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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Department of Computer Science & Engineering
  1. Time Table 2018-19 (Autumn) Semester Semester / Class room / Faculty / Lab wise / Others
  2. DUGC Convener : Dr. Dinesh Gopalani
  3. DPGC Convener : Dr. Namita Mittal
  4. Faculty Advisors
    B.Tech I Semester (CSE) Dr. Meenakshi Tripathi
    B.Tech III Semester (CSE) Dr. Santosh Kumar Vipparthi
    B.Tech V Semester (CSE) Dr. Ramesh Babu Battula
    B.Tech VII Semester (CSE) Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed
    M.Tech I Year (CSE) Dr. Namita Mittal
    M.Tech I Year (CSIS) Dr. Pilli Emmauel Shubhankar
    M.Tech II Year (CSE) Dr. Dinesh Gopalani
    M.Tech II Year (CSIS) Dr. Yogesh Kumar Meena
  5. Current Scheme
    • B.Tech (Computer Engineering) 2013 Current Scheme - Scheme Syllabus
    • B.Tech (Computer Engineering) - Scheme Syllabus
    • B.Tech (Information Technology ) - Scheme Syllabus
    • M. Tech. (Computer Engineering) Full Time (New Scheme)- Scheme
    • M. Tech. (Computer Engineering) Part Time (New Scheme)- Scheme
  6. Old Scheme (2004-2009)
    • B.Tech (Computer Engineering) - Scheme   Syllabus
    • B.Tech (Information Technology ) - Scheme   Syllabus
    • M.Tech (CSE) Full Time - Scheme Syllabus
    • M.Tech (CSE) Part Time - Scheme Syllabus
    • M.Tech (CSIS) Full Time/Part Time - Scheme   Syllabus
  7. Course Coordinators
  8. Grading and Assessment
  9. Code of conduct (for student)

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