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Saturday, 19 January 2019

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First Year Time Table, Room Allotted to Departments, Open Elective Time Table to be followed in Even Semester 2017-2018

1. First Year Time Table of EVEN Semester 2017-2018 for ABCDE Sections and FGHIJ Sections Click here for ABCDE Click here for FGHIJ
2. Room Allotted to Department Click here
3. The time slots and rooms fixed for the compulsory Mgt Course (i.e., Basic Management) to be offered in EVEN Semester 2017-2018 to the final year B Tech students of Electrical, ECE, and CSE departments Click here
4. Open Elective Time Table Click here

Please note that the Open Electives to be offered to the final year B Tech students are grouped in 04 slots, and there classes are scheduled in the time slot 1.00PM to 5.00PM that is kept reserved for Open Electives.

Note: Files containing the time table for first year students uses the following format to specify: Section (Or Sub-section), Course name (or its abbreviation) along with a specifier (L for lecture, T for tutorial or P for practical), Course No., and Room No./Lab.

For example: A,BEco(L),HST102,VLTC-L001,
Section (Or Sub-section): A
Course name (or its abbreviation) along with a specifier (L, T or P): Basic Economics (Lecture),
Course No.: HST102,
Room No./Lab.: VLTC-L001
Other details of the time table for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students would be displayed by their respective departments.


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