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Monday, 25 January 2021

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Report on Biogas Plant Installation Under UBA 28/12/2020 To 28/12/2020.
FDP on Design Thinking for Innovative Medical Devices (DT-IMD) 21/09/2020 To 25/09/2020.
e-STC on Advanced Manufacturing Processes & Applications (AMPA-2020) 24/08/2020 To 28/08/2020.
Mechanical Engineering Students Represented MNIT Jaipur at Smart India Hackathon (SIH) 2020 Finals 01/01/2020 To 04/08/2020.
Workshop to Tinker Design Thinking through Advanced Generative Design 17/11/2019 To 17/11/2019.
Workshop to Tinker Design Thinking through Generative Design 28/09/2019 To 28/09/2019.
MNIT Jaipur Faculty & Students Invited in Autodesk University (AU) India & SAARC 2019 Summit at Bangluru 04/09/2019 To 05/09/2019.
FOMT (FUTURE OF MAKING THINGS) DAY 2018 05/12/2018 To 05/12/2018.
Workshop cum Competition On FUSION360® 27/09/2018 To 29/09/2018.
Mechanical Engg Depttt Faculty & Two Students Invited in Autodesk University (AU) India & SAARC 2017 Summit at Bangalore for Project Display 14/12/2017 To 14/12/2017.
NSF Project at Advanced Manufacturing & Mechatronics Lab of MED 14/05/2017 To 03/08/2017.
MNIT Students Begged 2nd Position in Indo Asian Solar Challenge-2017 07/04/2017 To 09/04/2017.
Competition for "Design for Audio Technology" in Advanced Manufacturing & Mechatronics Lab and Formal Launch of CAM Society Club 02/04/2017 To 12/04/2017.
Summer Training by Organized by Training Cell of Alumni Committee 01/08/2016 To 31/07/2017.
MNIT Jaipur Students Wins Silver Medal in India Skills 2016 15/07/2016 To 17/07/2016.
Mechanical Engineering Students represented MNIT at Autodesk Boot Camp 24/06/2016 To 29/06/2016.
Professors and Students of The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA Visits MNIT Jaipur 10/05/2016 To 10/05/2016.
Mechanical Engineering Department Student Major Project Exhibition 09/05/2016 To 13/05/2016.
STTP on "Project based Autodesk® Fusion 360" 07/05/2016 To 07/05/2016.
Students of the OSU, Columbus and the CSU, Fort Collins completed their Second Year NSF Project at Ad. Mfg. & Mechatronics Lab of MED 05/05/2016 To 29/07/2016.
Professors of The Ohio State University, Columbus, and Colorado State University, Fort Collins Visited MED of MNIT Jaipur. 23/02/2016 To 23/02/2016.
STTP on "Autodesk® Fusion 360:Advanced Simulation" 09/01/2016 To 10/01/2016.
MNIT Jaipur Participates in 6th Global Stone Technology Forum(GSTF-2015) 17/12/2015 To 18/12/2015.
ISTAM 2015: an International Conference organized by Mechanical Engineering Department 16/12/2015 To 19/12/2015.
MNIT Jaipur Participated in Rajasthan Government Exhibition at SMS Investment Ground 13/12/2015 To 16/12/2015.
Mechanical Engineering Student Represented Asia as Student Expert at Autodesk University (AU-2015) in Las Vegas, USA 28/11/2015 To 06/12/2015.
A Self sponsored STTP on Research Methodology 27/10/2015 To 31/10/2015.
Team Vijayrath of MNIT Jaipur in SAE Efficycle-2015 15/10/2015 To 18/10/2015.
Six Students of The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA Completed Their Year One NSF Project at Ad. Mfg. & Mecha. Lab of MED 14/05/2015 To 21/07/2015.
Professors and Students of The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA Visits MNIT Jaipur 13/05/2015 To 13/05/2015.
Festo® Expotainer i.e Exhibition on Wheel Visited MNIT Jaipur on 11th May 2015 11/05/2015 To 11/05/2015.
STTP on "Autodesk® Fusion 360: Design the Future" 10/05/2015 To 13/05/2015.
Achievement by MNIT Students in TATA Motors MindRover Competition 27/02/2015 To 27/02/2015.
Mechanical Engineering Students Won 1st Position in 3DStudentDesign National Round 23/01/2015 To 23/01/2015.
MNIT Students Begged Runners up Position and Won Multiple Awards in INDO ASAIN SOLAR CAR CHALLENGE 11/01/2015 To 07/04/2015.
MNIT's Achievement in National Level Altair Optimization Contest 2015 (AOC 2015) 01/01/2015 To 31/12/2015.
MNIT Jaipur Students Won 1st & 3rd Rank in 3D Student Design Challenge 2014 19/11/2014 To 19/11/2014.
Workshop on "Mechatronics in Manufacturing" 15/11/2014 To 15/11/2014.
Team Dhanush of MNIT Jaipur in SAE Efficycle-2014 09/10/2014 To 12/10/2014.
STTP on "Altair Manufacturing Solutions (HyperForm & HyperXtrude)" 28/09/2014 To 01/10/2014.
Workshop for Student Teams Participating in 3D Student Design Challenge-2014 27/09/2014 To 27/09/2014.
Report on Autocad Workshop 18/09/2014 To 20/09/2014.
STTP on "Finite Element Method Through Altair Hyperworks" 02/06/2014 To 06/06/2014.
MNIT Jaipur Participated as Technology Provider in DSIR PACE Workshop 27/03/2014 To 27/03/2014.
MNIT Students Presented at Innovation in Manufacturing (IMP- 2014) 04/03/2014 To 06/03/2014.
Advanced Meshing Techniques in Hyperworks 15/02/2014 To 20/02/2014.
MNIT Jaipur Help Community through Improving their systems 01/01/2014 To 25/06/2014.
STTP on "Computer Aided Design and Analysis of Machine & Structural Elements" 23/12/2013 To 27/12/2013.
Workshop on "Basic Modelling Techniques in Autodesk® Inventor®" 21/10/2013 To 28/10/2013.
SAE Efficycle 09/10/2013 To 13/10/2013.
Workshop on "Hyperworks and FEA" 21/09/2013 To 28/09/2013.
A STTP on "Introduction to Finite Element Method (FEM) with Hands on Altair Hyperworks" 03/06/2013 To 06/06/2013.
28th National Convention of Production Engineers 04/05/2013 To 05/05/2013.
Opening of Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering - Jaipur chapter at MNIT Jaipur 23/03/2013 To 23/03/2013.
A STTP on "Optimization Techniques for Engineering Design" 20/03/2013 To 24/03/2013.
Guest Lecture by Prof. S.K. Saha, Naren Gupta Chair Professor Mechatronics Lab. Dept. of Mech. Eng. and Programme for Autonomous Robotics, IIT Delhi 17/03/2013 To 18/03/2013.
National Conference on "Manufacturing and Logistics Management" 08/03/2013 To 09/03/2013.
International Conference on Alternative Fuels for I. C. Engines (ICAFICE 2013) 06/02/2013 To 08/02/2013.
Short Term Training Programme on "Computer Aided Strength of Materials and Analysis & Design of Machine & Structural Elements" 24/12/2012 To 28/12/2012.
A STTP on "Six Sigma: Basics and Applications" 17/12/2012 To 21/12/2012.
Curriculum Development Workshop organised by Deptt. of Mechanical Engineering 27/10/2012 To 27/10/2012.
A CDP (Community Development Programme) on "Working Knowledge of AutoCAD" 15/10/2012 To 19/10/2012.
All India Seminar on "Nanotechnology Applications" 06/10/2012 To 07/10/2012.

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