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Saturday, 26 September 2020

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Postponed: 5-Days Workshop on Programming with LabVIEW, March 30-April 03, 2020

Department of Physics, MNIT Jaipur is pleased to offer a 5-day workshop on Programming with LabVIEW. LabVIEW offers a graphical programming environment that helps to visualize every aspect of the program, including hardware configuration, measurement data, and debugging. This visualization makes it simple to integrate measurement hardware from any vendor and to develop own data acquisition/analysis programs with customized user interfaces. LabVIEW programs are called virtual instruments, or VIs, because their appearance and operation imitate physical instruments, such as oscilloscopes and multimeters. LabVIEW contains a comprehensive set of tools for acquiring, analyzing, displaying and storing data, as well as tools to help you troubleshoot the program you write. This workshop will help the students to learn how to automatize data acquisition, instrument control, and data analysis as per specific application. At the end of the course, you will be able to create your own LabVIEW program to acquire, process, display, and store real-world data from commonly used electronic equipment. Participants are advised to bring their own laptop computers. Further information will be provided before/during the training sessions.
This workshop is an attempt to provide answers for queries of the scholars and make their research work easier, and more scientific.

Who can participate? Ph. D. students, Undergraduate & Post-graduate students of MNIT Jaipur only, who are interested in learning about necessary tools used for data acquisition and analysis in the broad areas of physics, materials chemistry, materials science, and engineering. There is no participation fee and the maximum number of participants is limited to 40 students only. The participants will be selected based upon their statement of purpose-filled in the registration form. A performance report/certificate will be issued to the successful candidates.

Apply here! (Before 25.03.2020)
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