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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Concluded Events

Workshop on "Hyperworks and FEA" 21/09/2013 To 28/09/2013

The Society of Automotive Engineers MNIT Jaipur Chapter under the guidance of Dr. Dilip Sharma (Faculty Coordinator SAE MNIT Jaipur) and Dr. Dinesh Kumar (Faculty In-charge Hyperworks) had organized a workshop on Hyperworks and Finite Element Analysis. The motive behind conducting this workshop was to create an awareness among I year and II year students about the Finite Element Tool Hypermesh and to inculcate interest and inquisitiveness about FEM among them. We were able to reach about 90 students from I year and about 60 students from II year. Most of them were from Civil and Mechanical Engineering Departments. Topics such as Basics of FEA, 1-D Meshing, 2-D Meshing and Simple Linear Static Analysis of plates were covered. A contest was conducted at the end of the workshop and winners from each year were awarded prizes and certificates. Top 10 performers from each year were also awarded certificates.
Amit Kumar Aman (from Civil Engineering Department) and Himanshu Sharma (from Mechanical Engineering Department) were the winners from II year and I year respectively.
The workshop was conducted with the invaluable support of Dr. Rakesh Jain (H.O.D. Mechanical Engineering Department MNIT Jaipur) and Mr. Sanjay Rajpal (Coordinator COE for Design).
In near future the top 30 performers in this workshop will be trained in the intricacies of Hypermesh involving Geometry Cleanup and Mesh Morphing. This will enable the students to analyze complex geometry and obtain accurate results.

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