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Thursday, 16 August 2018

Department of Management Studies
The mission of the Human Resources Club is to educate graduate business students about career opportunities in the human resources field and prepare them for future careers.
Vipanana NITJ:
The mission of the club is to share how different corporates play in an industry, What strategy they own to compete, How do they innovate, What game plan leads them to survival etcetera in an interactive way. Unravel latest Marketing trends that shall be creating impact. Gain which business news is creating abuzz in the market.
HI FI-Nance:
Let's play with Finance... This is an approach to simplify the world of finance, "from the learners, to the learners, for the learners"...
Entire batch of MBA I & II year work in concerted manner and work under five teams: Public Relations, Placement, Class, IT & Activities managers.
Industrial visits are regularly organized to equip students with the practical experience.Prominent visits include visit to Dainik Bhaskar & CONCOR India.MBA students undergo 45 day Summer Internship after II Sem and work on LIVE Project for entire IV Sem to get hands-on experience.This further cements the interface.
The Department organizes lectures by Industry experts, and Academia of various organizations.
Apart from lecture sessions, the Department of Management Studies is actively involved in participating & conducting several management events. Some of the events include:
Events & Activities
  1. B-Quiz
  2. Case Studies & discussions on current topics
  3. DMS Encore
  4. B- Buzz
  5. Budget Analysis
  6. Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp
  7. Coordinated-Workshop "Ideas to Execution", by Nurture Talent Academy & IIM A.
Student Representations
  1. Interaction with the Governor, RBI in Town hall event, Jaipur.
  2. HR Conclave, conducted by CII, Jaipur
  3. Business plan competition (Amity, Jaipur)
  4. Paper presentation (St.Xaviers College,Jaipur)

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