acts of goodness.
He believes that spirituality is dynamic and a higher form of science that can be integrated in our day to day life. Its practical use helps in dealing with adverse situation and circumstances and fosters harmonious relationships in professional and personal life.
He also shared his experience of being trapped in World Trade Centre during the 9/11 attack in New York. He was trapped on the 64th floor. He overcame his physical problems and helped many people in the time of crisis. Because was trying to help others, he himself did not experience fear, anger or helplessness.
He explained with life instances that we can get inspiration not only from our elders but also from our young ones.
He concluded with a noble thought that we should keep helping others without thinking of the result so as to spread inspiration in the society that helping others will help not only us but many other people.
He tried to convince this message through playing various audios and videos, interacting with the audience and sharing his personal experiences.
After him, Sister Brahma Kumari briefed the audience with the true meaning of meditation. She explained us that how important it is to meditate. She also meditated with the audience. She even believed that meditation is not only for religious purposes but also a method of relaxation. Meditation improves focus, helps in incoming of good thoughts and encouraging people to help others selflessly.
The Vote of Thanks was delivered by Dr. Satish Kumar. At the end, the staff members of MNIT thanked the guests for enlightening the audience and inspiring them to help others selflessly.

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