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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Department of Management Studies
The MBA curriculum is structured as four semesters in two years. A total of 79 credits are covered during the whole programme. Students undertake 45 days Summer Internship Programme in various business firms across various management functions at the end of the 1st year of the programme and a live project of four months to get hands-on industrial experience. The Doctoral Programme is globally recognized and is a premier source of rigorous and inter-disciplinary research in all areas of business management. The main objective is to encourage original work in different aspects of management and to develop scholars who go on to contribute towards its growth through teaching and research. Research areas cover supply-chain management, operations management, product development, quality, productivity, marketing and systems. The Department also encourages interdisciplinary areas for research through a system of co-supervision and provides excellent opportunities for such programmes. The Department undertakes sponsored research and development projects from industry and other organizations, in the public as well as private sector.
The Department offers specialization in the following areas depending upon number of students opting for a specialization.
  • i. Marketing Management
  • ii. Financial Management
  • iii. Human Resource Management
  • iv. Information Technology System Management
  • v. Production Management
  • vi. Technology Management
The full time program leading to the degree of Master of Business Administration begins in Month of July every year. The initial two semesters are dedicated to the core course. In the third semester the students are permitted to specialize in one major and one minor area. Details of course are given bellow:
MBA Curriculum Structure

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