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Monday, 17 December 2018

Latest from Campus

STTP on 'Research Methodology' has been postponed. Revised dates will announced soon

Research is an integral part of academic and industrial world. It plays an important role in growth of the business organizations and progress of a nation. The nations which had invested in research have prospered more and provided higher standards of living to its citizens. In order to carry out research in an effective way, the research personnel need to be trained in research methodology and design of experiments.
This programme gives participants a comprehensive understanding of planning and conducting scientific experiments for collecting data, and analyzing the data to have fruitful conclusions. The programme has been designed to be generic in nature for satisfying the needs of students and faculty pursuing their M. Tech and PhDs from academic institutions and industry personnel carrying out research in any field. Lectures will be delivered on the basic principles of scientific research, identifying/defining research problem, design of experiments, data collection, statistical tools for analyzing data, and oral/written communication of research.


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