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Thursday, 13 August 2020

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Webinars on COVID-19: Risk Management & Simulation Efforts by Department of Physics, July 02-03, 2020

Department of Physics, MNIT Jaipur is pleased to offer Webinars on COVID-19: Risk Management & Simulation Efforts through Microsoft Teams. Identified officially as SARS-COV-2, or colloquially as novel coronavirus, has recently spread from Wuhan, China to 213 other countries across the globe, infecting countless people on its way, with Covid-19, the disease, associated with this virus. The virus presented unprecedented challenges, but also provided a rare study opportunity, which, if seized, will help us understand future risks from similar outbreaks. These webinars will objectively underscore that data is both a powerful armament, to fight epidemics, and a potent shield in the line of defense, against future outbreaks. In these two days, we will learn how to collate, discern, pattern match & visualize them. Also, the knowhow to draw inferences like epidemiological projections will be disseminated. In these two days, we shall learn about public health & livelihood management during an epidemic and modeling them in two different computer languages, including python & R. These webinars will deal with the basics of these tools, data processing, and analysis. Further information will be provided before/during the training sessions.
These webinars are an attempt to provide answers for queries of the scholars to understand the COVID-19 spread trend and possible strategies for its containment.

Who can participate? Students and scholars from any stream who are interested in learning about statistical analysis of the spread of COVID-19 pandemic and strategies to restrict its spread.

Apply here! (Before 30-06-2020)
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