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Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Materials Research Centre
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Head of Department
No image availableDr. Vijay Janyani
Ph.D.(UK), M.E.(Electronics & Electrical Comm), B.E.(Electronics and Comm)
Research Interests : Optical Communication, Optoelectronics and Photonics, Numerical Modelling, Nonlinear Optics, RF and Microwaves, Optical Networks, Solar Energy.
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No image availableDr. Kanupriya Sachdev
Ph.D.(Physics), M.Phil.(Physics) M.Sc.(Physics), B.Sc.(Physics, Maths, Chemistry)
Research Interests : Material Science and technology, Condensed Matter Physics, Transparent Conducting thin film oxides , Metal oxide doped with metal & rare earth metal , Surface modification by ion beam irradiation/ Glow Discharge Plasma, Thermo-chemical behavior of amorphous alloys, Gas Sensing, Thermoelectric materials for Energy conversion, Graphene and its composites for various applications.
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No image availableDr. Ragini Gupta
Ph.D.(Organic Chemistry), M.Sc.(Organic Chemistry) , B.Sc.
Research Interests : Synthetic Organo-Fluorine Compounds, Some aspects of the Chemistry of Biologically Active Heterocyclic Compounds, Click Chemistry, Nano-chemistry, Green Chemistry, Biocatalysis, Phase Transfer Catalysis, Microwave Chemistry.
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Assistant Professor
No image availableDr. Amit Kumar Singh
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.(Mechanical Engg), M.Tech.(Manufacturing Systems Eng) , B.Tech.(Mechanical Engg)
Research Interests : BioMechanics, Additive Manufacturing, Rapid Tooling, CAD/CAM/CAE.
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Chair Professor
No image availableProf. MALAY KUMAR BANERJEE
Chair Professor
Ph.D.(Metallurgical Engineering), M.E.(Physical Metallurgy) , B.E.(Metatullurgical Engineering)
Research Interests : Nonlianer Mathematical Models, Neural Networks, Modelling And Simulation, Material Science and technology, Materials Science: Atom Transport Studies, Mechanical Metallurgy.
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