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Wednesday, 08 July 2020

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5-Day Workshop on X-ray Diffraction, February 10-14, 2020

Department of Physics, MNIT Jaipur is pleased to offer a 5-day workshop on X-ray Diffraction. X-ray diffraction (XRD) is an essential analytical technique to determine the structure and crystalline nature of materials under study. Hence, the analysis of X-ray diffraction data is of utmost importance. The scope of this workshop is firstly to acquaint participants with a fundamental understanding of the theoretical basis as well as the practical applications of powder diffractometry followed by a demonstration of XRD analysis techniques. Secondly, to provide hands-on training to determine the crystal and molecular structure from the measured X-ray diffraction data. During the workshop, the student will learn about how to use crystallographic software for phase analysis as well as crystal structure analysis, Rietveld refinement, estimation of grain size, lattice parameters, lattice strain, substitution/doping analysis, etc. All the required software, sample data for analysis and other information will be provided during the training sessions.

Further, the workshop will provide an apt opportunity to the participants to analyze their own research data and also clarify their doubts for better understanding.

Who can participate? Ph. D. students, Undergraduate & Post-graduate students of MNIT Jaipur only, who are interested in learning about basic tools used for research writing in the broad areas of physics, materials chemistry, materials science, and engineering. There is no participation fee and the maximum number of participants is limited to 40 students only. The participants will be selected based upon their statement of purpose-filled in the registration form. A performance report/certificate will be issued to the successful candidates.

Apply here! (Before 03-02-2020)
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