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Monday, 21 May 2018

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Constitution Day 21/11/2015 To 21/11/2015

The constitution day in MNIT was celebrated on 21st November 2015. It was celebrated a week earlier due to final day examination on 26th November 2015. Even though it was so close to the examination numerous students from various branches and all years had participated for the competitions.
The students had two activities namely the ESSAY WRITING COMPETITION> and a DEBATE COMPITITON.
The topic for the ESSAY WRITING COMPETITION was "Importance of implementation of constitution in a democracy".
This topic had lit the writing bird in all the students as they all wrote very well on the topic.
The topic for the Debate was "Need of frequent constitutional amendment".
The students spoke with a lot of enthusiasm and battled in rebuttal rounds for winning extra points in the debates.
This day not only made students work for the competitions but they also learnt the importance of the constitution and the important role it plays in the development of our country.

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