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Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Centre for Energy & Environment

It is our belief that the best application oriented research outputs may be obtained by having technological developments that takes place in close-fitting interaction with fundamental research. Our research is organized around a number of technologies, including energy efficient buildings, solar cells, batteries and bioenergy.

Our research addresses the critical challenges and needs for development and application of innovative and cost-competitive renewable energy technologies, rather than in mere possible applications of more generic techno-scientific disciplines. Special emphasis is given to synergy between the different research areas benefiting by utilizing our large infrastructure.
We are committed for contributing to user-driven and network-based innovative technologies utilizing state-of-art and modern infrastructures available with us. The foundation of our centre is its research infrastructure. The centre is presently set amidst green settings with a sizeable built-up and open area (~400m2) dedicated to the renewable energy research and teaching. The facilities at centre house an unparalleled collection of capabilities that support development, evaluation and demonstration of innovative renewable energy technologies.
Our research competence is enforced with wide-range of lab to field instruments and equipment to carry out application-oriented research for serving the society.

The centre has simulation laboratory supported with licensed simulation analytical software packages and dedicated servers. Centre has recently developed Biofuel laboratory.

Equipments and instruments
Psychrometric Test Chamber with Air Handling Units (AHU) Chilled Water Thermal Storage System
Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) with Chillers Adsorption Chiller
Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) Test Setup Low Energy Cooling Lab
Solar PV Training kit Thermal Constant Analyser
Waste Heat Recovery Wheel DC Cooling Unit
Energy Data Logger Ultrasonic Thermal Energy Meter
Solar Thermal Training System Solar Thermal Hybrid AC
Solar PV Training Kit Power Quality Analyzer
Data loggers CO2 Analyzer
ePIV System Solar Module Analyzer
Ultrasonic Flow meter Battery Capacity Tester
Water Quality Measurement Digital Protractor
Remote Display Counter Digital Manifold
Single-Ended Multiplexer Module for 34970A, 40 Channel 1kWp mobile solar power generating system
Air velocity sensor Grid Tied System
PV Emulator Solar Parabolic Consentrator
Solar PV Traning System Thermal Energy Storage System
Flat Plate Solar Collector System Wind Turbine Emulator
Wind Training System Battery Testing System
Orbital Incubator shaker Muffle Furnace
Refrigerated Centrifuge UV-Visible spectrophotometer
Laminar Flow Hood Bomb Calorimeter
Modular Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) Low Energy Radiant Cooling System
U Value Kit Thermal Imaging Camera
Two-stage Evaporative Cooler Autoclave Heat Flex Sensors Solar Spectrum Transmission Meter
Portable Window Energy Meter Kit Smart Power Strips
PVsyst Transol
eQUEST DesignBuilder
SimaPro 8
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