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Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Alumni Association
MNIT-Alumni Meeting minutes (02.08.15)
A meeting of MNIT-alumni was held on 02.08.15 at 11:30 Am in Prabha bhawan. The meeting was attended by Director Prof. I.K. Bhat, Dean SW & AA Prof. Dilip sharma, faculty alumni including senior most member Prof. A. B. Gupta, Head Metallurgy Engineering Prof. Upendra Pandel, Sh. Ashok Agrawal, Dean Training and placement Prof. S.L. Soni, Dean Academic Affairs Prof. Ravindra Nagar, President, MNIT Jaipur alumni association Sh. Ashutosh Dixit, Sh. Prerit Goyal and coordinator alumni affairs Dr. Pawan Kalla. The agenda included:
(i) Global Alumni Meet on 19-20 September, 2015.
(ii) Alumni Day celebrations, 25-26 December, 2015.
(iii) Alumni appeal for sports complex.
(iv) MNIT-Alumni Corpus Fund account in SBI Bank.

Prof. Dilip Sharma, extended welcome to all, and in brief introduced activities under alumni affairs, including, Alumni Identity Card, web portal, magazine, souvenirs, guest lectures, mentorship, training and placement. He further initiated discussions on above listed activities in detail.
(i) Dates for Global Alumni Meet were finalized as above although most of the members were in view of shifting these dates between December-January and July-August.
(ii) It was also decided to celebrate Alumni Day in the month of December (26-27-12-2015).
(iii) Prof. A.B.Gupta suggested making batch wise alumni coordinators to collect data and to provide link to transfer campus activities on Alumni web portal as well as mobile or mail alert to the registered user.
(iv) Prof. Upendra Pandel, suggested teams of alumni faculty members and current students department wise for proper coordination of alumni activities. It was decided to identify batch wise alumni coordinators, to form faculty-student team department wise and provide necessary instructions to the coordinators for updating the latest campus activities on web portal.
(v) Prof. Nagar and Prof. Soni emphasised on making the mentorship programme more effective by involving faculty from each department.
(vi) Sh. Ashok Agrawal suggested registering each student of the Institute on web portal with facility to interact.
(vii) It was unanimously decided to open an account in the name of "MNIT-Alumni Corpus Fund" in State Bank of India MNIT Jaipur branch for funds generated from alumni donations. This account may initially be operated by Dean Student Welfare & Alumni Affairs and the senior most faculty alumni in the Institute.
(viii) Further, it was suggested to form an Alumni Advisory Committee to take decisions regarding Alumni Affairs including the following:
(a) Director as chairman,
(b) Dean SW & AA,
(c) Dean Training and Placement,
(d) Senior most faculty alumni and
(e) Four top alumni donors
(ix) It was decided not to spend the corpus fund, and that only 80% of its interest accrued should if required be spent after the recommendations of Advisory Committee, with the remaining 20% interest to be added to the corpus fund.
The meeting concluded on the note that it was important to work together as a team with students and alumni to build the Institute.

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