S.No. Name of the student Student ID No Department Supervisor Details Co-Supervisor Details
1. Ankur Saharia 2017REC9066 Electronics & Communication Engineering Dr. Ghanshyam Singh
(Electronics & Communication Engineering)
Dr. Ravi Maddilla
(Electronics & Communication Engineering)
2 Pragati Priyanka 2017RME9012 Mechanical Engineering Dr. Harlal Singh Mali
(Mechanical Engineering)
Dr. Anoj Meena
(Mechanical Engineering)
3 Vikash Sharma 2017RME9055 Mechanical Engineering Dr. M.L. Meena
(Mechanical Engineering)
Dr. Mukesh Kumar
(Metallurgical & Materials Engineering)
Sr. No. Name of Students Purpose Department Date
1. Vivek Prakash
Presentation in IEEE PES GM 2017, Chicago Electrical Engineering 16-20 July, 2017
2. Sidharth Pancholi
Workshop on HDL in signal, Image and video processing at IIT BHU. Electronics & Communication Engineering 21-26 Aug., 2017
3. Subham Kumar Jalan (2017PPD5452) Attend Workshop on "Stability and control of renewable energy based system" at IIT Delhi Electrical Engineering 2-3 Sept., 2017
4. Ajay Kumar
Attend Workshop on "Stability and control of renewable energy based system" at IIT Delhi Electrical Engineering 2-3 Sept., 2017
5. Tanvi Chawla (2015RCP9023) Attend "A Shortest Path Approach to SPARQL Chain Query Optimization " for taken of ICACCI organized by manipal university, Karnataka, India CSE 13-16 Sept., 2017
6. Gupta Rachana Kedarnath (2015REC9517) Attend 2nd International Conference on "Computational Intelligence & Informatics (ICCII) " AT Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Electronics & Communication Engineering 25-27 Sept., 2017
7. Mr. Sandeep Chawda (2015REE9535) Attend 6th IEEE International conference on computer Application in Electrical Engineering- Recent Advances, 2017 at IIT, Roorkee, Uttarakhand Electrical Engineering 05-07 October, 2017
8. Ms. Monika Yadav (2016REN9012) Oral Presentation in the International Conference on "Emerging Trends in Biotechnology for waste Conversion" at NEERI, Nagpur Centre for Energy & Environment 08-10 October, 2017
9. Ranjeet Kumar (2015REE9001) 2nd International Conference on Recent Development in control, Automation & power Engineering(RDCAPE-2017) at Amity University, Noida, UttarPradesh Electrical Engineering 26-27 October, 2017
10. Shitanshu Sapre (2015REN9511) International Conference on "Hydrogen and fuel cell" at Pune Centre for Energy & Environment 10-12, December, 2017
11. Satyendra Singh (2015REE9029) Present a Paper in the 14th IEEE INDIA COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE at IIT,Roorkee India Electrical Engg. 15-17 December, 2017
12. Yogendra Kumar Gupta (2014REC9034) 3rd IEEE International Symposium on Nano-electronic and Information system(INIS-2017)" at Oriental University, Bhopal Electronics & Communication Engg. 18-20 December,2017
13. Ankita Saxena (2015RCE9020) Present a Paper in the International Conference on "Geo-Spatial Technology for Natural Resource Management & Climate Change" at NIRDPR, Hyderabad Civil Engineering 21-22 December, 2017
14. Sheetal Kumar Jain (2016RME9522) Present Two Paper in 2017 IEEE International (Biennial) Conference on Technologies advancement in power & Energy", (TAP Energy-2017 at Amrita University, Amritapuri Campus, Kollam, Kerala Mechanical Engg. 21-23 December, 2017
15. Venu Sangwan (2014REE9041) Present Paper in 7th International Conference on power System, 2017 at Pune, India Electrical Engg. 21-23 December, 2017
16. Abhilash Kumar Gupta (2014REE9517) Paper Present in 7th International Conference on Power System , 2017 at Pune, India Electrical Engg. 21-23 December, 2017
17. Joyti Lodha (2017rec9026) Hydro Conference 2017 at Ahmedabad Civil Engineering 21-23 December, 2017
18. Om Ji Shukla (2013rme9540) Present Research paper in 7th International Conference on Soft Computing for problem solving - SocProS 2017 at IIT Bhubaneswar, India Mechanical Engg. 23-24 December, 2017
19. Rana Veer Pratap Singh (2015RME9516) 24 National and 2nd International ISHMT- ASTFE Heat and Mass Transfer Conf. (IHMTC-2017) at BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus Mechanical Engg. 27-30 December, 2017
20. Anand Kumar Mishra (2013RCP9529) 14th Annual IFIP WG 11.9 International conference on Digital Forensics 2018 at New Delhi Computer Science & Engineering 03-05 January, 2018
21. Mr. Prashant Athanker (2015RME9049) Present One paper in "1st international and 4th National conference on reliability and safety engineering", (INCRS-2018) at PDPM IIITDM, Jabalpur Mechanical Engg. 26-28 February, 2018
22. Falti Teotia (2015REN9522) International Conference on Power Systems-2017 at Pune Centre for Energy & Environment 21-23 December, 2017
23. Rahul Kumar Vijay (2014REC9004) GIAN Course on "Mathematical Foundation of Signal Analysis (A fresh look at Harmonic Analysis)" at IIT, Madras Electronics & Communication Engg. 08-20 January, 2018
24. Manish Kumar (2014RME9540) 4th International Conference on Harmony Search, Soft Computing and Applications (ICHSA 2018) at BML Nunjal University, Gurgaon Mechanical Engineering 7-9 February, 2018
25. Jaiverdhan (2016REC9051) Present A Paper "A Novel EBG Loaded Dual Band Notched UWB Antenna" in International Conf. on Optical & wireless Technologies, Springer (OWT2018) at MNIT, Jaipur Electronics & Communication Engg. 10-11 February, 2018
26. Ruchika Sharma (2016RCY9044) Conference on "Electro Chemistry in Advance Materials , Corrosion and Radiopharmaceuticals CEAMCR-2018 at Anushaktinagar, Mumbai Chemistry 15-17 February 2018
27. Aman Soni (2016UME1558) Present A Paper "Study the effect on mill scale filler on mechanical properties of Bidirectional Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite " for 3rd International Conference IDAD 2018 at Chennai Mechanical Engineering 22-24 February, 2018
28. Sajal Sharma Present a paper "study the tribological behaviour of cr203 particulate filled Aluminium based metal matrix composite" IDAD Conference 2018 at Chennai Mechanical Engineering 22-24 February, 2018
29. Gupta Rachana Kedarnath (2015REC9517) Attend GIAN Course on "Multiobjective Optimization using Metaheuristics at IIT Kanpur Electronics & Communication Engg. 3-7 March, 2018
30. Pradeep Singh (2014REE9532 Paper present on "Amalgam Power flow controller: A Novel, Flexible, Reliable and cost effective solution to control power flow" in IEEE Transactions on power systems. Electrical Engg. 14 October, 2017
31. Ashish Laddha (2016REE9538) Attend IEEE Conference on Emerging Devices and Smart Systems 2018 (ICEDSS 2018) at Mahender Engineering, College, Namakkal DT, Tamilnadu Electrical Engg. March 02-03, 2018
32. UG Students Industrial Visit An Industrial Visit of ECE department for 2nd year & 3rd Year students. Total No. of students were 54 accompanied by one faculty and Two PhD. Scholars. Visiting Place:-
1. BSNL Telephone exchange Kullu (30.10.2017
2. Power Engineering (28.10.2017
3. Eakta Manufacturing (28.10.2017) at Chandigarh and Kullu

Dr. Chitrakant Sahu (Assistant Professor, ECE Deptt.)
Peerlagudem Koushik (2015UEC1650)
Amit Sah (2015UEC1039)
Mahima Fogat (2015UEC1071)
Electronics & Communication Engg. October 27-31, 2017
33. VI Semester Students Field visit A Field visit of VI semester civil Engineering students on the ongoing project of Delhi-Mumbai rail fright corridor near neem ka Thana, Jhunjhunu Civil Engineering February 21, 2018
34. 2nd, 3rd & 4th year students-Industrial Visit An Industrial Visit of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering department for 2nd, 3rd & 4th Year students. Total No. of students were 51 accompanied by two faculty. Visiting Place:-
1. Kalpataru power transmission plant (16-03-2018)
2. Automobile corporation of Goa ltd. (19-03-2018)
3. Goa Ispat limited (19-03-2018)
4. Sonish equi-chem Industries (19-03-2018)
Metallurgical & Materials Engineering 16-21 March 2018
S.No. Student Name Student Institute ID GATE Rank
Mechanical Engineering Department
1 Vikas Shukla 2014UME1140 First Rank
2 Dinesh Kumar 2014UME1191 Second Rank
3 Ankur Vijay 2014UME1255 Third Rank
4 Anand Kumar 2014UME1363 Fourth Rank
5 Subham Prajapat 2014UME1403 Fifth Rank
Electronics & Communication Engineering Department
1 Arvind Kumar 2014UEC1044 First Rank
2 Yash Pareek 2014UEC1121 Second Rank
3 Smriti 2014UEC1531 Third Rank
4 Deeksha Agrawal 2014UEC1371 Fourth Rank
5 Kota Mahendra Reddy 2014UEC1445 Fifth Rank
Civil Engineering Department
1 Megha Ram 2014UCE1279 First Rank
2 Yogesh Kumar 2014UCE1111 Second Rank
3 Mohak Kumar 2014UCE1197 Third Rank
4 Sachin Kumar 2014UCE1473 Fourth Rank
5 Shivam Ojha 2014UCE1176 Fifth Rank
Chemical Engineering Department
1 Bharat Bagherwal 2014UCH1218 First Rank
2 Sumit Kumar 2014UCH1471 Second Rank
3 Sunil Kumar 2014UCH1530 Third Rank
4 Ravi Kumar 2014UCH1265 Fourth Rank
5 Sonam Kherari 2014UCH1631 Fifth Rank
Electrical Engineering Department
1 Prakash Tiwari 2014UEE1682 First Rank
2 Abhishek Ranjan 2014UEE1385 Second Rank
3 Anmol Singh Kapoor 2014UEE1500 Third Rank
4 Paresh Bhagat 2014UEE1506 Fourth Rank
5 Rahul Jain 2014UEE1379 Fifth Rank
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department
1 UjjwalGoyal 2014UMT1173 First Rank
2 Mahima Dewani 2014UMT1700 Second Rank
3 Akhand Pratap Singh 2014UMT1694 Third Rank
4 Vicky Kumar Singh 2014UMT1743 Fourth Rank
5 Prakhar Bhandari 2014UMT1736 Fifth Rank
6 Kunwar Aditya Pratap Singh 2014UMT1702 Fifth Rank
Computer Science & Engineering Department
1 Diksha Choudhary 2014UCP1055 First Rank
2 Monika Meena 2014UCP1096 Second Rank
3 Rahul Goyal 2014UCP1621 Third Rank
4 Komal Garg 2014UCP1306 Fourth Rank
5 Himanshu Chawaria 2014UCP1102 Fifth Rank
TEQIP III Sponsored Award for Most Innovative B.Tech. Project
S.No. Name of Student Institute ID Result
1 Jitendra Jaiswal 2014UME1134 Winner
2 Hemraj Bairwa 2014UME1254
3 Dhiraj Kumar Rouniyar 2014UME1015
4 Abinash Kumar Gupta 2014UME1041
5 Manas Jain 2014UEE1106 First Runner Up
6 Mradul Khandelwal 2014UEE1071
7 Rahul R 2014UEE1316
8 Uddeshya Mishra 2014UEE1436
9 Mahima Dewani 2014UMT1700 Second Runner Up
10 Kunwar Aditya Pratap Singh  2014UMT1702
11 Arpit Vijay 2014UMT1707
12 Vicky Kumar Singh 2014UMT1743
13 Sreeramsetty Hari Babu 2014UMT1545
14 Manal Shah 2014UCP1060 Third Runner Up
15 Prashant Meena 2014UCP1082
16 Sanhita Devi 2014UCP1047

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