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Monday, 25 January 2021

Department of Mechanical Engineering
S. No. Name of the Project Team Members Client Type of funding agency (R&D/ academic/ Industry/PSU/ Govt./Specify if any other.) Outlay (in Rs.) Completed /Ongoing
1. Design Checking Of Semi-Trailler Trolley Prof. S.L.Soni
Prof. G.D. Agarwal
Dr. H.S. Mali
Dr. H. Chaudhary
Prof. Dilip Sharma
Entrepreuners Pvt. 1.12 Lach Completed
2. Preparation of HR Manual for Quality Council of India Dr. G S Dangayach,
Mr. Deepak Maheshwari
Quality Council of India Non-Government 01 Lach Completed
3. Vetting of design and drawings for repair and raising of gates of  X regulator at RD 43.20IGMC, under EPC at Hanuman Garh Himanshu Chaudhay
Rajesh Gupt and Sandeep Chaudhary
  Pvt industry 96900 Completed
4. Summer internship in
Advances in Industrial Research Applications in Mechanical Engineering  
Dr. Amar Patnaik
Dr. Amit Singh
Dr. Dinesh Kumar
Dr. Gunjon Soni
Dr. Harlal Singh Mali
Students Academic 75 000 Completed
S. No. Name of the Lab Total Amount
(in Lacs of Rs.)
Type of funding agency (R&D/ academic/ Industry/ PSU/ Govt./ Specify if any other.)
1. A Sky Instruments, Jaipur 0.55 Govt. (Centre for Development of Stones, Jaipur)
2. Testing of Modified Evaporative Cooler 0.56 Govt.

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