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Friday, 07 August 2020

Department of Humanities and Social Science
Conferences/Workshops/Seminars Organized:
  1. Invited Lecture on Art Based Methods: Stakeholder Analysis on 06 March 2020
  2. TEQIP Sponsored Invited Lecture on Improvement of Communication Competence through Soft Skills on 20 February 2020
  3. Curriculum Development Workshop of Economics on 04 November 2019
  4. Invited Lecture on Current Economic Scenario in India and its Impact on 18 October, 2019
  5. National Seminar (TEQIP-III Sponsored) for Gender Sensitisation on 'Gandhian Feminism: Design for a Just Society' was organized on 9 September 2019 by Prof. Manju singh and Dr. Nidhi Bansal
  6. National Workshop on Technical Writing with Advanced Computer Tools: Hands-On Training was organized from 14-05-2019 to 18-05-19 by Dr. Preeti Bhatt and Dr. Meenakshi Tripathi.
  7. National Seminar on How to be Effective Communicators was organized on 11-03-2019 by Dr. Nupur Tandon and Niraja Saraswat.
  8. National Workshop on LATEX and Technical Writing was organized from 24-01-2018 to 28-01-2018 by Dr. Preeti Bhatt.
  9. International Workshop on German Language was organized from 22-11-2016 to 22-11-2016 by Dr. Nupur Tandon.
  10. National Workshop on Writing a Research Paper was organized on 27-06-2016 by Dr. Nupur Tandon.
  11. National Seminar on National Unity, Safety and Security was organized on 31-10-2014 by Dr. Nupur Tandon.
  12. National Workshop on Effective Communication/ Professional Communication was organized from 10-07-2014 to 11-07-2014 by Ms. Nanny Tripathi and Dr. Preeti Bhatt.
  13. National Workshop on Modern Approaches to English Language Teaching was organized from 16-08-2013 to 17-08-2013 by Dr. Nanny Tripathi and Dr. Preeti Bhatt.
  14. National Workshop on Personality Development for Students of MNIT was organized from 02-08-2013 to 03-08-2013 by Dr. Deepti Sharma.
  15. International Conference on Empowering the English Language Classroom was organized from 17-01-2013 to 18-01-2013 by Dr. Nanny Tripathi and Dr. Preeti Bhatt.
  16. National Symposia on Hindi Week Celebrations was organized from 13-09-2010 to 20-09-2010 by Dr. Nupur Tandon.
  17. National Workshop on Research and Data Analysis Using SPSS 18.0 was organized at Design Centre, MNIT from 24-06-2010 to 25-06-2010 by Dr. Deepti Sharma.
  18. National Workshop on Interfacing Social Sciences with Engineering and Technology was organized from 01-12-2009 to 03-12-2009 by Dr. Nupur Tandon.
  19. National Workshop on INFOSYS Campus Connect Soft Skills Training Program was organized from 23-07-2009 to 27-07-2009 by Dr. Nupur Tandon.
  20. National Workshop on Curriculum Development was organized on 16-07-2008 by Dr. Nupur Tandon.

Short Term Courses Organized:
  1. TEQIP Sponsored Short-Term Course on Empowering Engineers through Communication Skills: A Comprehensive Approach was organized in collaboration with the department of Chemical Engineering from 29 July - 2 August, 2019 by Prof. Nupur Tondan, Dr. Madhu Agarwal and Dr. Niraja Saraswat.
  2. National Short Term Course on Communication Skills was organized from 14-05-2018 to 18-05-2018 by Dr. Preeti Bhatt.
  3. National Short Term Course on Research Implications of Econometrics and Quantitative Techniques was organized from 20-03-2015 to 24-02-2015 by Dr. Dipti Sharma.
  4. National Short Term Course on Communication @ Workplace was organized from 18-02-2013 to 22-02-2013 by Dr. Nupur Tandon.
  5. National Short Term Course on Personality Development and Communication Skills was organized from 28-07-2008 to 01-08-2008 by Dr. Nupur Tandon.
  6. National Short Term Course on Applied Economics and Quantitative Techniques at was organized from 30-06-2008 to 12-07-2008 by Dr. Deepti Sharma.
  7. National Short Term Course on Spoken English was organized from 26-05-2008 to 30-05-2008 by Dr. Nupur Tandon.

German Language Course for MNIT Students:
  1. Basic Course in German Language was started for the under-graduate and post-graduate students of MNIT in 2012, which was inaugurated by the Director Prof. I.K. Bhat on 16th January, 2012. The course coordinator is Dr. Preeti Bhatt, Associate professor, Department of Humanities & Social Sciences.

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